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Top 3 Rare Games – ANSWERS from Metal Jesus Guests!

Kelsey, Reggie, Kinsey, John Hancock, Anna, Crazy Joe, John Riggs and Metal Jesus tell you their Top 3 games in their collections!


Kelsey Lewin


Radical Reggie

Radical Reggie:

Kinsey KinsZilla


The Immortal John Hancock

The Immortal John Hancock:

Anna Circuits & Coffee


Crazy Joe

Crazy Joe:

John Blue Riggs

John Riggs:

YouTube Advice for Smaller & Newer Channels from Metal Jesus

In this video I share 7 tips I have learned over the years doing YouTube since 2010 with over 300,000 subscribers and over 50 million views!

YouTube Creator Playbook:

1. Nobody is an Expert
2. Read the YouTube Creators Playbook
3. It’s going to take time, but that’s ok
4. Your job is Video Production & Social Media
5. Understand Analytics – Watch time is KING
6. Copyright claims & strikes
7. Make videos people want to watch

TIPS for Finding BIG BOX PC Games – Collector Advice!

Rich Kromhout asks:
What is the best way to find big box pc games and to keep the box from getting damaged? In this video I share all of my secrets for finding these illusive games!

Buy BIG BOX PC Games here:

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