Metal Jesus Avatar

Metal Jesus – A long haired rocker dude with an unhealthy passion for video games. I used to work at game publisher Sierra On-Line in the 90s and I make videos about my love of video games & music! Twitter: @MetalJesusRocks

– MJR’s Top 3 StormTroopers:
1) Head-bonking Trooper on DeathStar
2) Snow trooper on Hoth
3) Scout trooper on Endor

Drunken master Paul Avatar

Drunken Master Paul – The evil genius bent on taking over the world of food, booze, cars, games, music and maniacal devices of all kinds : Twitter: @DrunkenMstrPaul

– DMP’s Top 3 things to mash into a Tuna Fish Sandwich made with Miracle Whip:
1) BBQ potato chips
2) Sliced Sweet Gherkins
3) Crumbled Chocolate Chip Cookie

Rebecca Avatar

Bukin’ Bekki – Camera person, assistant producer, drummer and wife of Metal Jesus : Twitter: @RebRocking

– Rebecca’s Top 3 Inspirational Drum Songs:
1) Scream, Aim, FIRE! – Bullet for my Valentine
2) Love Bites – Halestorm
3) St. Jimmi – Green Day

Reggie Avatar

Reggie – local Seattle area collector who brings his awesome gaming knowledge and laid back personality to the YouTube channel and videos

– Reggie’s Top 3 ‘90s Adult Actresses
1) Mandi Wine
2) Leanna Heart
3) Patricia Kennedy

Kinsey Avatar

Kinsey – loves video games, local beer and burritos! Director of Social Media and PR for the Seattle Retro Gaming Expo, as well as Freelance Games PR. Twitter : @KinsZilla

– Kinsey’s Top 3 Favorite Beers
1) Superfuzz Blood Orange Pale – Elysian Brewing
2) Black Butte Porter – Deschutes Brewing
3) Hopferno – Schooner Exact Brewing

Immortal John Hancock

The Immortal John Hancock – on of the biggest game collectors in North America (over 8,000 games!) as well as one of the coolest dudes on the planet. Twitter: @swlovinist

– John’s Top 3 Unusual Games to Settle a Heated Argument with a Roommate:

1) Monkey Target(Super Monkey Ball mini-game)
2) Flipnic
3) Friends: The Game

TheBigJB Avatar

TheBigJB – Voice Actor, Speaker, Emcee, Christian, Father, Husband, Gamer, Wannabe writer & Occasional DM : Twitter: @VoiceoftheBigJB

– TheBigJB’s Top 3 Worst Things to Step on Barefoot:
1) Dog Poop
2) Slugs
3) Legos

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