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MJR Health Update – Exercise Avg for the last year

The Apple Watch is full of detail, tracking your every move. I was curious how I was doing specifically with exercise and you can see those trends here. Last year it was tough to work out in the October/November/December months because it’s so cold and rainy here…but now that I have the elliptical, I can stay on it even when the weather doesn’t cooperate. Isn’t technology great? 😂

MJR Health – Set a Record this week!

This week I hit the bike hard, working out and setting a record this week. Pretty great weather and I’m making sure and getting out there while I can. Seattle typically has a pretty mild fall season, so I have probably another month of good biking weather, and I wanna get out there as much as possible. Still mixing it up with the elliptical, which I’m very glad I bought. It’s great for those days when either I don’t wanna be outside in the elements or frankly just for convenience working out at home. That said, I’m still not entirely sure I wanna jump back into a gym yet. All of Washington State is back to a indoor mask mandate, which really sucks…and honestly, working out with a mask over my face is not what I want to do if I can help it. We’ll see…

MJR Health – Lost a few more pounds while traveling

I lost a few more pounds this week! A nice surprise considering I was unable to workout during my Retro Road Trip up north (Monday and Tuesday on the fitness tracker below). Those days were mostly me in the car and then shooting video at retro gaming stores. Believe it or not, I shot over 500 pieces of footage on my iPhone and GoPro for that video! Insane. I tried eating healthier in towns I was unfamiliar with (thanks Yelp!) and that seems to have paid off. No fast food for me 🙂

MJR Health – Exercise Stats for the past Year

I wanted to share some exercise stats with you. As you can see from the Apple Fitness app that for the past year I’ve pretty consistently worked out for 41 or 42 minutes a day on average. I’ve closed the Exercise rings on the Watch 68% of the time in the last year, and done way better than that for the last 3 months at 84%. So things are definitely heading in the right direction.

Again I’m kinda reminded just how mind blowing this type of health tracking is. When I bought the Apple Watch last year, I thought I would mostly use it for Notifications and Weather updates and Siri dictation…but really it’s the constant monitoring of your health that is the big selling point of the device. It feels incredibly futuristic and sci-fi! 😂

MJR Health Update: Kinda Stuck

I got out on my bike a couple times this week because the weather was nice. However, despite consistently “closing my rings” and getting workouts in 6 out of 7 days a week (see below a screenshot of my Monday through Sunday fitness trends) and trying to watch what I eat, I’m kinda stuck. My weight goes back and forth 3~4 lbs. I don’t know if I’m working out too much and building muscle or perhaps still eating too much. I know my age and metabolism is definitely to blame as well as its just more difficult to lose weight when you are older. A few weeks ago I fasted and that’s when I seemed to lose the most…so I may try that again.  

MJR Health Update – A new Exercise record!

I earned a new exercise record on Saturday according to my Apple Watch, 112 minutes on Saturday alone. That happened because I worked out in the morning and did a couple walks around Seattle. I’m shooting outdoor footage for this Friday’s video and that has me all over the place. It should be a good video. Stay tuned!

You’ll also see below that I closed all my rings (Standing, Workout and Move rings) 6 out of the 7 days.