Final Fantasy 7 on NES ?!?! - More Repro & Hacked Games

Final Fantasy 7 on NES ?!?! – More Repro & Hacked Games

Reggie brings a stack of Reproduction & Hacked versions of classic games that are a nice alternative for some collectors. Oh yeah, and a little PS1 game called Final Fantasy 7 remade for the original 8bit NES!

Games Shown:
Hothead Joe (Hack)
Mega Man Ultra (Hack)
Wily & Right’s Rockboard That’s Paradise!! (Repro)
Iron Commando (Repro)
Summer of Carnival ’92: RECCA (Repro)
VS. Super Mario Bros (Repro)
The Firemen (Repro)
Do-Re-Mi Fantasy (Repro)
Rainbow Cotton (Repro/Bootleg)
Twinkle Star Sprites (Repro/Bootleg)
Esper Dream 2 LONG CART (Repro)
Final Fantasy 7 (Hack)

Video Transcription:

Metal Jesus: Metal Jesus here, and I am back again with Reggie.

Reggie: And we’re going to finish up with the repro vid. I’m so sorry that it took so long, but I brought an extra for you guys, so let’s get started.

Metal Jesus: All right dude, so what do you have for me today?

Reggie: I got one of the best games in the world here. My buddy… our buddy, Joe Witter, we like to call him Crazy Joe, but his game is called Hot Head Joe.

Metal Jesus: Yes.

Reggie: Now I can’t really remember what this is a reimaging of. A game… a good friend of ours, John Riggs, also saw Joe and thought he looked like this game cover.

Metal Jesus: And John is the guy who hacked the game for me, the Metal Jesus World Tour, and also the one for Barnacles. And that’s kind of his gig.

Reggie: Exactly. So he saw Joe and said, “Hey this looks like Joe. I’m going to make this game for him.” So, now Joe’s got his own game. He changed a couple of graphics in the game for the game to say Hot Head Joe, and he changed one of the enemies in the game to be flipping Joe off, which is really funny. So it’s hilarious. And it does look like Joe.

Metal Jesus: Dude, Joe is such an awesome part of the local community, so he has to have his own game.

Reggie: Exactly. So, the next game is Megaman Ultra.

Metal Jesus: Megaman Ultra. Which is an awesome, blue cart here.

Reggie: Yeah, and this one is made by Jared. He’s pretty much the wizard of making repros. Wizard reproductions.

Metal Jesus: So, this one is a reproduction.

Reggie: Yeah. This one is a reproduction of… well, it’s actually a hack, but it’s a cool hack. Basically, it has a level in the game . . . well, it’s a hack of Megaman 2, but there’s a level in the game where you go to Woodman stage and it’s Super Mario Brothers one level. You fight Goombas and the Koopas. It’s really insane. So I like that a lot.

Metal Jesus: Also, too, on the back of this one I noticed that this also… like the attention to detail, is this awesome label on the front and back. I mean, it’s amazing.

Reggie: Yeah. He did a really good job. I’m really happy he hooked me up with that. Next game is called Rockman Board. Now, Rockman Board is Megaman Monopoly, if you can believe that. It’s pretty intense. I had no idea they made a game like this.

Metal Jesus: So is this a hack, or is this a reproduction?

Reggie: No, this is a reproduction. It’s a real game that came out in Japan only, but it should’ve came out over here. It’s like, “Monopoly on Nintendo, oh, do I really want to play that?” But it’s Megaman, though, so it’s pretty awesome! So it has a lot of the old characters from the older games. Really cool game. Lots of fun. I couldn’t really play it too much because I didn’t know how to do all the rules, but it has a good mode in it where you have the computer play each other and you can watch from there. So it’s really outstanding.

Next game… now, I’m a really big fan of beat ’em ups, and this is the beat ’em up of ages. This is like shotguns, crazy moves, grenades, two player co-op mode anytime…

Metal Jesus: Dude, this sounds awesome.

Reggie: It’s brutal. I mean, you get on bikes, you shoot people, beat ’em down. It’s just everything you want in a beat ’em up game.

Metal Jesus: So this is a Super Famicom game, right?

Reggie: Yeah, but I got a reproduction for it in Super Nintendo, so I can just put it in the Super Nintendo. He did the cover for me and everything, the label. It’s pretty on point. The original game cost 200 bucks, so that… I saved a little bit of money.

All right, so the next game is going to be RECCA for the NES. Now, this is reproduction of a Famicom game, but this game will beat you up. This is a shooter…

Metal Jesus: Oh I played this one! You let me borrow this game. This game made me cry!

Reggie: Yes! It is so fast-paced. I mean, you look at… you have to pay attention to the screen at all times or you will get you ass handed to you.

Metal Jesus: Super impressive though. Like, this is a crazy fast game.

Reggie: It’s, like, pushing the Nintendo to the limits. You can actually see the Nintendo, like, really working hard. It shows you what it can do. So that’s pretty awesome. So like that game a lot.

Metal Jesus: And I love shooters, so I thought, “Oh yeah, I’m going to dig into this,” and man I was like, it was tough. It was cool.

Reggie: It was tough. Next game is for probably for a lot of Super Mario enthusiasts, you probably know about this game – but is VS. Super Mario Brothers. This was only released in the arcades. And it was kind of a myth to me because, you know, a lot of people didn’t know about it. But it’s actually Super Mario Brothers 1 remixed into a little bit harder. Pits are longer, some levels are different, and also what’s cool about this one – it has a save system. So you actually can save your name on the cart and everything. Like a high score system, so that’s pretty cool. So, if you’re really into Super Mario Brothers, this is the one to get. Awesome game. You can change the settings for the game in the beginning, so you can change the continues, free play, because it’s pretty much emulated from the arcade game.

Metal Jesus: That’s pretty cool.

Reggie: It’s pretty on point, yeah. Ah, next game is a game I love, and everybody will love too. The Firemen. Now, The Firemen came in Japan, it came out in PAL territories, but we never got one here. Now, I got a reproduction of it because that’s the first version I heard of the game. This game is like an arcade-type game. Like, you just go out and put out fires, you get information, you got your buddy backing you up, he’s got the axe cutting through stuff to help you out. You rescue… it’s just so much fun. Like it’s very entertaining all the way through. I had my buddy… my buddy came over, Ty, and playing it, and he just got through the first level immediately. Like he was just… he loved it that much.

Metal Jesus: I’ve heard of this. You hear about this game a lot when people are talking about hidden gems and things like that. Because who would expect a game about firemen… I mean, no offense to firemen, but how many games are there based on firemen? Very few, right? Now, that says PAL version right here, so is this…

Reggie: That was the only label I could print out for it, so I just printed it so it would look nice because I have custom cases.

Metal Jesus: It is, dude. It is really nice too. That’s an awesome, awesome cover.

Reggie: I love it. All right, now the next game. I thought I would like this game a lot more, but this is a sequel to Milton’s Secret Castle for NES. It’s called DoReMi. And it’s a platform game, but I couldn’t really get into it that much. I think because in platform games I like the music to be really strong, not saying that it wasn’t, but I just got killed a lot. Maybe I was just really tired when I was playing it. But basically, you collect notes, it’s basically just a pretty much, a platform game which was pretty cool. I love platformers.

Metal Jesus: It looks really colorful.

Reggie: Yeah, it is. And it’s not like…

Metal Jesus: It has ponies.

Reggie: And thankfully, it’s not like the one for NES, which had a lot… it was pretty hard to get into. But really cool game, I like it.

Metal Jesus: Hudson Soft. Huh.

Reggie: Mmm-hmm.

Metal Jesus: Cool.

Reggie: All right, so…

Metal Jesus: And then you brought something different too!

Reggie: A little bit different this time. Dreamcast reproduction. Now I’m going to start with Rainbow Cotton. Now, Rainbow Cotton came out in Japan, but we didn’t get it over here. And it’s kind of expensive, so I had someone make me a reproduction of it. Which, I guess you call it a reproduction or a bootleg, which a lot of people like to call CDs. But he made a label for it, a label for the CD, it looks really nice, he made an insert for the case and everything so it looks really good. Only thing is, of course, it doesn’t have a manual. Which is fine with me, I don’t read manuals anymore, I mean that much anymore anyway.

Metal Jesus: But you could though. You could definitely make one.

Reggie: You could, right, you could make one if you really wanted one. The game is basically like Space Harrier, where you’re shooting and everything. Well, the view is from to Space Harrier, but it’s really slow compared to Space Harrier. Space Harrier is fast. This one is more slow, like you get to shoot more things and see what you’re shooting at. It’s a solid game, but not a lot of people like it a lot because, compared to the other Cotton games, it’s like, the black sheep.

Metal Jesus: So, I have a question for you. So, can you just pop this into any Dreamcast and play it?

Reggie: You know, you actually can. Because the way they code the CDs now, when they do that, you could put them in any Dreamcast and play them. So no boot disc required.

Metal Jesus: And that’s why I’m asking. Because I do have a couple of bootlegs that people have given me, and you always have to start with like, another game or something like that. There’s like this process that you have to do.

Reggie: Exactly, yeah. And they’ve gotten pretty much past that now so that’s just pretty cool.

Metal Jesus: Oh, huh. Awesome.

Reggie: Next game, one of my favorites, Twinkle Star Sprites. This game is actually in English too. So it only came out out it Japan, but it’s basically like a shooter but it’s a versus shooter. There’s two screens. You’re shooting at enemies on your screen. But if you mess up, then you enemy has the advantage and more stuff comes on your screen that you have to shoot and try to dodge. And you’re battling it out until one of you guys loses. So, pretty cool.

Metal Jesus: Dude, this reminds me… so, this will tell you how non-rehearsed this is. Do you remember the first time I met you, working at D-Pad, the very first day you were trying to sell me on this game! Dude, you’ve been loving this game forever.

Reggie: Dude, that’s right!

Metal Jesus: I was having flashbacks there, holy… like we were standing in D-Pad and you were telling me about this game. And I’m like, “Twinkle Sprites?” And I was looking at you like, “What?”

Reggie: You know why, because I had just bought the Saturn version, which is the refined version of it. Yeah dude, now I… gosh, memories man.

Metal Jesus: That’s so cool. So it comes full circle.

Reggie: Yeah, it really does, man. You going to get one yet?

Metal Jesus: Of this? Or the Saturn version? Because, actually, that’s the thing. See, I’ve learned… I didn’t know you very well back then, and I’m like, “I don’t know, sounds kind of like a kid’s game.” Now I know to trust you. So yeah, pretty much. I’d love to own it. That’s awesome.

Reggie: So, the next games, the last two games here, one the extras that I brought for the surprise.

Metal Jesus: So we have to build this up. So you were basically sending me messages on Facebook going, “Dude. For the next video, I’ve got something really special.” And I’m like, “Okay, cool.” And you’re like, “No, no, no, no. You don’t understand.”

Reggie: Exactly. I remember. I sent you the pictures and you were like, “Oh my god.”

Metal Jesus: So what do we got here?

Reggie: We’re going to start with the extra I brought – not the real surprise yet – but this extra is a long cart that I had custom made by my buddy, Eric Bishop.

Metal Jesus: Wow, that’s crazy.

Reggie: Now he… you know Eric from Bishop Bros, he made a lot of games that we reviewed on the channel.

Metal Jesus: And your game.

Reggie: And my game too. Esper Dreams Part Two. Now this game came out in Japan on the Famicom system, but I talked to Eric and said, “Can you make a cart of this for NES?” And he said, “Yeah, I can. But it wouldn’t fit, though.” So I said, “Is there any way that you could make it fit?” And he was like, “Nah.” So, he decided to try to make something that fit. So he cut a game in half and put it together, like…

Metal Jesus: Yeah, this is crazy!

Reggie: Yeah, he did a really good job on it. And you know what is crazy about it? He said he threw a couple of them out, and I saw the ones he threw out and they looked great too. But he’s a perfectionist, so, you know.

Metal Jesus: Wow. So this is really cool. Okay, so what you’re saying essentially is that, in order to get this to work on an NES, you…

Reggie: Well, it works in a top-loader easy. But if you’re going to put it in a toaster NES, I don’t know how it would because the cart sticks out.

Metal Jesus: Sure. But what I’m saying it that, in order for him to build it, he couldn’t build it in a standard size.

Reggie: No, because… yeah. Because the parts are too big.

Metal Jesus: Wow, that’s amazing.

Reggie: And the game is pretty much… it’s like a game I would say is an action RPG, but you go into books and stuff. Because you’re in a library and you go and try and save certain worlds and stuff, so they have different kinds of events. Like one event is like a train’s being attacked so you go and help people there, or whatever. Or one… there’s just a lot of different stories you can hop into. Really cool game, I’m very impressed with it. I haven’t played it that much because I’ve got a lot of school work going on, but I will soon.

Metal Jesus: Wow, talk about one of a kind. That’s so cool.

Reggie: Yeah, he really did a good job making that. So, here is the real big surprise here.

Metal Jesus: Okay, so when you first told me about this…. so, it’s Final Fantasy VII, on the NES. So my first question is, “How the hell did they do this?” Well, first of all, Final Fantasy VII, as everyone knows, was the definitive game that came out on the Playstation One. It was, like, full motion video, it was 3D graphics, it was amazing, right? And a lot of people were blown away by it. So what is this version here?

Reggie: This is basically an 8-bit version of a… I guess they used the engine for Final Fantasy I, the ones that were on Nintendo, and they actually re-created it and made it Final Fantasy VII.

Metal Jesus: Made it classic.

Reggie: But, they use a new board and everything for it. I don’t know all the schematics of it, but it was just really… you had to have a whole new board to make this game, and, you know…

Metal Jesus: The label is crazy. Like it looks real!

Reggie: Exactly. So 8-bit Final Fantasy VII. Final Fantasy VII is my favorite of the series. It’s not the best of the series, but it’s my favorite. So just to have that on an NES cart is just really cool. I’m really impressed with it. Eric did a good job painting it and the label is perfect.

Metal Jesus: I mean, the black is cool because it matches the color of the background, and also the font is black. It’s just… dude, this is really cool. So, I mean, can people buy this? Where can they get it?

Reggie: Well, they can actually get it from Bishop Bros. He’s going to make some available soon. I don’t know how many, but he told me they will be available, so we’ll keep you guys posted and let you know in the link where you can talk to him at.

Metal Jesus: Well dude, thanks very much for bringing all these over. I mean all three videos have been just full of amazing games I have never seen before, man.

Reggie: That’s right, man.

Metal Jesus: So awesome. So, if you haven’t seen those videos, I will post them down below in the description. And we’d also love to know down in the comments, what you guys think, and what you think about Final Fantasy VII. I think there should be a Final Fantasy eight and nine made as well.

Reggie: Eh, maybe. Eight didn’t age as well as the other ones, but…

Metal Jesus: Ahh that’s true. But the thing is, I love each one for different reasons, so it would be cool to have them do that.

Reggie: It really would.

Metal Jesus: Awesome. All right guys, thanks very much for watching my channel and subscribing. Take care.

Voice over: We have shown a bunch of games in the last three videos, and many of them have come from a site called Bishop Definitely check it out if you’re interested in these kind of homebrews and hacks. In addition to Reggie’s game, he also released a poster, that’s pretty rad. So definitely hit them up if you like this kind of stuff.

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