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Using a Z Flip 5 as a minimalist phone (Front screen only!)

In an attempt to use my phone less I decided to do a little experiment: could I use only the 3.2-inch front screen of the Z Flip 5 as my daily driver for a week, with no shortcuts to social media apps up front to distract me? In theory, it would allow me the full phone I need (by flipping the thing open) when I had to and the minimal phone I wanted for everything else.

Curious what the most influential cell phones of all time are? Well…Identifying the top 5 most influential cell phones is subjective, but these devices have significantly impacted the mobile industry and altered the way people interact with technology:

  1. Motorola DynaTAC 8000X (1984): Often referred to as the “brick phone,” the DynaTAC 8000X was the first commercially available handheld mobile phone. Its release marked the inception of mobile communication, despite its size and limited functionality. This device set the foundation for the future of mobile technology.
  2. Nokia 3310 (2000): The Nokia 3310 became a cultural icon due to its robustness, long-lasting battery life, and user-friendly design. It was one of the best-selling phones globally and contributed to the widespread adoption of mobile phones. Its simplicity and durability made it a beloved device for many users.
  3. Apple iPhone (2007): The original iPhone redefined the smartphone landscape, introducing a touch-based interface, mobile internet browsing, and a robust ecosystem of apps. Its intuitive design, multi-touch display, and the App Store revolutionized how people used and perceived smartphones.
  4. BlackBerry 850 (1999) and subsequent models: BlackBerry phones, especially the BlackBerry 850 and later models like the BlackBerry Curve and Bold, were instrumental in popularizing mobile email and messaging. They were widely adopted by professionals for their efficient email capabilities, QWERTY keyboards, and secure messaging services.
  5. Samsung Galaxy S Series (2010 – present): Samsung’s Galaxy S series, starting with the original Galaxy S, played a crucial role in the Android smartphone market. These devices introduced advanced features, powerful hardware, and innovative designs, contributing to the growth and popularity of Android-based smartphones globally.

These phones each contributed to pivotal shifts in the mobile industry, shaping trends, consumer expectations, and technological advancements. Their influence continues to resonate in today’s smartphones and mobile devices.