EON Gaming announcing new version of GameCube HDMI Adapter: GCHD Mk-II

Press Release: The GCHD Mk-II is EON’s second product designed in collaboration with Dan Kunz, a.k.a. Citrus3000psi. The GCHD Mk-II advances the GCHD formula by retaining the standard HDMI out, while also including a Wii Component/SCART port delivering YPbPr, RGB, RGBS, and RGsB signals. The GCHD Mk-II also includes a 3.5mm auxiliary port that doubles as a MiniTOSLINK port supporting digital optical audio.

Critical to delivering the best experience possible, the GCHD Mk-II comes packing with custom GCVideo firmware that allows for features such as, boosted HDMI audio, support for non-standard resolutions, several visual tweaks, as well as customization options such as scan lines.

MORE INFO HERE: https://www.eongaming.tech