Ultimate RASPBERRY Pi Gaming handheld! – Metal Jesus Special Edition

The Freeplay CM3 Metal Jesus Rocks Edition offers all the best features currently available in the Freeplay world. http://www.RetroModding.com

– Freeplay CM3
– 3.2″ TFT LCD
– 2000 mAh battery
– Freeplay L2/R2 Addon Board
– L2 & R2 buttons for PSX and N64 games support.
– Fan for better temperature control.
– Freeplay LCD Brightness Controller
– Brightness control via interface menu.
– Durable Glass Lens
– Support most games from the early days up to N64/PSX

This console is intended for gamers with an intermediate to advanced computer knowledge. Users will need to connect to the device through FTP or SSH to configure, remap buttons, upload games, etc.