Lacuna Coil’s Cristina Scabbia: 10 Things I Can’t Tour Without

Most pro musicians are on the road more than they’re at home, and they’re all faced with the same struggle: to decide which possessions they can fit in their cramped, mobile living quarters. Certain amenities are simply too big, impractical or valuable to bring along for the ride, but every metal hellraiser has a select handful of things that they simply cannot tour without — from treasured personal items to useful tools. Lacuna Coil vocalist Cristina Scabbia has been making these tough calls for 25 years, so we asked her to pick 10 essentials that she won’t leave home without. Watch to see what she chose and why. REVOLVER

God of War (2018) Full Story Recap – Watch before playing God of War Ragnarök!

2018’s God of War packed a lot of story into its 20 hour campaign. Not only did it have the Herculean task of reinventing the franchise’s central anti-hero, Kratos, but it had a whole new world of myths and legends to introduce. Whether you played the original back in 2018 and want a story recap, or you’re just jumping in to prep yourself for God of War Ragnarok, let’s break down the story so far.

In the above video, we break down and recap the full story of Sony Santa Monica’s God of War (2018). The video goes through the story beats of the 20-hour campaign, from Kratos and Atreus’s journey to the highest peak in the Nine Realms through to their encounters with the many gods and monsters.

6 New Wave Toys Mini arcades You Need to Check Out!

I was at the Portland Retro gaming Expo I got to take a look and New Wave Toys for the first time and they had a lot of their future and current projects on display. I must say I was very impressed.

New Wave Toys Qbert Replicade Key features: *Replica Q*bert arcade machine in 1/6-scale*Plays the original Q*bert arcade ROM and Warren Davis’s previously unreleased sequel Faster Harder More Challenging Q*bert*Fully functional knocker coil*Arcade operator’s menu with customizable DIP switch and operational test mode*Miniaturized control panel featuring reproduction ball-top joystick and buttons*Plug-and-Play HDTV connectivity*Cabinet constructed from traditional materials including wood, metal, and plastic*Illuminated marquee and cabinet accents*Replicade signature amplified mono audio reproduction with volume control*High-resolution cabinet art reproduction on quality 3M vinyl overlays*Diecast metal coin doors with storage compartments*High score saving with non-volatile memory*Built-in, high-capacity rechargeable battery*Premium LCD color screen 4:3 aspect ratio (vertical orientation)*Officially licensed Gottlieb branding


Radical Reggie

PlayStation Home PS3 Is Back Online in 2022: Here’s How

7 years after its initial closure, PlayStation Home on PS3 has been (partially) restored! The Destination Home team has been working for years to get a working online client up and running, and they’ve recently launched a closed beta which I had the chance to checkout. So join me in a crazy nostalgia trip as we explore Central Plaza, play some bowling, and play some games! I also had the chance to speak with one of the lead content developers for their valuable insight on what it took to get where they are today, and what’s coming in the future. Buckle up everyone, it’s time to go HOME. Very obviously the pun was intended there.