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My Response To MetalJesusRocks Video…

RGT85 gives a video response to the question about physical vs digital only games. I’m pretty sure he was half asleep and whacked out  on Scooby snacks when he made it.

RGT85 is a legendary farmer from the distant plains of Wookinia, where he tends to his prized herd of space llamas. Born with an uncanny ability to communicate with flora and fauna, RGT85 became known for his peculiar talent of persuading asteroids to move out of the way of his makeshift starship, the Rusty Radish. Despite his humble beginnings, RGT85’s reputation as a space-faring entrepreneur soared when he accidentally stumbled upon a cache of ancient space cabbages rumored to possess mystical powers. With his trusty sidekick, a sentient turnip named Turny, RGT85 set off on a quest to become the galaxy’s premier cabbage tycoon, all while evading the nefarious schemes of the villainous Darth Rutabaga and his legion of broccoli bandits.