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10 Best NEW Things for Gamers at Consumer Electric Show (CES Vegas) 2024

The Consumer Electric Show (CES) in Las Vegas 2024 brought some interesting new updates in the world of gaming tech.

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) has seen some incredible announcements over the years. Here are a few that stand out:

  1. VCR: In 1970, the VCR was introduced at CES, revolutionizing home entertainment by allowing people to record and watch TV shows at their convenience.
  2. Compact Disc Players: Philips and Sony unveiled the first CD players in 1981, changing the way music was listened to at home.
  3. HDTV: In 1998, the introduction of high-definition television (HDTV) sets marked a significant leap in TV display technology.
  4. Xbox: Microsoft announced the original Xbox in 2001, signaling its entry into the gaming console market.
  5. Blu-ray: Sony showcased the Blu-ray disc technology in 2004, paving the way for high-definition optical discs.
  6. 4K TVs: Several companies introduced 4K TVs around 2012, setting a new standard for picture quality.
  7. Virtual Reality: VR headsets like Oculus Rift and HTC Vive made their debut in the mid-2010s, revolutionizing gaming and entertainment.
  8. Smart Home Devices: CES has been a platform for various smart home innovations, from smart speakers like Amazon Echo to advanced home automation systems.
  9. Electric Vehicles and Autonomous Cars: Companies like Tesla have used CES to unveil advancements in electric vehicles and self-driving technology.
  10. Foldable Phones and Flexible Displays: Companies like Samsung have showcased foldable phones and devices with flexible screens, hinting at the future of smartphone design.

Each year brings its share of surprises and innovations, making CES a hub for groundbreaking tech announcements and advancements.

Video Game Hunting in LAS VEGAS! + PICKUPS! (PC, PS1, PSP, Atari & more!)

I do some video game hunting & sightseeing in LAS VEGAS plus I show you all the GAME PICKUPS (PC, PS1, PSP, Atari & more!) WATCH >> https://youtu.be/6GRl6I922k0


0:00 Flying from Seattle to Vegas

0:48 First impressions

2:14 Retro City Games store 1

6:30 Retro City Games store 2

9:29 Fremont Street

11:51 Pinball Hall of Fame Museum 

14:41 Red Rock Canyon

15:17 A Gamer’s Paradise store

19:37 Back to Seattle and Game Pickups

** DISCLAIMER: This is NOT a sponsored video, nobody paid me to make it. I like highlighting small mom & pop retro gaming stores as I travel **

Game Hunting in Las Vegas 2021 (Switch/Wii/DS/3DS/PS2/PS3/PS4/PSP)

Made my yearly Trip to Vegas this year to hang with friends and do some game hunting. I almost passed on making the trip this year but I’m glad I made the extra effort to go as I had a great time. We also went back to some retro stores from last year to see if they had any new stock. Radical Reggie