Ghost – Hunter’s Moon cover (331Erock w/ Steve Welsh)


331Erock– I’m guessing you knew it was coming 🙂 First of all I want to thank my great friend Steve for laying down the wicked vocals and doing an amazing job with the video (and putting up with my Crow lines because I think he looks like my boy Top Dollar). It’s the first time ever I let someone else edit the video and I couldn’t be happier. He’s just awesome. And a perfectionist like me so working with someone as detail oriented as me was great. On top of that, one of those people too that you can talk with for hours. Second, I love the song. Threw in a solo or two to spice it up and boom! If papa ever needed some backup…give us the bat signal. All of Steve’s info is below too. As a bonus, he does some INCREDIBLE vocal mashups. GO!

Authentic or fake? Identifying Big Box Computer Game Shrink-wrap

“Big Box” computer game collecting has been around for decades, but has only recently joined video games as trading for increasingly crazy prices. Unopened games fetch the most money, but since shrink-wrap can be re-applied to an opened game, how do you know if your expensive software collectible is truly unopened and factory-mint? In this video, I share my knowledge of the properties of shrink-wrap as it pertains to “Big Box” computer games, and give you the tools to spot both original factory seals, as well as re-wrapped items. The Oldskool PC