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Hey there, I am the Metal Jesus and what I love to do is release kick-ass gaming, music & nerdy videos every Friday for you…but I want to do more!

For only a few dollars each month you can help me dedicate more time to making awesome videos for my subscribers and get some fun perks for you! Why not support the videos you love to watch each week? Early access to my collecting videos, which is handy when everybody runs off to eBay after my videos go live, behind the scenes blogs about upcoming episodes I’m working on, collectable perks and more!

(EDIT: This page hasn’t been updated since June 15, 2015 when my Patreon was new and it’s been debunked twice that I don’t affect retro game prices long term HERE and HERE. That comment above about early access is in regards to short term supply. I’m not a reseller & that’s never my goal. I’d say you could try blaming me for the rising prices during a world wide pandemic too…but I wear my mask and practice social distancing 🤪 )

Jason Heine & Metal Jesus Rocks

(EDIT: Man…I miss Jason Heine and the All Gen Gamers podcast! Maybe we’ll reunite in 2021?! That would be pretty rad)

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YouTube Ad revenue is a very unreliable form of income and highly seasonal. Instead of just relying on YouTube, think of this a virtual TIP JAR, where you contribute a few dollars each month to help continue the success of my YouTube channel and help it grow. This is an easy and low cost way of telling me that you enjoy my videos and that you want to help with the success of my channel. You are truly a member of the MJR Metal Militia \m/

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Just some of my Patreon Contributors… (EDIT: Yep. This is old too. I should probably update this)

Metal Jesus Patreon Contributors

Metal Jesus Patreon Contributors

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My Body is Reggie

(EDIT: I always loved this MEME of Reggie)

Retro Gaming with a Heavy Metal Soundtrack