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NY Video Game Convention is Inside a Flight Museum (Long Island Retro Gaming Expo)

I was invited to Long Island Retro Gaming Expo in Long Island, NY which happens to take place in the Cradle of Aviation museum so while there’s gaming everywhere there’s also a ton of flight stuff like planes, shuttles, and more. Super cool. Here’s my weekend adventure of what I saw, what I ate, what I took home. Great stuff.

Radical Reggie – Game On Expo 2022

Game On Expo is a multimedia gaming and anime event that began in 2015, and is the largest gaming convention in Arizona. It’s an event that celebrates gaming, anime, music, and more! Whether you’re a hardcore or casual gamer, there is something for everyone at Game On Expo. Our mission is to bring the G.A.M.E. (Gaming, Anime, Music, Esports) to Arizona. We are locally owned, and we are passionate about bringing a fun and family friendly event to Arizona. Radical Reggie

East Coast VIDEO GAME HUNTING & Expo + PICKUPS (PSP, Vita, MS-DOS, 3DS & more)

This is my first retro gaming expo in 2 years and it’s on the East Coast of the US! I check out Hartford, Ct as well as the Retro World Expo and show you my video game pickups!

** DISCLAIMER: Retro World Expo flew me out to the convention, but nobody asked me to make this video and all of the thoughts and opinions are my own **

I Found Some UNIQUE Mario Quiz Cards at Renton City Retro 2021

We had a great time at Renton City Retro in Renton, WA. It’s probably the only retro game show in the entire northwest in 2021. Several from all over from Seattle to Portland and beyond came by to scoop up great deals and visit friends we haven’t seen for the past year and a half. I found a few cool things I show in this video.

We miss GAME EXPOS!! MJR & Friends expo memories

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