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Zeebo: Brazil’s Bizarre Delisted Console | Past Mortem [SSFF]

The Zeebo tried to fix Brazil’s notorious bootleg scene by putting mobile games where they really belong: the living room! Spoilers: it did not go well. But at least this Tectoy and Qualcomm collab gave us Resident Evil 4, Crash Nitro Kart, Tekken an exclusive Double Dragon and more… all on a digital-only anti-piracy home console. What could go wrong??

Pimping out my GAMECUBE in 2022 (upscaling 1080p, anti-aliasing, SD card & accessories!)

My Japanese spice GameCube is getting a bunch of upgrades for 2022 including the GC Loader SD card reader, adding the mClassic upscaler to the video chain, GBI Game Boy Player software and accessories!

YouTube: citrus3000psi

EON GameCube HDMI Adaptor: (Amazon affiliate links)