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10 Reasons why Midwest Gaming Classic is the Best Gaming Expo

Midwest Gaming Classic is an annual tradition in Milwaukee, WI, that brings so many of us together. Here’s a quick look on why I love it so much.

Milwaukee, located on the shores of Lake Michigan in Wisconsin, is a vibrant city renowned for its rich history, diverse culture, and dynamic urban landscape. As the largest city in the state, Milwaukee offers a blend of industrial heritage and modern innovation, with iconic breweries like MillerCoors and Pabst Brewing Company reflecting its legacy as a brewing powerhouse. The city is also celebrated for its thriving arts scene, highlighted by institutions such as the Milwaukee Art Museum and the Harley-Davidson Museum, as well as a lively performing arts community. Visitors and locals alike enjoy exploring the city’s historic neighborhoods like the Third Ward and Brady Street, bustling with eclectic shops, trendy restaurants, and lively entertainment venues. With an array of festivals, including the world-famous Summerfest, and a strong sense of community pride, Milwaukee exudes a unique charm that captivates all who visit.

10 Best NEW Things for Gamers at Consumer Electric Show (CES Vegas) 2024

The Consumer Electric Show (CES) in Las Vegas 2024 brought some interesting new updates in the world of gaming tech.

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) has seen some incredible announcements over the years. Here are a few that stand out:

  1. VCR: In 1970, the VCR was introduced at CES, revolutionizing home entertainment by allowing people to record and watch TV shows at their convenience.
  2. Compact Disc Players: Philips and Sony unveiled the first CD players in 1981, changing the way music was listened to at home.
  3. HDTV: In 1998, the introduction of high-definition television (HDTV) sets marked a significant leap in TV display technology.
  4. Xbox: Microsoft announced the original Xbox in 2001, signaling its entry into the gaming console market.
  5. Blu-ray: Sony showcased the Blu-ray disc technology in 2004, paving the way for high-definition optical discs.
  6. 4K TVs: Several companies introduced 4K TVs around 2012, setting a new standard for picture quality.
  7. Virtual Reality: VR headsets like Oculus Rift and HTC Vive made their debut in the mid-2010s, revolutionizing gaming and entertainment.
  8. Smart Home Devices: CES has been a platform for various smart home innovations, from smart speakers like Amazon Echo to advanced home automation systems.
  9. Electric Vehicles and Autonomous Cars: Companies like Tesla have used CES to unveil advancements in electric vehicles and self-driving technology.
  10. Foldable Phones and Flexible Displays: Companies like Samsung have showcased foldable phones and devices with flexible screens, hinting at the future of smartphone design.

Each year brings its share of surprises and innovations, making CES a hub for groundbreaking tech announcements and advancements.

$100 Challenge at Portland Retro Gaming Expo + PICKUPS!

Metal Jesus & Drunken Master Paul are at Portland Retro Gaming Expo w/ $100 each to buy 3 great games PLUS collectables. Who do YOU think had the better pickups at Portland Retro Gaming Expo?

Portland, Oregon, is a vibrant city nestled in the Pacific Northwest known for its eclectic culture, lush greenery, and laid-back atmosphere. With a backdrop of the snow-capped Cascade Mountains and the nearby Columbia River Gorge, Portland boasts a rich tapestry of diverse neighborhoods, each with its own distinct character and charm. Renowned for its commitment to sustainability, the city embraces a thriving food scene highlighted by farm-to-table dining, a plethora of food carts offering global cuisines, and a fervent craft beer and coffee culture. Artistic expression flourishes in Portland, evident through its numerous galleries, street murals, and the iconic Portlandia statue. The city’s love for the outdoors is evident with its extensive network of parks, bike-friendly streets, and proximity to hiking trails and scenic vistas, making it a haven for outdoor enthusiasts. Yet, Portland also grapples with challenges such as homelessness and urban development, which add complexity to its dynamic identity. Overall, Portland captures a blend of natural beauty, creativity, and a unique sense of community that draws both locals and visitors alike.

Evercade Panel at PRGE 2023 Portland Retro Gaming (Sean Cleaver, MetalJesusRocks, John Hancock & John Riggs)

Sean Cleaver, MetalJesusRocks, John Hancock and John Riggs look at the Evercade, the variety of games, the rebirth of classic cartridge gaming, bringing back arcades and home computers, and the future of the ecosystem. This panel was recorded at the Portland Retro Gaming Expo Oct 13-15, 2023 in Portland, Oregon.

The Portland Retro Gaming Expo is an electrifying celebration of gaming nostalgia, drawing in enthusiasts and gamers alike from across the globe. Nestled in the heart of Portland, this annual extravaganza transforms the Oregon Convention Center into a haven for all things retro gaming. From classic arcade machines blinking in neon splendor to rows of vintage consoles displaying timeless favorites, the expo pulsates with an infectious energy, rekindling memories of bygone gaming eras. Attendees immerse themselves in a vibrant tapestry of tournaments, panels featuring industry veterans, and a bustling expo floor teeming with rare collectibles, merchandise, and passionate gamers swapping stories. The camaraderie among attendees, united by their love for retro games, fosters an atmosphere brimming with nostalgia, making the Portland Retro Gaming Expo an unmissable pilgrimage for gaming aficionados.

Vloggin w/ the PSP Camera in 2023 – It looks better than you think! 😂

I mean really folks the title is about as simple as it gets. I was at Retro Game Con this year in Syracuse, NY. You know I’m always on the hunt for games across PS1 games, Wii, GBA, CIB Pokemon, things like that. And I figured you know what. I’ve got a PlayStation Portable with the Camera accessory. I’ve got a YouTube Channel. I can do that whole vlogging thing, right? I’ve got what it takes, right? I do. So that’s why we’re filming video like it’s the 2000s.

The Sony PSP, short for PlayStation Portable, was a handheld gaming console released by Sony Computer Entertainment in 2004. It was a groundbreaking device that offered console-quality gaming experiences on the go. The PSP featured a sleek, portable design with a large, vibrant 4.3-inch LCD screen that provided impressive graphics for its time. It boasted a wide range of multimedia capabilities, allowing users to not only play games but also watch videos, listen to music, and view photos. With a powerful processor and ample RAM, the PSP delivered smooth gameplay and immersive graphics, making it a popular choice among gamers.

One of the defining features of the PSP was its UMD (Universal Media Disc) format, a proprietary optical disc that allowed for high-capacity storage of games, movies, and other media. This format gave developers the ability to create visually impressive games and provided users with a diverse library of titles to choose from. The PSP also supported online multiplayer gaming, enabling players to connect with others over Wi-Fi and compete in multiplayer modes. Additionally, it had a range of accessories and peripherals, including a camera attachment and GPS module, which expanded its functionality beyond just gaming. The PSP left a significant mark on the portable gaming industry and remains a beloved console for many gamers around the world.

NY Video Game Convention is Inside a Flight Museum (Long Island Retro Gaming Expo)

I was invited to Long Island Retro Gaming Expo in Long Island, NY which happens to take place in the Cradle of Aviation museum so while there’s gaming everywhere there’s also a ton of flight stuff like planes, shuttles, and more. Super cool. Here’s my weekend adventure of what I saw, what I ate, what I took home. Great stuff.