Top 10 PS3 Games – All Time

Kinsey & Metal Jesus bring you Top 10 PS3 Games – All Time!

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Video Transcription:

Metal Jesus: Metal Jesus here, and I am back with Kinsey.
Kinsey: Hello!
Metal Jesus: And today, we’re going to do our top 10 PlayStation 3 games of all time.
Kinsey: Yeah!
Metal Jesus: All right, so coming in at number 10 is a game called Valkyria Chronicles. Have you played this?
Kinsey: Not much of it, just a little bit, but . . .

Metal Jesus: It’s an amazing game. Basically, it is a third person strategy game. It happens in mostly real-time, although you have action points. And you have certain amount of movements and attacks that you can do. Amazing graphics, has a killer story. And it’s dark. People die in this game. And I was like, whoa! So this is actually a really fun game. I haven’t finished it, but I’ve played it enough to where I’m like “This is a total quality title.” So this is coming in at number 10 for me.

Kinsey: That sounds rad to me. You’ve already sold me.

Metal Jesus: Yeah, and I believe it only came out on the PlayStation 3, which is pretty cool.
For number 9, now, I have a little sticky note here. You’re making fun of me. That’s because Wipeout HD in theory did not come out in physical release, sadly. I actually looked for this game to get a physical release because I loved it so much.

Kinsey: It was so good that I’m surprised it didn’t release it like . . . because there’s the best of PSN and all that stuff. I’m surprised it wasn’t on something like that.

Metal Jesus: That’s actually a really good point. I’m really surprised that they didn’t, because so many other games, you’re right, came out. And we have a couple of them in this list here. So Wipeout, I’m a huge fan. That goes all the way back to the PlayStation 1, so good. But the HD version on the PlayStation 3 I thought was just amazing. The frame rate is super fast. The graphics are amazing. When I first saw it, I was like “Holy crap!” because I was used to the PSP version at that time. And a lot of these tracks are based on the PSP versions.

Kinsey: Which is also very good.

Metal Jesus: Yeah, which I really love. But just seeing it on my HD television with these amazing graphics and the frame rate, I was just sold, so definitely love this. It’s funny because I almost picked MotorStorm Pacific Rim, which is another really fun racing game.
Kinsey: Also very good.

Metal Jesus: Yeah, and a beautiful game, but I really like Wipeout better.
Kinsey: All right, next up, we have Dragon’s Crown, amazing game. It’s very arcadey beat’em up. It’s fantastic. And it reminds me a lot of the old Shadows of Mystara, which is a Dungeons and Dragons arcade game, which recently came out on XBox Live, so . . .

Metal Jesus: Oh, very cool.
Kinsey: It’s amazing. Check it out.

Metal Jesus: Yeah, I played this for a while. And I loved it. I actually loved it.
Kinsey: The [inaudible 02:48], absolutley beautiful. It’s Vanillaware, so same people who did Odin Sphere and GrimGrimoire and those kind of games, which are also all amazing. And this game got a lot of flack, but . . .

Metal Jesus: Yeah, it was one of the characters which was deformed or . . .
Kinsey: Yeah.

Metal Jesus: Is that a nice way of putting that?

Kinsey: Yeah, I think so. But I mean all that aside, this game is so well done. It’s so beautiful. And it has tons of levels. This is a endless game, almost. It’s so fun. You can keep replaying it [inaudible 00:03:17].

Metal Jesus: And it’s known for co-op.

Kinsey: Yeah.

Metal Jesus: Yeah.

Kinsey: I play the whole thing co-op.

Metal Jesus: Oh really?

Kinsey: Yeah.

Metal Jesus: Oh, cool.

Kinsey: It was a blast.

Metal Jesus: Next up, I loved when it first came out. I still that it’s amazing. That is Metal Gear Solid 4. And this is the . . . Well, for one this is my favorite Metal Gear Solid game.

Kinsey: And it’s a launch game for the PS3, right? I think so.

Metal Jesus: Yeah, definitely it was one of the early ones, because I played it many years ago. But it really stuck with me. So the thing about this game is that I think it does all of the game play elements of stealth really well.

Kinsey: Yeah.

Metal Jesus: It just felt really great. Plus, you’re out in the forest, but you’re also in the city. There’s a bunch of variety in the level design. And the characters and the story, it’s batshit crazy.

Kinsey: Yeah.

Metal Jesus: Because, do you remember this game? There’s like a albino monkey. There is, oh my God, there’s the laughing octopus boss in there. I think it’s a vampire. You shoot him in the forehead, and he catches his cell phone, but then he gets back up. It’s just craziness.

Kinsey: The thing I love about Metal Gear Solid is it always has that little bit of tongue and cheek.

Metal Jesus: Yeah, yeah.

Kinsey: It’s so lovable.

Metal Jesus: The one thing about this game, though, and I know everyone complains about it, is that there are a ton of movies in this. As a matter of fact, there is a YouTube video out there, where they’ve cut together all the movies. And it’s like nine hours long.

Kinsey: Oh my gosh!

Metal Jesus: Yeah. So you have to be in that mind frame to basically sit down and really watch a video game, a movie essentially. But I loved it. I was in that mode. It’s funny because the movies last for so long that your controller will constantly turn off.

Kinsey: That’s hilarious.

Metal Jesus: Yeah, but it’s still awesome.

Kinsey: Next up is South Park, the Stick of Truth. And I understand that this is not an exclusive, but it’s so good.

Metal Jesus: Yeah, it’s awesome. And I actually played and beat it on the PlayStation 3. So we’re counting it, right?

Kinsey: It’s going to happen.

Metal Jesus: Yeah. This game made me laugh the whole time.

Kinsey: I had a smile on my face the entire time I played this game. It’s so funny. It’s so witty. It’s hilarious. It makes fun of Skyrim throughout the entire game. And I love the Skyrim.

Metal Jesus: It know, the sound effects in it. Plus, it feels like a South Park episode, from beginning to end. It’s amazing. And even when you just think, oh, maybe it’s going to get a little zany, then you go to Canada. And it completely changes up. Spoiler! If you haven’t played it, we’re not going to tell you much more about it than that.

And then the ending, out of control.

Kinsey: It’s fantastic.

Metal Jesus: Yeah, yeah.

Kinsey: Even if you’re not a South Park fan, even if you just like a little bit of bathroom humor, worth it. It’s so fun.

Metal Jesus: And actually, what I really liked about it too was the combat was that classic turn-based combat. So it’s very familiar, actually, right?

Kinsey: As well like Super Mario RPG where you have active time events [inaudible 00:06:05] time.

Metal Jesus: Yeah, where you have to block and all that stuff. It definitely kept you on your toes. I love this game.

Kinsey: Yeah, me too.

Metal Jesus: All right, so next up is a game that I played twice now. And each time, I think it’s freaking amazing, and that is Journey.

Kinsey: Oh, Journey.

Metal Jesus: I love it so much that I had to get the physical release. I originally downloaded it, like a lot of people. But this is an amazing experience. And I say experience, because it’s a game, but it’s really is something you just sit down, you just absorb yourself into it. So amazing.

Kinsey: Yeah, you’re like going on your life’s journey. There’s a big desert. There’s ruins. And you meet strangers along the way. And it’s just so beautiful. And it really is. It’s an experience. It’s not a game.

Metal Jesus: As of matter of fact, you hit on it there that, really, this game is your life. There’s an audio commentary on here where the developers talking about in the very beginning, you’re born. And you go through this time of discovery. And then there you go through this dark period and this really heavy struggle. Then you have the end. It’s just amazing. A special note has to said for the music in this game.

Kinsey: So beautiful.

Metal Jesus: At the end of this I was like single man tear, man. It was awesome.

Kinsey: And it’s made by the same people who made Flow and Flower. Those games are also beautiful. This had to be amazing. Come on.

Metal Jesus: The other thing I want to say about this game too is the way it handled multiplayer was really cool because essentially what it was is that you can’t speak in this game. But the game pairs you with random people through PlayStation network. And so you’ll be going through a level, and there’ll be somebody else there. And you talk to each other with chirps. And it’s really fun, because it’s amazing how disappointed I was when somebody went off without me, like “Where the heck . . . ? We’re playing the game for quite a while, and they go that way. I thought we were having a good time here.”

And at the very end of the game, it tells you who you actually paired up with. You get to see finally at the end the names of the people. It was really a special game.

Kinsey: Yeah.

All right, next up we have Heavy Rain. I absolutely adored this game. And it’s very similar to Indigo Prophecy and all these other adventure games. And now with the Telltale games . . .

Metal Jesus: Oh, good point.

Kinsey: It’s very similar. And this game, oh my gosh, is a murder mystery, amazing.

Metal Jesus: It is. And it’s one of the games too when I first got my PlayStation 3, I bought this. And I was like, Wow! This is what the PlayStation 3 can do. It’s so crisp and beautiful and detailed. In the very beginning, you start off, and you’re this guy. And you’re doing mundane things. You’re brushing your teeth. You’re taking a shower. You’re playing with your kids and all that sort of stuff. But it’s all to get you in the mindset of the events that happen in this game, which are really hardcore. This game gets deep and dark, man.

Kinsey: This game is intense. And it’s very classic murder mystery. You don’t know who did it throughout most of the game, really intense.

Metal Jesus: Yeah, so you play four different characters, including the main character. And one of the really interesting things about it is that, as you’re controlling this guy who has lost his son, he has lapses of memory, which is really an interesting thing when you’re playing this game because you don’t know if your own character is guilty or not for the longest time. And it’s such a great setup. And then you also play as . . . I think she’s a reporter. I forget what . . . yeah.

Kinsey: Yeah, she’s a reporter and then you play as a detective.

Metal Jesus: The detective, yes. It’s such a fantastic game. It should be played by everyone who is into the PlayStation 3 and also adventure games.

Kinsey: Yep, exactly, this game is fantastic. It’s a psychological thriller, wonderful.

Metal Jesus: And also, the endings change depending on what you did.

Kinsey: Yep, you can kill off characters in this game. Watch out.

Metal Jesus: Yeah.

I think most people are going to be expecting this game to be on this list. It is not our number 1, though, so a little bit of a surprise here. Still a fantastic game, that’s The Last of Us.

Kinsey: It’s so wonderful. The narrative alone between Joel and Ellie is one of my favorite things.

Metal Jesus: Yes. Actually, I think this game breaks a lot of new ground. The acting, the storytelling, the emotion in this game is leagues above most games.

Kinsey: The ending of this game actually made me yell at the TV and cry.

Metal Jesus: Yeah, yeah, I know. It’s funny because a lot of people debated the ending for a long time. Right?

Kinsey: Yeah.

Metal Jesus: Actually you and I have debated about this. We can’t really get into it because of spoilers, of course. But another thing about this game, there’s a couple of things that strike me that I love about it. One is that it’s post-apocalyptic, but it’s not desolate. It’s not a nuclear wasteland. Instead, it’s very green, very lush, very beautiful.

Kinsey: It’s a beautiful world.

Metal Jesus: Yeah, which, again, it was different than a lot of other games like Fallout, where it’s very refreshing. It was like, oooh, it was beautiful to explore.

The other thing that was really shocking about this game is just how many different areas they created for this. You’re in the city. You’re in the forest. You are all over the place. This is ten games worth of level design. It’s incredible.

Kinsey: One thing I loved about The Last of Us is that in the actual game play combat modes, you could play so differently that you could shoot or you could throw bricks. You could use molotov. There’s so many different things you could do. You could use stealth. And I found myself not using guns that often. I was a brick and molotov kind of girl.

Metal Jesus: And many times, the game will allow you just to skip them, basically, to avoid confrontation. That’s the other thing too. Combat is hard in this game. You got to be really smart when you’re taking on these clickers and stuff like that. It’s awesome.

Kinsey: Yeah, because once you get swarmed, you’re probably going to die.

Metal Jesus: Yeah, yeah, I love this game. Actually, we should probably note that this came out on an upgraded version for the PlayStation 4. I haven’t played it yet. I definitely want to.

Kinsey: It’s beautiful.

Metal Jesus: I bet.

All right, next up is another game that most people will expect to be on this list, Uncharted 2. This was my pick. So this is our number 2 game. And I got to tell you, when I first played this game, I was blown away by it again. I just love so much about it. I love how is it narrated in the very beginning, you’re just like “Dude, what is going on here?” [inaudible 00:12:23] flashbacks. There’s that one level when you are in, I believe, it’s a Tibetan city, and you’re looking out over this city vista. And I was just like again . . .

Kinsey: Beautiful.

Metal Jesus: Yeah, it was one of those moments where “This is an amazing game.” And then later on, you’re in that building, and the building’s collapsing. And you’re fighting. It’s craziness.

Kinsey: Yeah, this game’s intense. And it has some of the best platforming as well. There’s one part where you’re in a mountain and you’re climbing on gears and solving puzzles. And there’s no enemies in this whole area. But you have a beautiful view. The platform is super interesting and . . .

Metal Jesus: Yeah, that reminded me of Tomb Raider, though, that part right there, which I love too.

Kinsey: That was my favorite part of the whole game. I could rave about that part.

Metal Jesus: Also the characters in this are just amazing. I love the two female characters. They’re both feisty. And they really have their own. They can hang with Nathan Drake. They’re awesome.

So I’m actually looking forward to the next version on the PlayStation 4. It’ll be awesome to check out.

Kinsey: I am as well.

All right, next up, we have my number 1. It is Ni No Kuni. If you have not played this game, it’s amazing. It’s Miyazaki, so it’s same people [inaudible 00:13:34] Thrones, Spirited Away. The artwork is adorable. And it’s this wonderfully massive RPG, where there’s just this little boy from Motorville. And you happen to be the pure-hearted one like most Japanese things start, where you’re like, oh, I was nothing, but now, I’m awesome.

Metal Jesus: He’s trying to save his mom, right? Which is, again, very heartfelt.

Kinsey: Yeah, this is a adorable game. And the gameplay’s awesome because it goes off the familiar system, like Pokemon, Devil Summoner kind of thing, where you collect little monsters and then you can have them fight for you. And it’s amazing. And all the character design is really interesting. The levels are really cool. The story is the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life.

Metal Jesus: Very cool. All right, guys, well, that is our top 10 PlayStation 3 games. Now, we had other games that we could have added on here, like God of War III. There’s a bunch of them. So at the end here, we’d love to know what would make your list. Because this is our list, obviously. So many games to choose from. I love collecting and playing games on the PlayStation 3. I think it’s awesome.

Kinsey: It’s awesome. There so many exclusives too.

Metal Jesus: I know.

Kinsey: Wonderful.

Metal Jesus: I didn’t realize that when I first got the PS3. I was like, “I got an XBox 360. I’m good.” No, no.

Kinsey: No, not even close.

Metal Jesus: Not even close. All right, well, thanks very much for coming on.

Kinsey: Of course.

Metal Jesus: I want to thank you guys for watching my channel. Thank you very much for subscribing. Take care.

Something else I really love about the PS3 is the PlayStation Store and the fact that you can download and buy PlayStation 1 and PlayStation 2 games, including imports. So, so awesome. I love they did that.