Pure Obscure – Star Wars Games Odd & Forgotten

There are approximately 1.6 billion Star Wars games out there…and here are some of the weird, odd and forgotten games released that (you’re glad) you never heard of.

Games Shown:
Star Wars: Super Bombad Racing (2001) PlayStation 2

Star Wars Chess (1994) (Chess engine) DOS, Sega CD, Windows –

Star Wars: Masters of Teräs Käsi (1997) (Fighting) PlayStation –

Star Wars: Yoda Stories (1997) (Adventure) Windows, Game Boy

Star Wars: Force Commander (2000) (Real-time strategy) Windows – se

Star Wars: Lethal Alliance (2006) (Third person shooter) DS, PSP

Star Wars: Demolition (2000) (Vehicular Combat) PlayStation, Dreamcast

Star Wars: Jedi Math (2008) (Educational) Leapster

Star Wars: Tiny Death Star (2013)