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Backlog DREAMCAST GAMES I’m playing during Quarantine

Stuck at home? It’s time to hit the gaming backlog! This week I am playing a ton of Dreamcast games including:

Expendable (also called Millennium Soldier: Expendable)
Heavy Metal: Geomatrix
Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver
Crazy Taxi 2
Toy Commander
Speed Devils (also called Speed Busters on PC)
Dux 1.5

Shirt by Draculabyte.com: https://draculabyte.com
StrikerDC Controller:  CastlemaniaGames.com

Sega DREAMCAST w/ $800 in Upgrades & Improvements – Did we go too far?

-Citrus 3000PSI’s DCHDMI Mod Kit Installed         
            -Translucent Aftermarket Old Stock Shell
            -Region Free Bios Chip Installed  
-Battery Mod                   
-Fuse Mod                        
-Custom LED’s           
-Custom 3d Printed “Metal Jesus” Logo (Custom 3d printed)
-Noctua Fan Mod (with 3d printed designs thanks to @collingall)      
 -PicoPSU Mod (with 3d printed designs thanks to @collingall)       
-Motherboard was hand cleaned with 99% IPA and distilled water mixture
-GDROM was re-lubed with Hi-quality Shin-Etsu grease

More Info:
Website: dragonshoardgaming.com
Email: dragonshoardmods@gmail.com