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XBOX 360 BUYING GUIDE & Great Games w/ Barnacules

A brand new 2016 BUYING GUIDE for the Microsoft Xbox 360 game console with accessories and best games to get day 1! Metal Jesus & Jerry Barnacules talk about the 3 different Xbox 360 models, the controllers and much more!

BUY XBOX 360 Games here: http://goo.gl/eMKhcp (Affiliate Link)

Games mentioned:
Gears of Wars 1,2
Halo 3, 4
Forza 2,3 & Horizon
Deathsmiles, Akai Katana, Raiden IV, Otomedius Excellent
Fable II
Lost Odyssey
Alan Wake

Xbox 360 Hidden Gems Part 1:

Hidden Gems Part 2:

Hidden Gems Part 3:

Cool Fact: Anybody remember that Microsoft had THREE major versions of the Xbox 360 Dashboard? Originally it was the BLADES style (which I loved)…then they switched to the NXE look that introduced Avatars and stacked moving boxes…and then finally Metro which is the flat look they use today.