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Derek Buck talks about Classic Game Room being disbanded & more | Select Screen

For many years, CGR Undertow was the secondary channel that was apart of the Classic Game Room empire. We sit with Derek Buck to talk about what led to Classic Game Room & it’s crew no longer producing content, his love for everything Predator & Aliens, and even talks about what he hates most about the latest Jurassic World movie. Select Screen

My 10 Best Sick Day Games

I’ve been feeling a bit under the weather the last few days, so I thought – you know what, seems to me that I need to take a sick day and play some of my go to sick day games. And then I thought that’d be a decent video to put together. So here’s my 10 favorite games that are my go-to games for a sick day. There’s a lot that can slot in for a sick day, but these 10 are the most consistently in the mix. Square Pegs

Borderline Forever – Scott The Woz + many YouTubers (and me!)

Scott The Woz– Scott discovers shapes exist. In a “blink or you’ll miss it” moment, I appear in the latest Scott the Woz special 200th episode video (at 2:31). This thing is like a full blown movie! Incredible production on this and it must have been a ton of work. Really impressive! Congrats Scott on your amazing YouTube success! It’s much deserved 🤘