Sony PSP BUYING GUIDE & Great Games

Sony PSP BUYING GUIDE & Great Games

Metal Jesus & Reggie tell you all about one of their favorite gaming handhelds: the Sony Playstation Portable (PSP). This was a very success handheld with over 80 million units sold, 5 different models, lots of color variants and over 800 games released for it! Do you want to know where to start when collecting for the PSP? This is the video for you!

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Games Shown:
Pursuit Force: Extreme Justice
SOCOM Fireteam Bravo 1,2,3 & Tactical Strike
Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops
Silent Hill: Shattered Memories
Jeanne D’Arc
Hexyz Force
Gradius Collection
Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky
…lots and lots of Racing games!

I’ve been looking forward to doing this Buying Guide for a while now… The PSP really is a great handheld. Hope you guys like it!

Video Transcription:

Metal Jesus: Metal Jesus here and I’m back again with Reggie.

Radical Reggie: Glad to be back, bro. Now today guys what we’re going to do, of course, a buying guide on the PSP system which is our favorite system, or one of our favorite systems.

Metal Jesus: I love the PSP

Radical Reggie: Yes, me too. So basically, we’re gonna cover the different models, different colors, UMD, games we think you should own and a couple accessories. So let’s take a look.

Metal Jesus: Alright, well let’s jump into the hardware here.

Radical Reggie: Alright, here we go. Let’s start out with the first model of course. This is the 1000 series.

Metal Jesus: Sony sent you that.

Radical Reggie: They did.

Metal Jesus: Yeah. I got that on launch day actually. I was reviewing video games for Sony and they sent me that.

Radical Reggie: Dude, I had to stand in line man.

Metal Jesus: Well, I don’t mean to brag but it was so exciting when this thing was announced. I could not wait to get it. So they basically sent me that and they sent me a box of all of the release day games.

Radical Reggie: Oh nice. You know, there was so much hype for this system even before it was coming out. So it was pretty amazing when it came out.

Metal Jesus: Well, I think for me personally, I like Nintendo’s handhelds. But they’re always like a generation or two behind technology as far as the graphics and stuff like that. And so for that Sony was like, we’re gonna try to bring Playstation 2 quality graphics and game play to the handheld.

Radical Reggie: Yes.

Metal Jesus: And in addition to that they also did movies and stuff like that. But I mean, that was their goal and that thing was pretty powerful when it first came out.

Radical Reggie: It sure was man. I just remember how excited I was when I got it. I had three games for it I think it was Dax, Darkstarkers, Ridgeracer of course.

Metal Jesus: Oh Ridgeracer, yeah.

Radical Reggie: Excellent game. This model, though, when it first came out I noticed that you know you needed a memory card for it.

Metal Jesus: Yeah and so we want to mention that a little bit. There’s a couple of things to know about the PSP right off the bat. You do need a memory card.

Radical Reggie: Yeah.

Metal Jesus: And they’re very specific. So they’re memory stick Pro duo, right?

Radical Reggie: Yeah, that’s it. It was bundled with the memory stick, though. It was 32 megabytes which was just enough to get you started.

Metal Jesus: Yeah it’s true, cause this one here is a two gigabyte which I think is kind of the minimum now, you know. But it does hold a lot of saved games.

Radical Reggie: Yeah, definitely.

Metal Jesus: But if you get a four gig, you have what? a 64 gig now?

Radical Reggie: I have a 64 gig.

Metal Jesus: Jeez that’s crazy.

Radical Reggie: I’m ready to go crazy, download movies on it. And some games have installers. So if you have a collection of digital games, it’s perfect for that.

Metal Jesus: You mentioned, no it wasn’t Ridgeracer. I think it was Wipeout. They actually had a bunch of downloadable tracks that you could get later on and there was a ton of them.

Radical Reggie: That’s right, I forgot about that.

Metal Jesus: They give you High Def space on your memory card. So if you’re going to buy a PSP, you will want to get a memory card. Thankfully they’re not as expensive today as they were when they first came out.

Radical Reggie: They’re a lot cheaper now, I mean.

Metal Jesus: Yeah.

Radical Reggie: I think the worst one that I saw was like a four gig was going for like $120 so.

Metal Jesus: Ridiculous.

Radical Reggie: Yeah, just for four gigs.

Metal Jesus: Reminds me of the Vita, I’m just saying.

Radical Reggie: I know right? But also, what’s good about the Playstation, the portable is that you don’t have to be specific to a certain memory card brand.

Metal Jesus: Yes, that’s very true.

Radical Reggie: As long as it’s a dual system that will go into it, it will work fine.

Metal Jesus: Yeah that’s true. But so the other thing to know is that it does have rechargeable batteries. And depending on the model you buy, they’re either a little bit bigger or thinner. This is the one from the original.

Radical Reggie: Let me see that real fast. Oh, this is cool, this is the expanded battery.

Metal Jesus: Is it?

Radical Reggie: Yeah.

Metal Jesus: Oh, I might have bought one at some point.

Radical Reggie: That’s awesome because this one, they offer like 20% more battery life in the system so that was pretty cool. That’s awesome.

Metal Jesus: So a couple things about the PSP I guess we should mention is that, obviously, it came with, I was trying to pop it open cause I assumed. So a couple things here, this is the original. And this thing is built like a tank. Typical kind of Sony quality is that if they’re gonna do it they’re going to make it so it’s built to withstand some punishment. And the original model, the 1000 series, is really well made. And you can tell because it is a little bit heavier, a little bit thicker. And the drawer pops open right there, that’s how they originally did that. A couple things to notice here, I guess we should mention the UMD’s. So the PSP is unique. It is one of the only, if not the only system to shift with an optical drive. An optical disk drive. Where everything was like solid state, what they decided to do is make this universal media disk. And so it’s like a little mini DVD. I think it stores about 1.8 gigabytes of space.

Radical Reggie: Oh.

Metal Jesus: So it’s not quite as the same amount of storage as like a DVD but.

Radical Reggie: Yeah, cause I noticed about those when you’re playing them, it’s pretty bare bones with the menus and stuff. It’s like scene selection and play movie. And that’s about it. Maybe audio options but that’s about it, no extras or anything like that.

Metal Jesus: Yeah and the reason why they did that is because back in 2004, the solid state SD cards and stuff like that, they were still pretty expensive. I mean you would pay $100 for not very much room. And so they really wanted to make it so that they could have, kind of Playstation 2 quality graphics on there, full motion video. Speaking of movies, they intended to do a bunch of things with this.

Radical Reggie: It was costly.

Metal Jesus: Yeah it was the wrong format. But I think originally Sony was thinking that it was going to be the next version of CD’s for portable devices.

Radical Reggie: I actually did too at first. And then like noticed that these things are pretty expensive, and having a collection of them. You could only watch them on the PSP system until the 2000 model.

Metal Jesus: That’s right. So let’s get to the second model. So this is the PSP 2000 right here. They did a bunch of really cool things with the 2000. For one, I should probably mention that this is a sticker that I applied to this, it’s like a steampunk sticker. It was gel skins, it was a company that basically made a bunch of these for the PSP. So if you’re wondering what this is, that’s what it is. But this is where I think they really got it right.

Radical Reggie: Definitely.

Metal Jesus: I like the 2000.

Radical Reggie: Yeah, the first thing about the 2000 that was fantastic was you were able to plug it into your television and play games and watch movies that way.

Metal Jesus: Yes and that’s what this is. So this cable right here has a special plug for the bottom where you just literally right there, you just plug it in. And you can output to your television. Initially it did 480i, so interlaced. And then they updated that to 480p for the 3000, I believe. Or it may be a firmware for this. But I mean, it looks really good even on modern televisions. But you have to use the zoom option for your TV because otherwise it’s in the center.

Radical Reggie: It’s gonna be in the center, yeah.

Metal Jesus: But it looks really good.

Radical Reggie: It really does and everything like movies to games I thought they were fantastic you know.

Metal Jesus: So the other thing that they did, it’s pretty important, is they doubled RAM on this. So originally, the PSP shipped with 32 MBs of system RAM. Now the kernel for the PSP, the actual operating system uses 8 of that. So it actually cut into it quite a bit. And so that’s why some games, you know initially weren’t as able to be as nice looking as possible. So they doubled it with this. So, and here, just for reference is the 3000. So they did a couple different changes to the 3000. Do you want to talk about those?

Radical Reggie: One thing I remember, I think they changed the home button to Playstation. I can’t really, they changed one of these in the front.

Metal Jesus: You’re absolutely right. So it’s the Playstation button.

Radical Reggie: Yeah. So that’s how I know it’s the 3000 series.

Metal Jesus: Yeah.

Radical Reggie: With the 3000 series, I didn’t really own one but I remember they were saying something about the screen.

Metal Jesus: So basically what they did is they put a new screen on here that’s faster. So in the 2000, there’s a little bit of ghosting, it’s not bad. I played tons of games on it, it’s not a problem.

Radical Reggie: Some people were complaining the other one’s better.

Metal Jesus: Yeah well, if you compare it to this one like say you’re playing God of War, you will notice the cameras definitely look sharper on this. However, this one has scan lines. So in other words, the 2000 actually looks a little bit clearer. But this one has slight scan lines. It’s a subtle difference that frankly when it first came out people were like a little disappointed. Nowadays, I don’t think it really matters. I usually play on the 3000 because again there’s less blurring and stuff like that. Its very subtle.

Radical Reggie: Well you know maybe I should pick one up because I don’t have a 3000.

Metal Jesus: So around 2008, 2009, the IPhone and sort of like the app stores were starting to take off. And Sony got the bright idea that hey, why don’t we do a version of the PSP that doesn’t have an optical drive?

Radical Reggie: Yeah.

Metal Jesus: It’s funny. He’s doing that because I mentioned like you know Reggie, we should really show the PSP go on this video. And you’re like, seriously bro? Why would we show that?

Radical Reggie: It sounded like a good idea at first honestly. And then when it came out, the way to get games on it was just so hard because people wanted to that had the PSP, they wanted to be able to transfer the games to that system. Sony had no answer for that.

Metal Jesus: Yeah it was ridiculous. So basically the PSP Go, which we’re showing on screen here, we don’t have one because it’s not really a collectors version of it in my opinion. Because we like physical games with this and the PSP Go doesn’t have an optical drive. So none of my games work on it.

Radical Reggie: About to say, though, if that thing did have a drive on it, you know it would have been a phenomenal system.

Metal Jesus: Yeah.

Radical Reggie: You know, it would have been perfect.

Metal Jesus: Here’s an interesting idea, I mean ultimately it flopped pretty big because again, it’s like I was never gonna buy it because all of my games don’t work on it. I would have to rebuy the games through the Playstation store to download on it. Now a couple nice things about it. It is more compatible, I like how it slides open. It’s kind of cool that way.

Radical Reggie: It comes with a 16 gigs built in memory.

Metal Jesus: Exactly. So it has quite a bit of room on the to download a bunch of Playstation 1 games or whatever you want to to do. So I think it’s interesting…a lot of people we know, it’s their second PSP, you know? Now there is a fifth model. Are you familiar with this?

Radical Reggie: No.

Metal Jesus: There is one more model. See, even you are learning something in this video.

Radical Reggie: What’s going on here?

Metal Jesus: Well the reason you don’t know about it is because it wasn’t released here. But there was a final PSP version released in areas only call the PSP E1000 Street.

Radical Reggie: Now I remember, I remember that name now, okay.

Metal Jesus: So what it is, is it’s the final version of the PSP. And it’s designed to be the budget version. So it cost $100 or 100 pounds, whatever it was. And they did a couple things with it. So first of all, it’s really cool looking. It’s very similar to this style but it’s completely flat, black like matte black. Almost like the second model of the Playstation 3. So it’s a very cool looking PSP. But they did a couple of really interesting things. They removed WiFi. So this is will tell you that Sony was going to kill off the store. They removed WiFi from it.

Radical Reggie: Wow.

Metal Jesus: Yeah. So you can only play UMDs, which is the opposite of the Go.

Radical Reggie: They couldn’t get it right man.

Metal Jesus: I know. And the other thing that they did which I don’t understand at all, they removed stereo and it’s mono only.

Radical Reggie: Mono sound? What were they trying to do?

Metal Jesus: I don’t know. Freakin’ Sony is an audio company. They have a music division and they made it mono only.

Radical Reggie: I don’t even know what to say to that one.

Metal Jesus: Well the only thing about it is again, it’s designed for the very casual, ‘Whatever. Hundred bucks? Sure, I’ll buy it.’ kind of crowd.

Radical Reggie: Going back to the mono thing. Even with headphones in it, will be mono sound?

Metal Jesus: I don’t know.

Radical Reggie: If you can folks stick to the 3000 and 2000 models.

Metal Jesus: Yes, yeah if you’re looking for a recommendation I highly recommend either the 2000 or the 3000. Really either one. And you mentioned the home button is a really good way to tell. Also at the bottom of each one of these, at least on mine, have always had this little bar code with the model number. So you’ll see that right there.

Radical Reggie: 2000 has one too.

Metal Jesus: Yeah exactly so.

Radical Reggie: Alright, so now we want to talk about like a couple of the colors that we have available here for the system. Now here is the silver edition.

Metal Jesus: Which is pretty nice.

Radical Reggie: Yeah. I think this is the one that came with Daxter, the Daxter game.

Metal Jesus: Oh really?

Radical Reggie: Yeah. I believe this is the model for it. This is a nice little silver and it looks really good.

Metal Jesus: It does.

Radical Reggie: Another one here is the blue on.e, I think this came with Madden the sports game.

Metal Jesus: Oh, okay. That’s a nice color blue too.

Radical Reggie: It really is. I wish I had this one. And the next one is gonna be the God of War one that came out.

Metal Jesus: Which has Kratos on the back of it.

Radical Reggie: It has Kratos?

Metal Jesus: Yeah, that’s a really pretty color of red too. And there’s a whole bunch of other ones too. For instance, there’s the Darth Vader white one.

Radical Reggie: Yup. There’s another red and black one, another God of War edition that I know of. And then that’s all I can really think of.

Metal Jesus: What was the Hannah Montana one?

Radical Reggie: Oh that was the tacky purple one.

Metal Jesus: Oh, okay.

Radical Reggie: Good call. That was one of the last ones released too.

Metal Jesus: Okay. It’s cool though because again, there’s a bunch of different colors out there which I really like.

Radical Reggie: Yeah it’s always good to have options. You don’t wanna just have the normal black and white stuff. You know you want a little pretty in there.

Metal Jesus: Yeah.

Radical Reggie: It’s good that Sony did that. They didn’t do it as well as they should’ve. But I think they did pretty, they did better than most.

Metal Jesus: Yeah, yeah. It’s cool. Alright. Well, now let’s move on to some games.

Radical Reggie: Yes, I’m pumped for that. Let’s do this.

Metal Jesus: Okay. So let’s tear into it right here. So what are we gonna hit first?

Radical Reggie: You know what? I will start off with a little bit of action. Now let’s do a little Pursuit Force. Now Pursuit Force is a game. I love this game. It’s so over the top. But you’re basically like a swat team and you’re chasing the bad guys in the car. You’re shooting at each other, you gotta like apprehend them. But the best thing about it is your vehicle takes damage and their vehicle takes damage. But if your vehicle takes too much damage, it blows up. So you have to jump off of the vehicle onto theirs, take over their vehicle.

Metal Jesus: Yeah. This is a game that came out where I was like, why didn’t somebody think of this before? It’s such a brilliant idea, right? I mean it’s driving, shooting, and a little bit of platforming. And you’re going back and forth.

Radical Reggie: Jump into a vehicle, trying to catch the bad guys.

Metal Jesus: And there’s two of them.

Radical Reggie: This is actually, Extreme Justice is actually the second game. The first one is just Pursuit Force. They’re both good games. They’re really cheap games. I’m sure Pursuit Force 1 is probably like $5 dollars.

Metal Jesus: Yeah.

Radical Reggie: Maybe $10 at the most.

Metal Jesus: Yeah.

Radical Reggie: Awesome games.

Metal Jesus: So okay for me, I am going to cheat a little bit here. But I’m gonna talk about the SOCOM games that came out on PSP.

Radical Reggie: Okay.

Metal Jesus: I’m not gonna show all of these other than, you just need to know there’s four awesome SOCOM games. The thing is on the PS2, I love SOCOM. Dude, hardcore. I must have played these games every day for probably a year. And what was really cool was that Sony really supported them on the PSP and these are fantastic games.

Radical Reggie: Yeah.

Metal Jesus: They’re basically the full blown version. Well I shouldn’t say full blown. They’re definitely very faithful SCOM games on the PSP. I mean they really take it seriously, where they have different weapon load outs, it’s squad based. You can ratchet up the difficulty and like die in one shot, you know? You have to really plan things.

Radical Reggie: And a lot of people were playing online. It was like a mass community online. Wow, it was a lot of fun. I only played the first one online. I didn’t really get into the other ones but I didn’t mind them but, SOCOM. Whoo.

Metal Jesus: Yeah. So SOCOM’s cool. So they have SOCOM Fire Team Bravo 1, 2, and 3. And I also want to mention Tactical Strikes. So this is kind of an interesting game too if you’re a SOCOM fan because it is a turn-based tactics game in the SOCOM universe.

Radical Reggie: Okay.

Metal Jesus: Yeah. So again if you’re looking for like a turn based version of this, of SOCOM, it’s actually pretty awesome. I believe it only came out on the PSP. Pretty cool.

Radical Reggie: Alright. So next game I’m gonna do is one of my favorites on here. Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops. It’s exclusively to the PSP system. I mean, this didn’t come out on any other system. Now basically this game is a sequel to Metal Gear Solid 3. I can’t remember if it takes place…it’s been a long time since I’ve played it. But anyways, what you do in this game is Snake gets kidnapped, and he wakes up in this base and everything and he recruits soldiers.

Metal Jesus: That’s right, that’s right

Radical Reggie: To help you build an army against the enemies you’re fighting in this game. So really on point game. What it did, it took out cinematics and put in more comic book cinematics, which is pretty cool. I think it’s still a very cheap game. So I recommend having this on your system, especially if you like Metal Gear Solid games. Like sneaking based stuff like that. So what else do we have here? Here’s another one. Silent Hill: the Shattered Memories series now

Metal Jesus: Which was on the Wii originally.

Radical Reggie: It was on the Wii. But you know a lot of people are into the gimmicky controls…

Metal Jesus: I was not into it.

Radical Reggie: I still can’t do it. But I got this version. This was the version I got and this one is amazing. It’s a different type of Silent Hill game because in this one, you can’t really fight enemies, you can run from them and hide.

Metal Jesus: Right.

Radical Reggie: So it has that little terror effect. Like you have to run from everything and hide because you can’t fight them.

Metal Jesus: Like Clock Tower, almost.

Radical Reggie: Yeah, almost like Clock Tower. But this one has a really good story to it. It’s a re-imaging of the first Silent Hill game. So it has the same characters in it. But its like a retelling of the story in a different way. Really cool.

Metal Jesus: Yeah. Coming from another angle or something.

Radical Reggie: And they actually switch the town, switched it to like a hellish town. But when it gets to that point where it turns evil, it turns into ice. So it’s really trippy like that.

Metal Jesus: Yeah its cool.

Radical Reggie: Awesome game. Okay, for me the next one is gonna be a game that only came out on PSP. I played it a ton. That is Jeanne d’Arc or Joan of Arc.

Radical Reggie: Yeah.

Metal Jesus: So what this is, this is Level Five. Which everyone knows…

Radical Reggie: We love Rogue Galaxy.

Metal Jesus: And Dark Cloud and all those kinds of games. So you know the graphics and the characters are gonna be awesome. And they are in this game. So this is kind of like a retelling of the classic Joan of Arc story, where she gets a message from God and she goes on this crusade. And she turns into this badass. But this has like supernatural elements to it. It’s just a really well made game. It reminds me of Final Fantasy Tactics. What I like about this game though, it’s completely in 3D. So it shows like all the characters, the backgrounds, everything. You can swing the camera around. Just, it’s beautiful. But there’s some serious depth here. So I put, I don’t think I ever beat this game and I probably put 100 hours into it.

Radical Reggie: Oh Wow.

Metal Jesus: Yeah. But it was awesome.

Radical Reggie: You know, I feel bad because I’ve had the game for years but I haven’t gotten to it yet. So I’m glad to know it’s made by Level Five, because we love Level Five.

Metal Jesus: Oh yeah. And it’s, again, it’s one of those games that, you know I don’t know if a lot of people have heard about it. But if you owned a PSP people, talk about it all the time because its just so well made.

Radical Reggie: And it’s a pretty cheap game too, right?

Metal Jesus: Yeah, I think so. Yeah.

Radical Reggie: Alright. So next one is probably my favorite RPG on the PSP system.

Metal Jesus: Not a cheap game.

Radical Reggie: Unfortunately it’s not a cheap game. It’s Atlas. You know where Atlas stuff goes. Hexyz Force. Now this game, it’s not that long. It’s a short, RPG but that’s good for a portable system.

Metal Jesus: Right.

Radical Reggie: Now basically there’s two stories. You can play as the guy and the girl. And the stories are pretty short but different characters have different spells. We did a video about it before.

Metal Jesus: Yeah, yeah.

Radical Reggie: Really something. If you could get this game, you won’t regret it. Solid game, really good game.

Metal Jesus: It is definitely one of the more collectible games on the PSP for whatever reason, I mean, did it only come out on the PSP?

Radical Reggie: Only on PSP. And you know how Atlas has limited print runs. And they might do two print runs and that’s it. So I don’t think anybody was really demanding it until it became rare. And then by that time, Atlas probably lost interest in making it.

Metal Jesus: Ah, interesting. Alright, so next up is a game that is super cheap. A really well made game, it’s called Daxter. So this is part of the Jack and Daxter series. It actually takes place during Jack 2, where Daxter runs off for like two years or something like that.

Radical Reggie: Yeah it shows what he was doing during that time.

Metal Jesus: Yeah you find out what Daxter’s been doing. And what I like about this game for a couple reasons. One it shows off the power of the PSP really well. This is an incredibly impressive looking game. I mean, you can all pick the argument. It looks like a full blown Playstation 2 game. Like it’s really impressive. But more than that I mean, it’s fully voiced with all the characters, voices from the actual game. And he’s one of my favorite characters. He’s so funny.

Radical Reggie: He is hella cool.

Metal Jesus: So it’s an awesome…you’ve played this?

Radical Reggie: Yeah I played it briefly years ago, I remember he had to work for some kind of pest company.

Metal Jesus: Right, pest control. He has a fly swatter.

Radical Reggie: Yeah it was like hella fun.

Metal Jesus: Yeah and he’s able to fly or float a little bit cause he’s shooting bug spray.

Radical Reggie: If you look at it though, the Jack and Daxter series, Daxter’s pretty much the star if you think about it.

Metal Jesus: I think so. Yeah, that’s true because in the first game, Jack wasn’t even voiced if I remember.

Radical Reggie: He didn’t talk.

Metal Jesus: Yeah. So it’s a super cheap game, really fun if you’re into like 3D platformers. Definitely check it out.

Radical Reggie: Alright. So are we on the last game? Yeah, I think we are, just these right here. Alright. So, Gradius Collection. Now we had to bring up a shooter on the system because you know…

Metal Jesus: You told me about this game.

Radical Reggie: Yeah. It’s perfect because I think it comes with five Gradius games.

Metal Jesus: Yeah.

Radical Reggie: Yeah one, two, three, four, five of the Gradius games on one UMD disk. That’s awesome. And for those of you that are old school like me, you played the Gradius games, some of the first games I’ve played. Really solid and you get five of them in here which are some of the best, like you get Gradius one, two, three, four, and Gaiden, which I haven’t played that one. But you know, pretty solid.

Metal Jesus: I was gonna say, that reminds me that there’s a lot of collections on the PSP. Like you also mentioned the Power Stone collection.

Radical Reggie: Power Stone, S & K collection, Capcom.

Metal Jesus: Metal Slug.

Radical Reggie: Dragon Ball Z, there’s a lot of them on here so.

Metal Jesus: On the midway collections, the Atari collections, Activision, there’s a ton of these.

Radical Reggie: Sega collection too.

Metal Jesus: That’s right, which is perfect again, for on the go. If you are traveling and you want to take a handful of awesome games with you, there’s a bunch of really cool collections.

Radical Reggie: So, last game is an RPG, of course.

Metal Jesus: A game I don’t own and I was like, ‘Reggie, you gotta bring that one.’. It’s awesome.

Radical Reggie: Yeah, it really is. And this is the go-to RPG, I know I said I love Hexyz Force, but this will be next to it. It’s Legend of Heroes, Trails from the Sky. Now this RPG is like, it is, it really gives you a nostalgic feeling of how RPGs were back in the day. And I mean like with the story and everything like that, with the gameplay–it’s really not too crazy. It’s like, you know, simple.

Metal Jesus: I heard that the dialogue in this game is really well written.

Radical Reggie: Really good. I mean it’s so well written they said hey, let’s do a movie for it. They did a movie for it.

Metal Jesus: Really?

Radical Reggie: Yeah, there’s an anime out there for it and everything. So this is the fourth Legend of Heroes game that came out over here in America. They’re working on a couple more right now. There is one coming out next week, like a spin-off of this. But if you get a PSP and you really like RPGs pick up this game or check it out. It’s really mind blowing.

Metal Jesus: You know what though? I do have one more game.

Radical Reggie: What? What’s that?

Metal Jesus: I’m gonna cheat.

Radical Reggie: Oh man.

Metal Jesus: Do you know why? Because the PSP is awesome at one thing better than anything else. I’m gonna come over here and grab it.

Radical Reggie: Lets see what you got. I’ll stand over here.

Metal Jesus: I’m cheating. This is why the PSP is awesome.

Radical Reggie: Racing games.

Metal Jesus: Racing games were frickin excellent on the PSP. Especially when you compare the PSP to the DS at the time. You know, don’t get me wrong. The DS is decent, it has Mario Kart and other kinds of stuff. But this was like full blown arcade quality. And I’m talking like a ton of them here, like what do we got? Two Burnout games. Legends which is like a best of and then Domination, which was all new. That also came out on the PS2. The two Wipeout games are awesome on here. Outrun Coast to Coast is awesome too. Motorstorm Arctic Edge.

Radical Reggie: Yeah

Metal Jesus: That’s a shockingly beautiful game.

Radical Reggie: Yeah it is.

Metal Jesus: And it runs really well, like its very similar. There’s a bunch of the MX versus ATV’s, Ridge Racer. A bunch of the Need For Speed games are on here. Now what’s interesting about that is that they’re almost better on the PSP because they don’t try to be simulators. So they’re more arcadey. So they’re more fun. Anyways, so I just wanted to mention that racing games on the PSP, man. I love those, I love those. Alright dude, well thanks for coming on and doing the epic buying guide for the PSP.

Radical Reggie: Thanks for having me man.

Metal Jesus: I know. I’d love to know what you guys think down below. Do you collect for the PSP? What games do you recommend people pick up day one?

Radical Reggie: Yeah.

Metal Jesus: Alright. Thanks for watching. If you are interested in learning about more games for the PSP, I have a couple more videos on my channel about PSP hidden gems, as well as a video dedicated to nothing but PSP racing games. So definitely check that out on my channel.