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Video Game Hunting in LAS VEGAS! + PICKUPS! (PC, PS1, PSP, Atari & more!)

I do some video game hunting & sightseeing in LAS VEGAS plus I show you all the GAME PICKUPS (PC, PS1, PSP, Atari & more!) WATCH >> https://youtu.be/6GRl6I922k0 Chapters: 0:00 Flying from Seattle to Vegas 0:48 First impressions 2:14 Retro City Games store 1 6:30 […]

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Retro Game Hunting in Central Florida + PICKUPS (Cybertron, Royal Empire, Hudsons, Gamers Inc)

I recently did a mini road trip with my girlfriend while on vacation here in Central Florida and hit up a bunch of retro gaming stores. Here is where we went and what we got along our journey. Masdamind99

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Top 15 – Most Exciting Cars We’ve Sold!

So it’s been just shy of 6 years finding the right homes for 100’s of investment-grade, vintage exotics. We’ve compiled a list of the cars that excited us most. Some very expensive, some historically significant, some just very very cool. Sit back and check out […]

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PlayStation TV was a MISSED OPPORTUNITY… but we LOVE it anyway!

  Which PS Vita games have you found to play very well on the Playstation TV mini console? (And general thoughts on the PlayStation TV – Missed opportunity?) Ircha Gaming:  http://www.youtube.com/Ircha Radical Reggie: http://www.youtube.com/RadicalReggie Sunset Hotline: http://www.youtube.com/SunsetHotline Game Sack: http://www.youtube.com/GameSack John Riggs: http://www.youtube.com/JohnRiggs Denver Gamer: […]

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