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My Atari Jaguar Complete Cart Collection

After collecting the Atari Jaguar for over 20 years, I have finally completed a licensed cart collection. My journey started in the late 90s when I got my first Jaguar. Since then I have collected it a little at a time until now I have a licensed cart collection. The CD collection will be in a different video. Have you played the Jaguar? Do you collect it? Comment below and thank you for watching!

Road Trip! Video Game Hunting in the Northwest

I went on a Road Trip with my friend Corey to several towns in the Northwest starting in Shelton and then to Belfair. We then drove to Kingston and we took a ferry over to Everett where we hit several thrift, game, and toy shops. The next day we quickly visited a few places in Seattle before coming home. In this video, I share some of my experiences and I had share my pickups. I hope you enjoy!

Classic Computing Fail: Mattel Aquarius

The Aquarius Computer was a failed attempt at Mattel to offer an affordable classic computer to compete with others such as Commodore Vic 20 and TI 99 4/A in 1983. Low sales and demand resulted in this computer being discontinued only 4 months after its initial release and sold back to Radofin. While very unsuccessful, there is an impressive multi-cart made for it documenting much of what was released.