The Cantroller™ from Miller Lite

This is HILARIOUS! I want this so bad LOL

Miller Lite is thrilled to introduce the ultimate beer accessory: The Cantroller™ — the first controller you can drink. This fully-functioning video game controller, that’s also a 12oz. can of Miller Lite, comes complete with wireless. Bluetooth, haptic feedback, a 3-hour lithium-ion battery, and, most importantly, great tasting beer you can actually drink.

I bought the cheapest 2013 ‘trash can’ Mac Pro on eBay!

In today’s video we’ll unbox and examine the cheapest Mac Pro ‘trash can’ I could find on eBay.This generation Mac Pro remains very very expensive due to the lack of updates- remember its still the current model. Even though you can get ones that are 5 years old they’re still ‘the newest’ so they retain very high pricetags. Let’s see if its worth it