Top 10 Judas Priest Songs

Top 10 Judas Priest Songs

In celebration of the excellent new album Invincible Shield by Judas Priest, let’s Rank the Top 10 Judas Priest Songs!

1. “Painkiller” – This speed metal anthem is often considered one of Judas Priest’s greatest achievements. With its blistering guitar solos, powerful vocals by Rob Halford, and relentless drumming, “Painkiller” showcases the band at the height of their musical prowess.

2. “Breaking the Law” – A classic heavy metal anthem, “Breaking the Law” is instantly recognizable with its catchy riff and rebellious lyrics. It’s become a staple of Judas Priest’s live performances and remains one of their most popular songs.

3. “Electric Eye” – Known for its driving rhythm and futuristic lyrics, “Electric Eye” is a standout track from the album “Screaming for Vengeance.” The song’s catchy chorus and memorable guitar work make it a fan favorite.

4. “Victim of Changes” – This epic track from the album “Sad Wings of Destiny” showcases the band’s versatility and musical complexity. From its haunting intro to its powerful crescendo, “Victim of Changes” is a masterpiece of progressive metal.

5. “You’ve Got Another Thing Comin’” – With its anthemic chorus and infectious energy, “You’ve Got Another Thing Comin'” became one of Judas Priest’s biggest hits. The song’s driving rhythm and memorable guitar solo have made it a classic of the heavy metal genre.

6. “The Hellion / Electric Eye” – Opening with the ominous instrumental “The Hellion” before launching into the electrifying “Electric Eye,” this track sets the tone for the album “Screaming for Vengeance.” It’s a perfect example of Judas Priest’s ability to create powerful and memorable music.

7. “Living After Midnight” – A staple of radio airplay and arena sing-alongs, “Living After Midnight” is a quintessential Judas Priest anthem. Its infectious melody and catchy chorus make it impossible not to sing along to. My band would play this as our encore song during live gigs. It always brought the house down.

8. “Turbo Lover” – From the album “Turbo,” this song showcases Judas Priest’s foray into a more glam metal sound. With its synthesizers and catchy hooks, “Turbo Lover” is a departure from their classic style but remains a fan favorite.

9. “Hell Bent for Leather” – This fast-paced anthem is a perfect showcase for Judas Priest’s trademark sound. With its driving rhythm and memorable chorus, “Hell Bent for Leather” is a classic example of heavy metal at its finest.

10. “Beyond the Realms of Death” – Often hailed as one of Judas Priest’s most emotionally powerful songs, “Beyond the Realms of Death” explores themes of isolation and despair. With its haunting melody and poignant lyrics, it’s a standout track from the album “Stained Class.”