Video Game Hunting in LAS VEGAS! + PICKUPS! (PC, PS1, PSP, Atari & more!)

I do some video game hunting & sightseeing in LAS VEGAS plus I show you all the GAME PICKUPS (PC, PS1, PSP, Atari & more!) WATCH >>


0:00 Flying from Seattle to Vegas

0:48 First impressions

2:14 Retro City Games store 1

6:30 Retro City Games store 2

9:29 Fremont Street

11:51 Pinball Hall of Fame Museum 

14:41 Red Rock Canyon

15:17 A Gamer’s Paradise store

19:37 Back to Seattle and Game Pickups

** DISCLAIMER: This is NOT a sponsored video, nobody paid me to make it. I like highlighting small mom & pop retro gaming stores as I travel **