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MJR Health Update: Kinda Stuck

I got out on my bike a couple times this week because the weather was nice. However, despite consistently “closing my rings” and getting workouts in 6 out of 7 days a week (see below a screenshot of my Monday through Sunday fitness trends) and trying to watch what I eat, I’m kinda stuck. My weight goes back and forth 3~4 lbs. I don’t know if I’m working out too much and building muscle or perhaps still eating too much. I know my age and metabolism is definitely to blame as well as its just more difficult to lose weight when you are older. A few weeks ago I fasted and that’s when I seemed to lose the most…so I may try that again.  

MJR Health Update – A new Exercise record!

I earned a new exercise record on Saturday according to my Apple Watch, 112 minutes on Saturday alone. That happened because I worked out in the morning and did a couple walks around Seattle. I’m shooting outdoor footage for this Friday’s video and that has me all over the place. It should be a good video. Stay tuned!

You’ll also see below that I closed all my rings (Standing, Workout and Move rings) 6 out of the 7 days.

MJR Health Update – June kicked ass!

As you can see by my watch, that I did really well this month. Got that June Challenge Award yesterday for closing all of my rings 26 days this month (Motion, Exercise and Standing goals)! Also I’m exercising an average of 44 min/day. You can also see that I typically stand at least 10 minutes per hour… That means I try not to just sit at the computer all day long, but get up and stretch and move around. So pretty good, right?

MJR Health Update – June 15th

One of the neat things about the Apple fitness app and Watch is that you can earn awards, kinda like Trophies or Achievements on gaming consoles. Recently got an Elliptical Award (above) for getting 306 calories on June 6th. I guess that’s good?! I typically set the elliptical to 30 minutes and “Fat Burner” and come off at the end of that workout sweaty, which is good.

And as you can see below I continued to work out 6 out of 7 days last week, often going way over the daily minimum requirement.  However, I still only lost an additional 2lbs… and somebody in the comments said I may actually be doing too much cardio?! I didn’t even know that was a thing.  It may also be time for me to try intermittent fasting?


MJR Health Update – I’m Losing Weight!

I started dropping some weight this week, which was great to see! My wife and I started a new two-day cleanse that certainly kicked off my lose of the weight and as you can see from the Trends on my Apple Watch below, I’ve been averaging 43 minutes of Exercise a day. I think that’s pretty good, right? Hoping to keep it up this week and maybe get down to 260. Wish me luck!

MJR Health Update – June 1st (I’m very consistent)

As you can see by my Apple Watch, I’ve been very consistent with my workout and move rings, closing all of them 6 out of 7 days a week for a while now, often going way over my goals (hence how much past the 12 o’clock point of each ring).

The good news is I’ve lost 3lbs! The bad news is… I wish it was more. Funny thing is that 10 years ago I would lose weight so easily, but now that I’m older, my body hangs onto it more and it takes more work to lose the weight. But the sun is shining and I’m feeling great and determined to make it work! Plus that elliptical is kicking my butt. Every time I get off it, I’m drenched in sweat! 😂

MJR Health Update for May 25th

I really hit the workouts hard this week and got two Perfect Week awards on the Apple Watch (Move and Exercise). I have to say that the Apple Watch is pretty incredible at motivating you to work out as well as rewarding you for when you put in the extra work.

You can see a couple days I got in two works out (Thursday and Saturday). Both of those days I did the elliptical and took a long walk.  Probably because it was beautiful outside this week here in Seattle!

As for my weight, it’s stayed pretty much the same even though I’ve noticed my gut is down slightly. Like last week, I think that’s because I have been working out so much and building a little muscle…

MJR Health – 2nd Pfizer shot sucks! 😂

Last week I flew back from my trip to Arizona and then got my 2nd Pfizer vaccine shot. Rebecca was fine from her shot, but I got knocked out for several days! Man… chills, aches, fever, headache, fatigue. It wasn’t messing around, but I’m so glad to now be finally fully vaccinated and ready to see my friends again!

You’ll see from the Apple Watch stats that despite all the days knocked down, I did manage to work out both on the elliptical and my bike! Weather is really starting to improve here in Seattle, so doing both should start making a difference in my overall health.