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Metal Jesus Rocks Game Collection

Rarest PS4 Game? Got a physical version…but was CANCELED. Get YOURS!

Joe from Limited Run printed physical copies of this PS4 game for a special event that then got canceled. He even added a Platinum Trophy that can only be unlocked by playing the physical disk. Now he’s stuck with boxes full of the PS4 game, but here is how YOU can get your own copy!

CLARIFICATION: Joe was sending out copies of his game to friends like me, and then I asked if it would be ok to share his story and have him sell copies to collectors like you. It’s not a sponsored video. I don’t get any kickbacks. I just thought it might make a cool video for PS4 collectors. There are over 1,000 copies… So hopefully most can get one

Kelsey’s Game Room Tour 2019!

Kelsey Lewin – Alright, you’ve been asking for it…here it is! The game room tour! The audio in the beginning is not great as I ended up having to use the camera mic, but beyond that it should be okay so bear with it! I had some fun going through my collection and trying to find the interesting stuff. Hope you enjoy — and look forward to more history stuff soon!