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8 Weirdest FMV Games That Have Only Gotten Weirder With Time

Full motion video or “FMV” games were interactive movies in which the action took place in video clips, the gameplay was minimal, and the story was nonsense. Join us for our eight favourite unforgettable slices of FMV weirdness, and subscribe for more videos like this every week! http://www.tinyurl.com/SubToOxbox

Night Trap, for example, is possibly the most famous FMV game of all time. This is impressive, on account of how it’s a barely interactive B-movie about trash bag-wearing vampires menacing people in a winery.

That’s still less odd than Wirehead, an interactive movie that told the story of Ned Hubbard: a man who, for reasons never adequately explained, has a implant in his brain that means he can be controlled remotely by whoever has his controller.

In the game, that’s you – meaning you have to make quick decisions to help Ned escape evil pursuers. When we played, that meant he ended up being mauled by a bear, but that’s ok, we think that was supposed to happen. We told you these games were weird.