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Rare Hello Kitty Sega Dreamcast GDMU modded with Ultra Rare Hello Kitty TV

Justin Rocco – we take a look at the ultra rare 13in Hello Kitty-themed CRT television and the Japanese exclusive Hello Kitty Sega Dreamcast. It’s optical drive has been replaced with a GDMU drive, with a 400 GB SD card with the entire NTSC Sega Dreamcast Library, some Japanese region shooters and European PAL exclusive titles. This is for sale for $600 US dollars and is located in Torrington Connecticut, United States of America

Backlog DREAMCAST GAMES I’m playing during Quarantine

Stuck at home? It’s time to hit the gaming backlog! This week I am playing a ton of Dreamcast games including:

Expendable (also called Millennium Soldier: Expendable)
Heavy Metal: Geomatrix
Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver
Crazy Taxi 2
Toy Commander
Speed Devils (also called Speed Busters on PC)
Dux 1.5

Shirt by Draculabyte.com: https://draculabyte.com
StrikerDC Controller:  CastlemaniaGames.com

Sega DREAMCAST w/ $800 in Upgrades & Improvements – Did we go too far?

-Citrus 3000PSI’s DCHDMI Mod Kit Installed         
            -Translucent Aftermarket Old Stock Shell
            -Region Free Bios Chip Installed  
-Battery Mod                   
-Fuse Mod                        
-Custom LED’s           
-Custom 3d Printed “Metal Jesus” Logo (Custom 3d printed)
-Noctua Fan Mod (with 3d printed designs thanks to @collingall)      
 -PicoPSU Mod (with 3d printed designs thanks to @collingall)       
-Motherboard was hand cleaned with 99% IPA and distilled water mixture
-GDROM was re-lubed with Hi-quality Shin-Etsu grease

More Info:
Website: dragonshoardgaming.com
Email: dragonshoardmods@gmail.com