Ford GT Generations DRAG RACE

Ford GT Generations DRAG RACE

Who’s ready for a Ford GT generation drag race! We’ve got our hands on an original Ford GT 40 from 1967, a second-generation GT from 2006, and a third-generation from 2017! So let’s see how the three compare.

The Ford GT is an iconic supercar that has undergone three distinctive generations, each with its own characteristics and advancements.

First Generation (Ford GT40 – 1960s):

  • Era and Racing Heritage: The first-generation Ford GT, specifically the GT40, was born in the 1960s to compete in endurance racing. It gained legendary status by dominating the 24 Hours of Le Mans, winning four consecutive times from 1966 to 1969.
  • Design and Performance: Known for its low-slung, aerodynamic design and powerful V8 engine, the GT40 was an engineering marvel of its time. It boasted impressive speed and performance, becoming an icon in the history of motorsports.

Second Generation (Ford GT – 2005-2006):

  • Revival and Modernization: Ford revived the GT in the mid-2000s as a tribute to its racing heritage. The second-generation GT retained the iconic design cues of the GT40 while incorporating modern technology and materials.
  • Performance and Innovation: Powered by a mid-mounted supercharged V8 engine, the second-gen GT delivered exhilarating performance, impressive handling, and cutting-edge features. Its aluminum chassis and carbon-fiber body contributed to its lightweight and agile nature.

Third Generation (Ford GT – 2017-2019):

  • Innovative Design and Technology: The third-generation GT is a testament to Ford’s commitment to innovation. With a futuristic, aerodynamically efficient design, it employed lightweight materials like carbon fiber extensively.
  • Twin-Turbo V6 Engine and Performance: Unlike its predecessors, the third-gen GT adopted a twin-turbocharged EcoBoost V6 engine, delivering exceptional power and efficiency. Advanced aerodynamics, active suspension, and a sophisticated onboard computer system made it a marvel of engineering and performance.

Each generation of the Ford GT represents a milestone in automotive history, showcasing technological advancements, racing prowess, and design evolution while paying homage to the legacy of the original GT40.