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Top 10 Retro Gaming YouTube Critics

WatchMojo highlighted us: Hello and welcome to TopX, where we count down the very best of YouTube. Today we’re donning our vintage gaming T-shirts and plugging in our SNESes to bring you the top 10 Retro Gaming YouTube Critics.

These fine channels and hosts have been selected based on a number of different factors, including subscriber counts, monthly views and personal preference. We do have to limit the list to channels that mainly deal with retro gaming and that are English-speaking; thus, we must unfortunately exclude the likes of The Game Theorists and Joueur du grenier.

THIS WEEK IN RETRO – Gaming News for March 15th 2016

Kinsey & Metal Jesus bring you the latest in retro and new gaming news for the week of March 15th 2016.

Articles include:
Sinclair ZX Spectrum Vega Plus Console:

Nintendo and Universal Theme Park:

No Man’s Sky Explorer & Limited Editions:

Star Wars KOTOR Fan Remake:

MAME is now Open Source:

Coleco Chameleon Controversy:

THIS WEEK IN RETRO – March 1st 2016

BONUS VIDEO: Kinsey & I are starting a new bi-weekly series covering what is new and cool in Retro! We’ll cover video games, but also perhaps music and anything else we think is bitchin’ and rad to the max. If you have stories you think we should cover, please let us know in the comments below!

Pokemon 20th: http://www.pokemon20.com/en-us/products.html

Warren Spector/System Shock 3: http://othersideentertainment.com

Final Fantasy 9: http://www.jp.square-enix.com/ff9/en/

Pokemon Photo Booth App

Pokemon Photo Booth App