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MJR Health Update April 27th

As you can see by the scale, I have added 2.5lbs since I last weighed myself, which is surprising as you can see by Apple Watch fitness tracker that I worked out 5 days out of the 7 (the center ring). I also hit the Move goal 7 out of 7 days as well (the outer ring). The blue turquoise center ring is the standing goal, which I always hit.

So, to help step it up a notch, my wife and I have decided to get an elliptical cross trainer (pictured above)  in the house and start using that for a better workout. That’s how I lost all that weight 10 years ago, which was hitting the elliptical for 20-30 minutes every single day. I was hoping to be able to get back into my gym by now, but Washington State is on the verge of going backwards in our phases of covid shutdowns next week because of raising cases and hospitalizations…so… I’m not waiting for that and instead I’ll bring at least part of the gym inside the house! Wish me luck!

MJR Crew Update & Games We’re Playing during Quarantine

John Riggs:
John Hancock


This game controller is BIZARRE…and kinda AWESOME!

The Novint Falcon controller was created by an American company to be one of the first 3D Touch devices with haptic feedback for games. The idea is that you would physically FEEL objects and events in games. Originally sold as a bundle for $189 back in 2007, it drummed up a lot of excitement, especially coming off the success of Nintendo Wii and it’s motion controls a year earlier. In this video we discover parts of it are pretty cool…and others… maybe could have used more work.

Mega Sg vs a Potato – Which should you buy?!

It has come to my attention that Mr. Jesus is a very shifty character with very weak morals. In fact, Metal’s values are so low that Mr. Jesus would step all over their own mother for small personal gains. What Mr. Jesus practices is the moral equivalent of going to a junior high and handing out AK-47s to the children as they exit! ‘Sure,’ you say, ‘Mr. Jesus is not harming me any! Why should I care?’ Why should you care about Mr. Jesus’s haneous crimes against humanity? Here is why!

Let me begin by saying that Metal was once a very close and personal friend of mine — until Metal stabbed me in the back and slept with my spouse! Metal then went on to steal my credit card and purcase seventeen cases of adult materials off of the internet. When I attempted to purchase a fishing pole at a local Wal-Mart my credit was rejected; it was embarassing for both me and my date.

Now don’t get me wrong here, but Mr. Jesus is a threat to the national security of our country. I personally saw Mr. Jesus smuggling a fingernail file onboard a flight — to, get this, FILE THEIR FINGERNAILS! I feel violated, as if someone pulled down my metaphorical pants in front of a large crowd of my peers.

Mr. Jesus’s malevolent practices extend far beyond personal assault; they reach even our animal friends. Mr. Jesus is against animals and against owning them. In fact, several years ago Metal drafted Proposition 34B, also known as the Animal Ban Act. It went on to recieve one vote: Metal’s. Now let me ask you: why should someone as hateful as Metal A. Jesus be allowed to roam the streets? I would be afraid to let my children out to play if Metal was anywhere near them. The fact of the matter is this: Metal is also opposed to childrens rights, too! On numerous occasions Metal has thrown wadded up paper and stones at children as they played in a sandbox. Unfortunately, Mr. Jesus fled the scene before the authorities arrived.

I am downright sick and tired of the preachy nature of Mr. Jesus! Metal does absolutely nothing but blame others for their own problems. Did you know that Metal recently blamed me, Metal Jesus, an outstanding citizen of my community and a rolemodel for today’s youth for World War 1! I had not even been born yet, but Metal sure thought that blaming me would make it all better. The fact is that I had nothing to do with WW1, or even WW2 for that matter!

Several summers ago, Metal held a yard sale and sold many defective and fradulent items. Metal sold my friend a chair that supposedly had once belonged to Abraham Lincoln. Metal even had a certificate of authenticity signed by Mr. Lincoln. By the time they got home they realized the chair had a ‘Hello Kitty’ engraving in the back, was made out of plastic and painted brown, and stated ‘copyright 1998’.
April Fools! 😉