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Super Rare Games Physical Copy Human: Fall Flat Nintendo Switch

Super Rare Games has recently offered Indie titles for the Nintendo Switch on physical release. Their first game (that still is available) is Human Fall Flat. Included are collectable trading cards, with a chance of one being signed by the creator of Human Fall Flat. In this video, I unbox the game and cards, and showcase this unique game.

Link to where to purchase the game(Limited to 5,000 copies)

Arcade Games at Home with Super Retro-Cade – Unboxing and Review

The Super Retro-Cade is a new plug and play console that offers 90 arcade and classic games from several hit companies such as Capcom, Data East, Item, and Taito. Classics such as Ghouls N Ghosts, Mega Man 2, and Bugertime are just a few of the many solid titles included. In this video, I show a few of the games in action, unboxing, as well as give my thoughts about it.

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Super Nintendo Component Cables Without a Mod???

HD Retrovision has provided a hassle free solution to get a quality picture out of your standard Super Nintendo Console. I showcased some comparison video between the standard AV cables that the Super NES was packaged with, and the component cables. The cables shown in this video work with the original SNES console only, not the smaller SNES re release or a N64.
Link to where to buy them: https://shop.hdretrovision.com

Game Collecting on a Budget with John Hancock and Kinszilla – SRGE 2017

John Hancock is a long-time video game collector, enthusiast, and historian – he is a regular guest on MetalJesusRocks show in addition to running his own YouTube channel. Also the founder of a charity fundraising game expo Cowlitz Gamers for Kids, which has raised over $47,500 for Children’s Justice and Advocacy Center. Kinszilla is another avid collector and member of Seattle Retro; she also runs her own YouTube Channel!