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Super Nintendo LifeCycle Exertainment Bike — An Exercise Bike for the SNES!

Exertainment is a tricky subject, because although my focus is on Nintendo and the Exertainment Bike in this video, they were far from the only (or earliest) company to combine digital games and exercise. I wanted to expand and talk about the unreleased Atari Puffer, or some of the equipment made without partnering with a video game giant like the Autodesk High Cycle, but I pretty quickly realized I could get stuck in entertainment research for a year if I were to cover too many things.

I won the bike in the live auction at the Portland Retro Gaming Expo 2017 from a friend of mine who runs an online store [https://www.theplace4gamers.com/] and pretty quickly realized I have no room for it either…so it currently lives in the back room of my store.

Sharp Nintendo TV – Television With A Built In NES!

This is a really cool piece of hardware and I’m happy to own it and talk about it! I did a lot of research to find some unique information, and towards the end I realized I should be keeping better track of my sources. This isn’t all of them unfortunately, but I want to start sharing those with you so that you can know I take this seriously! (Let me know if that’s something you want to see more of, btw!)

Is the RetroN 5 STILL WORTH IT?! The Good, the Bad & the LAME!

Hyperkin’s RetroN 5 continues to be a popular yet decisive retro clone system that has many redeeming qualities…and a few things it needs to improve upon. Metal Jesus & Kelsey give you their honest opinion after using the Retron 5 for several years.

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