The Porsche 718 Cayman T Is Brilliant, but Head-Scratching – Two Takes

TheSmokingTire – The Porsche 718 Cayman T combines the best chassis, cosmetic, and interior bits from the high-up ‘GTS’ model, with the base 2.0L Turbo engine making 300 horsepower. It’s one of the lightest cars Porsche makes, bar none, but also one of the least powerful. All of this would be great, except that it’s also rather expensive – just over $77,000 as tested. While the 991.2 Carrera T was our favorite ‘non-GT’ 911 of the last generation, does the Cayman T live in that same realm? Or is it just too expensive for not enough performance?

MJR Health – Exercise Stats for the past Year

I wanted to share some exercise stats with you. As you can see from the Apple Fitness app that for the past year I’ve pretty consistently worked out for 41 or 42 minutes a day on average. I’ve closed the Exercise rings on the Watch 68% of the time in the last year, and done way better than that for the last 3 months at 84%. So things are definitely heading in the right direction.

Again I’m kinda reminded just how mind blowing this type of health tracking is. When I bought the Apple Watch last year, I thought I would mostly use it for Notifications and Weather updates and Siri dictation…but really it’s the constant monitoring of your health that is the big selling point of the device. It feels incredibly futuristic and sci-fi! 😂

How does chemotherapy work? – Hyunsoo Joshua No

TED-Ed – During World War I, scientists were trying to develop an antidote to the poisonous yellow cloud known as mustard gas. They discovered the gas was irrevocably damaging the bone marrow of affected soldiers. This gave the scientists an idea: cancer cells and bone marrow both replicate rapidly. Could mustard gas be used to fight cancer? Hyunsoo No details the discovery and development of chemotherapy.

The C8 Corvette Convertible Cements Its Status as a True Drivable Bargain Exotic – Two Takes

TheSmokingTire – We know the C8 Corvette has what it takes to be great: a torquey, powerful engine mounted low and in the middle, quick, accurate steering, a brilliant ride, lots of features, and the performance of a $150,000 Porsche 911 for around half that. Plus, even in the regular “coupe” the targa roof is, (and for the last 50 years or so has been) removable; a true “best of both worlds” scenario. For that reason, enthusiasts, and even Corvette owners as I formerly was, look down on the Convertibles. Historically, the soft top not only changes the fabulous coupe lines, but also prevents you from attending some track days – cementing the “old guy having a crisis” image. Now, taking a page *directly* from the Ferrari 458 Playbook, the Corvette Convertible features a well-insulated power-retractable hardtop that looks great raised, looks even better lowered, and – get this – doesn’t intrude on the rear trunk space in any way. Remember 2021 – it was the year the Corvette Convertible finally got cool.

SPECTRE (2015) Daniel Craig: James Bond Revisited

JoBlo Videos – It’s likely one of the most controversial James Bond movies of all time. Still, Sam Mendes’s SPECTRE was intended to be a massive 007 epic that would pull together elements from all the other Daniel Craig James Bond movies for what I’m sure they hoped would be a global blockbuster that could rival SKYFALL. Fans were excited because it promised the return of Ernst Stavro Blofeld. While the box office receipts and critical reaction fell short somewhat, it was still a blockbuster that paved the way for the upcoming NO TIME TO DIE, even if fans, by and large, seem to dislike it. So join us here on James Bond Revisited as we dig into SPECTRE!