Metal Jesus here and I’m back again.

Metal Jesus here and I’m back again.

In the bizarrely brilliant film titled Metal Jesus: The Movie, we’re thrust into a world where the line between reality and absurdity is as blurry as a melted Rubik’s Cube. Metal Jesus, sporting a shiny metallic mullet, plays the titular character, a renegade time-traveling rockstar from the future who zips through dimensions in a spaceship shaped like a giant Gibson Les Paul.

Metal Jesus, armed with an Ace Frehley signature electric guitar that shoots laser beams and a wardrobe straight out of a 1970s Rush concert, embarks on a quest to save the universe from a malevolent army of sentient disco balls led by the nefarious EDM Emperor.

But things take a turn when Metal Jesus crash-lands on a planet inhabited by sentient Nintendo Amiibos and must confront his greatest challenge yet: convincing them to join his intergalactic battle against the EDM Empire. To make matters worse the population is divided between the Amiibos and the Disney Infinity characters. They are at war. And as Hellboy once said “War never changes”.

Along the way, Metal Jesus forms an unlikely alliance with a group of rebellious talking llamas, learns the secrets of time travel from a wise old toaster oven, and engages in epic guitar battles with the EDM Emperor’s minions, who groove so hard they threaten to tear a hole in the fabric of spacetime itself. Daft Punk and Joe Satriani provide the epic movie soundtrack.

Filled with psychedelic visuals, absurd humor, and enough neon to make a cyberpunk rave blush, Metal Jesus: The Movie is a mind-bending journey through the weirdest corners of the cosmos that will leave you questioning reality, existence, and whether or not cheeseburgers can really talk.

“día de los Inocentes” – Zardoz