The Beast Within: A Gabriel Knight Mystery

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When Jane Jensen first said that she would like to make a dark-tinged, adult-oriented mystery of a Sierra adventure game, revolving around an antihero of a paranormal detective named Gabriel Knight, her boss Ken Williams wasn’t overly excited about the idea. “Okay, I’ll let you […]

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MJR Health – Still Moving.

I’m still working out everyday as you can see by the 7-Workout Week award from the Apple Watch. Although I typically do 30-40 minutes a day, depending on weather… Still not a lot of movement on the body weight front, but like I said, I […]

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Razion EX REVIEW (Switch) – Bullet Heaven

Razion EX is launching on the eShop on September 16th! (Script is designed for post-release viewership) It took a bit of effort on the shmup community’s part, but Razion EX is finally being made available on the Nintendo eShop. It has a ton of mystique, […]

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The Lo Res Car Is a Truly Insane Vehicle — and I Drove It!

The Lo Res Car is really, really strange — and today I’m reviewing it. Check out one of the strangest cars I’ve ever reviewed, and enjoy a thorough tour of the quirks and features of the Lo Res Car. I’m also DRIVING the Lo Res […]

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My Sega DREAMCAST Game Collection (111 games that Rock 🤘)

Can you believe it’s been 22 years since the Dreamcast released in North America?! Here is my entire Dreamcast game collection! Over 100 games including the best games, rare & expensive, imports & hidden games! WATCH >>

Sega (Hidden Gems) Game Collection
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Lotus’ 4-cylinder SUPERCAR!

The mid-70’s were an optimistic time for British transport. We got the Triumph TR7 and Rover SD1, the Intercity 125 took us across the country at 125mph, and the thunderous Concorde took us over Mach 2. Britain was proving it could still do amazing engineering. […]

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