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Derek Buck talks about Classic Game Room being disbanded & more | Select Screen

For many years, CGR Undertow was the secondary channel that was apart of the Classic Game Room empire. We sit with Derek Buck to talk about what led to Classic Game Room & it’s crew no longer producing content, his love for everything Predator & Aliens, and even talks about what he hates most about the latest Jurassic World movie. Select Screen

Drunken Master Paul Interview & Behind the scenes of making Phantasmagoria: A Puzzle of Flesh

Paul Stetler who played Curtis Craig from Phantasmagoria: A Puzzle of Flesh from Sierra On-Line now has a YouTube channel and in this video he’s reviewing my good buddy Drunken Master Paul. Lots of good stories about being on the set of making the game, how he originally got his job at Sierra and much more!


Conversations with Curtis

Chatting with Tubers – Get To Know Radical Reggie!

This is Chatting With Tubers, a brand new playlist in which we talk to some of the biggest and best YouTubers on the Retro Gaming scene! Gaming is a big part of Radical Reggie and Retro Gaming is something close to his heart, he talks to us about the games he loves, gives advice on YouTube and doing YouTube full time, the value of his games collection, some of the biggest and best consoles and games he owns, regrets from his journey, why he went Patreon, the big console release he is looking forward to and so much more! Essex Retro Gamer