SURVIVAL HORROR Games - Hidden Gems

SURVIVAL HORROR Games – Hidden Gems

We love being SCARED and playing a good survival horror game is a fun way to spend a dark and lonely evening pooping our pants in FEAR! In this video Reggie shows us some of his favorite Survival Horror hidden gems covering the PS2, PS1, XBOX, PS3, Wii and much more!


Games Shown:
Rule of Rose
Haunting Ground
Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth
X-Files: Resist or Serve
Cold Fear
Cursed Mountain
ObsCure / ObsCure The Aftermath

I had a lot of fun making that freaky thumbnail!

Video Transcription:

Metal Jesus: Metal Jesus here, and I am back again with Reggie. How’s it going, dude?

Reggie: Glad to be back, bro. And today we’re going to do a survival horror hidden gems video like a lot of the unknown survival horror gems that I think that are out there so let’s take a look.

Metal Jesus: I consider myself a fan of survival horror games.

Reggie: Right.

Metal Jesus: But I really only played the more popular ones like Resident Evil, Silent Hill and stuff like that. But you have a bunch of really cool games here.

Reggie: Yeah, some of the ones that I think that a lot of people might not know about.

Metal Jesus: Yeah.

Reggie: So I want to start off with Hydrophobia. Now this is a digital only release, so that’s why I printed out this paper just to show you guys. It’s weird because without this, I probably would have forgotten to mention it. But “Hydrophobia” is basically about a girl named Kate Wilson and she’s an engineer. Now she works on a ship. Now this is in a futuristic world. It looks like it. Maybe not, I don’t know.

Metal Jesus: Yeah, slightly futuristic.

Reggie: Yeah, she goes to work on a party day, on a day when the town is celebrating or whatever. She decides to go to work and that’s when everything turns hectic. Elevator ride, she has to get out manually. She has to climb out of it. There’s terrorists attacking the ship. Not only that, it’s that they’re flooding the ship as well. So you’re trying to stay above water and not drown while you’re trying to survive gun shots, trap doors, fires, and all kinds of hazards. It’s pretty much a lot of survival, and it’s with water, which is different. You don’t have a lot of water horror games. Maybe that I don’t know about but…

Metal Jesus: Well Bioshock is the obvious answer to that. But I remember when this game first launched on Xbox Live Arcade and it was one of those really big, “this is what digital games can be” because it was a triple A quality title.

Reggie: Yeah, it was top of the line. Matter of fact, Microsoft actually wanted the exclusive rights to it, which they got for a year, but by doing that…what happened was eventually the rights were up and then PlayStation got it, but then they got the exclusive version.

Metal Jesus: Well wasn’t the original version, I remember a lot of people talked about how amazing the water effects were, but there were some complaints about the game when it first came out, right?

Reggie: Yeah. They had a lot of complaints, well not a lot of complaints. Excuse me. They had a couple of complaints, and developers said, “Well we can fix this stuff.” And they did in the Xbox version, but then they decided to do another version, which was on the PS3, called Hydrophobia Prophecy and that’s a defined version of it. That one just feels more solid, but I think people should get both games because they’re pretty cheap so you can see the differences in them.

Metal Jesus: I’d like to go back and check it out because I downloaded, I think, the demo when it first came out. And I thought, “Oh yeah, this is pretty cool.” But for whatever reason I just didn’t play it. But now, a three dollar game, you know?

Reggie: Yeah, you can’t beat that!

Metal Jesus: You can’t beat that.

Reggie: It’s like an A title definitely. So next game to get into here, now, this is going to be a tough sell.

Metal Jesus: Yeah, when you showed me this I was like, “Huh.”

Reggie: This is called Amy. Now this game got pretty much panned by the critics. Now, there was a lot of trouble with the game, a lot of problems like glitches and stuff like that, but I liked the game for what it was trying to be. It was about a woman who was trying to protect her child in a messed up environment. Basically, an explosion happens and there’s radiation that’s around there. But the thing about it, everybody is infected with the radiation and the longer you’re in it, of course, you’ll die. But by being next to the little girl, as long as she’s with you she heals you. So that’s how you survive. It’s essential that you stay with the girl as much as possible or you will pretty much turn into a zombie and die.

Metal Jesus: So not everyone is crazy about escort mission games. Is that the main complaint for this?

Reggie: It’s an escort mission, I would say, but I think it’s compelling because the woman is trying to protect the girl. She’s motherly and everything and I thought that was cool. She’s not a superhero. She’s a regular woman just trying to protect her child, and I think that’s a good survival horror story.

Metal Jesus: Yeah, that’s cool and there’s not a lot of games like that that I’ve ever heard of.

Reggie: No, not a lot. And it’s cheap too. I think a lot of people will be able to overlook the problems it has. But solid game.

Metal Jesus: All right, controversy.

Reggie: Yeah, see what people say about that. Next game is another one, Rule of Rose.

Metal Jesus: Dude, this game right here, I remember standing in a GameStop like a year ago seeing that going, “Is this game collectible?” I remember thinking I should pick this game up at the time, but I didn’t because I didn’t know anything about it. It’s collectible now, isn’t it?

Reggie: It’s very collectible. And this game wasn’t even going to get released. I was sweating because I thought it wasn’t going to get released here because I was watching it before it got released here. It got the green light, but I just knew it was going to be limited quantity. I got mine when it first came out. It even has the bonus CD soundtrack in it.

Metal Jesus: Oh, it’s Atlas.

Reggie: Yeah, it’s Atlas. They hooked it up, so I still have all the original stuff. So basically this game is pretty much about a girl. She goes to an orphanage, and I can’t really spoil too much of the story because I don’t want to do that because it’s hard not to. But basically it’s about kids that are in an orphanage and a lot of weird, creepy things are happening. I’ll just say that. Very interesting story. I think if you finish the game, the ending is really satisfying. Gameplay wise it’s not the best, like fighting monsters. But just try to stay out of their way, and you’ll be good to go.

Metal Jesus: That’s cool. I’m always looking for those collectible obscure PS2 games because I love collecting for the PS2. I’m kicking myself for not buying it that day.

Reggie: I know right? This got me careful because it’s going for money now. People pay a lot of cash for it.

Metal Jesus: I know. It’s crazy.

Reggie: The next game is one of my favorites. It’s called Hunting Ground. What’s cool about Hunting Ground is that this is one of the only games I’ve seen that pretty much the whole game streams. It loads in the beginning and the game is spinning on the CD the whole time. So it doesn’t really load. It doesn’t load at all, actually. So that’s really cool because you can open doors with no load time, nothing making the game load. So basically it’s about a girl who gets in a car accident. She’s knocked out. She wakes up, and she’s in a dungeon. She has no idea how she got there. She sees some freaky guy chopping up meat, and she escapes. And pretty much when she escapes out of there, she’s in a castle environment. She meets a maid. She gets new clothes. She walks around. But once she walks around and starts looking around the castle, she sees the freaky guy that was cutting up meat likes her a lot and starts chasing her. So you’re trying to escape and find out what happened to you. You meet a companion. You meet a dog that helps you out. The dog is pretty much how you’re going to attack people in the game because she can’t fight. All she can do is kick and maybe throw stuff. There’s traps, there’s a lot of people after you. You just have to be careful. A really solid game.

Metal Jesus: That’s cool. I wondered why there was a dog on the cover, so that makes sense.

Reggie: I know, right? The game is funny because you have to treat the dog right feed him, pet him, praise him. If you don’t do that, the dog won’t like you. If you’re attacking enemies and stuff like that, he’ll run off and leave you. He’ll dip out. It’s crazy.

Metal Jesus: Interesting. That’s cool

Reggie: Next one is one of my favorites, too, Galerians.

Metal Jesus: On PlayStation 1.

Reggie: PlayStation 1. Galerians is really weird because…well, what sold me on this game was I read the back of it and it said up to 30 hours of gameplay for a survival horror game, which is unheard of. So I said, “Wow. Okay. Let me try this game out.” Of course, they lied. That’s the first time I realized they lie in advertisements for games.

Metal Jesus: Thirty hours of video maybe?

Reggie: Not even that. They just flat out lied. Anyways, it’s about a boy Rion. He wakes up in a hospital. He doesn’t know how he got there. No memory, but he realizes he has psychic powers. So basically he can scan doors and see what’s behind them. He can figure out puzzles by scanning the puzzles and seeing what he needs to do in the puzzles and stuff like that. At the same time, he’s infected with a drug and he needs this drug to survive. So he has all of these special powers like psychokinesis and physical stuff like that, fire, levitation, stuff like that. But if he uses too many drugs his meter goes off. I forget what the meter’s called. It’s like an AP meter or something like that. If it goes all the way up he has a brain aneurysm type thing so he walks around slowly. And anybody that gets close to him, their brains explode pretty much. That’s how you kill some of the enemies in the game.

Metal Jesus: Wow, this sounds interesting.

Reggie: It’s pretty cool.

Metal Jesus: Three disks too.

Reggie: It’s three disks. I think it’s because of the cinematics and stuff like that.

Metal Jesus: Yeah. It says 70 minutes of cinematics. So a lot going on there.

Reggie: Possibly. But like I said, it’s a really good game, and I think a lot of people should play it. Especially if you’re into survival horror. Just be aware that it has tank controls.

Metal Jesus: Oh okay. As a lot of PlayStation 1 games did.

Reggie: I like the tank controls for some reason.

Metal Jesus: Do you?

Reggie: I do. I just feel like it gives you not total control, which is kind of scary. So it helps out.

Metal Jesus: That’s true.

Reggie: If you have total control over your character then you’re not worried about “Oh, I’ll get away easy.” Okay, next game is…

Metal Jesus: I played this one.

Reggie: …is Call of Cthulhu.

Metal Jesus: The original Xbox.

Reggie: Yeah!

Metal Jesus: And it’s exclusive to the original Xbox.

Reggie: It’s exclusive to the original Xbox.

Metal Jesus: I think it might be on PC maybe but, as far as consoles, definitely.

Reggie: This game took me by surprise. I had no idea this existed. This game is freaking awesome. It’s eerie as Hell. First person view mode. You have no idea what’s going on. You’re investigating an insane asylum in the beginning from what I remember. And you end up discovering that under the asylum there’s some kind of alien spaceship under there and they’re doing some kind of experiments or something like that. I can’t remember too much, but I remember there’s a part where you go into the future. And you go into the town. And you know the town I’m talking about?

Metal Jesus: Yeah. That’s town’s cool, too.

Reggie: The town is cool but the people are freaky. They’re insane. They say weird stuff to you, and they’ll tell you they don’t like you and you need to get out of here. And if you talk to them too much, they’ll attack you.

Metal Jesus: You know what I noticed? This is a Bethesda game. They published it or maybe Bethesda made it. It’s interesting. Bethesda are known for making awesome games.

Reggie: They really are man. This is one of the first ones that I had seen that they did. Very solid game. You guys should take a look at it.

Metal Jesus: So this next one here I was like, “Ooh, X-Files!” They’re coming out with a new series.

Reggie: Yeah, they’re coming out with a new series so this is the perfect time to pick this gem up. It’s awesome because this game pretty much gives you an extra season seven story line at the end of the seventh season.

Metal Jesus: Oh, really?

Reggie: It just continues it, which is pretty cool in its own story. So, of course, it has your nemesis like the cigarette smoking man, Alex Krycek. All those guys we love to hate. My personal favorite it the cigarette smoking man. He’s always so chill, and he’s not worried about anything

Metal Jesus: He’s in the trailer, too. Have you seen the trailer for the new series?

Reggie: I’ve seen it but I didn’t see him in it.

Metal Jesus: At the very end they show a guy smoking a cigarette and it’s implied. So I’m surprised because games based on TV shows and movies typically can be terrible, right?

Reggie: Yeah. They don’t do well. They don’t put the time or they’re rushed. But this is done by…I saw Ciara on here somewhere. I thought Sierra did this.

Metal Jesus: Well, Sierra was part of Vendi Universal for a while I believe.

Reggie: Oh, okay.

Metal Jesus: I don’t know how that all worked out.

Reggie: Well, maybe it’s because of them that this game turned out well. Who knows? What’s cool about the game is that it’s pretty much like a Resident Evil game. It starts out with an intro, which sucks you in. And then it starts out with the X-File’s intro that used to come on TV so that really sucks you in. It’s really cool.

Metal Jesus: Oh, yeah. That’s cool.

Reggie: It’s three episodes. Each episode has two parts. You can play as Mulder or Scully from their point of view. And it’s just really eerie stuff just like from the show. And nobody knows about this game so I think you guys should pick it up. It’s pretty solid.

Metal Jesus: Okay. Well, that’s cool. Now this is a Namco game. I’ve seen it before but what is it about?

Reggie: Ghosthunter is about a detective and his boss. I forgot the lady’s name. But they’re investigating a school for some reason because there’s some missing people. They basically go and they find out that there’s something underground. It’s haunted pretty much. And this ghost kidnaps his boss, and he sees this computer. The computer tells him where his boss is at and you have to go rescue her. So he puts on this gear and goes in these different dimensions, different timelines and starts hunting down these ghosts.

Metal Jesus: What? That sounds awesome!

Reggie: Yeah. It’s like what Ghostbusters should have been or something like that. But it’s on point. It’s really well done. I was very impressed with it. You get all of these assortment of weapons. Like you get the ghost trap which you throw at the ghost when they’re weak enough and it sucks them in.

Metal Jesus: Dude, that’s just like Ghostbusters. If you’re going to copy, copy the best, right?

Reggie: Yeah, exactly. And that game really did a good job. It’s just the graphics are really good. The story telling is really well done and the way you fight. It’s just really on point.

Metal Jesus: Namco, back on the PlayStation 2, was putting out some really kick-ass games.

Reggie: Yeah, but it’s sad that they’re just unknown because people should know about this game. Ghosthunters is like, “Wow.”

Metal Jesus: That’s a cool cover, too.

Reggie: And you can totally tell this game was pushed into PS2 because it’s on point, man. There’s nothing really I can say about it except pick up this game.

Metal Jesus: Yeah, I think I will.

Reggie: All right, another one of my favorites.

Metal Jesus: I played this on the original Xbox.

Reggie: Yeah, that’s the better system to play it on from what I hear graphic wise.

Metal Jesus: Yeah, but I loved it.

Reggie: Cold Fear. Now, Cold Fear is another game with water effects like Hydrophobia. Okay, that was the other game I was thinking about. So basically there’s a Russian ship out in the middle of the ocean, and they send a squad team to go out and investigate it. The squad team gets torn apart by some kind of monster. And the monster looks pretty terrifying because these guys look like Halo guys.

Metal Jesus: Yeah, they’re all bad-asses.

Reggie: So they call this guy who is just chilling in the middle of the ocean. And he says, “Yeah, I’ll help you out.” His name is Tom Hanson. Pretty much he’s on the ship with a team. He starts out solo because they want you to play by yourself. They don’t want you to have people with you. And the ship was rocking back and forth…

Metal Jesus: That’s the thing I noticed from playing this. The whole thing is back and forth. So you’re just like, “Holy crap!” You’re having to fight off the waves.

Reggie: Yeah, you will slide off the ship. If it gets too wet or it’s rocking, you will slide off the ship. You can hold on, but sometimes you’ll just slide right off and not have a chance.

Metal Jesus: It’s cool.

Reggie: Yeah. It’s really cool like that. Water effects are really well done. You’re going up against pretty much some crazies and then there’s another monster you’re going up against. I won’t really tell you about it. But it does over the shoulder view like in Resident Evil, which is cool.

Metal Jesus: It reminded me of that.

Reggie: And you can do just regular aim where you have your guy just aim in a direction. So you can shoot like that, too, which is really cool.

Metal Jesus: Yeah, I found that I was able to jump into this game pretty easily and really enjoy it without too much struggle which is awesome.

Reggie: Yeah, it’s by one of my favorite companies. They’re out of business now, Dark Works. They did the Alone in the Dark and the New Nightmare. Have you ever played that one?

Metal Jesus: I have not.

Reggie: It’s a good game. They did that one.

Metal Jesus: Interesting.

Reggie: All right, so next one.

Metal Jesus: This is a game I covered on my Wii Hidden Gems.

Reggie: Oh, did you?

Metal Jesus: Yeah, and it’s good.

Reggie: Cursed Mountain is a Wii survival horror game which is cool.

Metal Jesus: It only came out on the Wii I believe.

Reggie: And maybe PC.

Metal Jesus: Oh, okay.

Reggie. But Cursed Mountain is about a guy, he’s looking for his brother, and his brother has been lost in the mountains. So he decides to go up and go look for him. And he’s a good brother for doing that because climbing a mountain in the cold like that is crazy. Climbing a mountain is crazy. Going down a mountain is even crazier. But anyways, basically, you’re in this town and the town is abandoned. You don’t know why it’s abandoned. Everybody’s disappeared and it’s really eerie. Cars starting with engines running and the people are just gone, so you’re investigating. You have to be careful where you go because there’s spirits around. If you upset the spirits, they’ll attack you, and they’ll make your guy go crazy.

Metal Jesus: So tread lightly.

Reggie: Yeah, tread lightly. Basically, that’s perfect. You have an assortment of weapons. You can use your hook ax to attack some enemies. But most of the enemies that are coming at you that I’ve seen so far, because I haven’t gotten that far, are mostly ghosts. So you have to be careful. Cursed Mountain is definitely a really cool, eerie game. It’s on the Wii. So there you go. Survival horror for the Wii.

Metal Jesus: I enjoyed that a lot actually.

Reggie: All right. We’re winding down here. Another favorite series…all these are my favorite games so why do I keep saying that?

Metal Jesus: So this is another one that I’ve seen in stores and I’m like, “Is that any good?” ObsCure, what is that all about? But there’s two of them?

Reggie: Yeah, there’s two of them. ObsCure, I was watching this one before it even came out. It was a budget game. Twenty bucks for a PS2 game when it first came out. Have you ever seen the movie The Faculty?

Metal Jesus: Maybe.

Reggie: The Faculty is a teenage horror movie in high school. But basically they ripped off The Faculty.

Metal Jesus: Oh, you know what? I played this on the PSP.

Reggie: You played the PSP version? So you played the second one? Okay, perfect.

Metal Jesus: Yeah.

Reggie: Nice.

Metal Jesus: But you’re right it’s in school and stuff.

Reggie: Yeah, it’s in school and stuff like that. So basically it’s like Resident Evil but if Resident Evil was two players. That’s how this game plays. It’s pretty awesome. You can jump in and out any time with a second player and have fun. These kids, their friend gets lost at school. He disappears and they’re wondering what happened to him. So they decide to investigate after hours.

Metal Jesus: Of course, because that’s what you do, right?

Reggie: And that’s when the creep factor happens. So they go on their little mishap adventures, and it’s really fun. The second game takes place around two years after the first game or maybe one year. And they’re in college now. So some more mishaps and stuff like that from the first game. But it’s a really good series and you guys should check it out. The second one is pretty cheap, but the first one has gone up in price. I don’t know what it’s going for now. It’s not crazy but still you want to pay cheap for it.

Metal Jesus: Or you can get the PSP version. I didn’t beat it, but it was cool.

Reggie: It was interesting.

Metal Jesus: Yeah, it was interesting.

Reggie: Definitely.

Metal Jesus: It played well.

Reggie: The last game here…yeah.

Metal Jesus: How do you say that?

Reggie: Kuon. I’m guessing how that’s said.

Metal Jesus: That works for me.

Reggie: This is a survival horror game. You’re purifying spirits. It reminds me a lot of Fatal Frame but not in a camera point of view. Basically, you go in this village and there’s a lot of ghosts and stuff like that. Weird monsters and stuff like that. You’re trying to purify the area. I thought it was a good game to add to the video.

Metal Jesus: It’s from FromSoftware.

Reggie: FromSoftware? Who…

Metal Jesus: Dark Souls, Demon Souls.

Reggie: Oh, wow.

Metal Jesus: They also did a bunch of MET games. But anyways, FromSoftware, they know horror.

Reggie: I played this game briefly and when I played it, it did a good job. It was pretty eerie. Of course, you have to play with the lights off to get the full effect and everything.

Metal Jesus: Another one is that it’s collectible, too.

Reggie: Yeah.

Metal Jesus: You don’t see it very often and when you do, it’s like 20 or 30 bucks.

Reggie: That’s my second copy of it. I got that one for 10 bucks and the original copy I had, I got for maybe 25 because it was pretty much new back then. But now I see it go for 80 bucks.

Metal Jesus: Really?

Reggie: Yeah, 80 bucks. So make sure you like the game or you want to play it if you’re going to spend that much money on it.

Metal Jesus: Cool. Well, dude, so many survival horror games here that I didn’t know about. I’ll have to add a couple of these to my collection.

Reggie: Yeah, and a lot of these games I haven’t played in years so sorry if I was sketchy on the information. But I just wanted to introduce these games to you guys in case you don’t know some survival horror games. Maybe you can tell me about some.

Metal Jesus: And all the footage you captured actually, right?

Reggie: Yeah, yeah, I was playing so if I look clumsy, I was stuck.

Metal Jesus: That’s awesome. So we’d love to know what other survival horror games should be in a part two of this if we do one. Because there’s so many, right?

Reggie: There’s a lot.

Metal Jesus: And I’d like to know, too, on handhelds because that’s something that you don’t really hear about that often.

Reggie: Survival horror and handhelds. You’re right.

Metal Jesus: Yeah, it’s hard to scare you on a small screen like that, but I think it’s possible. Like I mentioned Five Nights at Freddy’s, I actually have that on the iPad of all things.

Reggie: I didn’t know it was on the iPad.

Metal Jesus: Yeah, all of them are on the iPad. Just to mention some of the mobile kind of…

Reggie: I’m out of the loop on that one. I was thinking it was a PC only game or something like that.

Metal Jesus: No, they have it on mobile. Anyways, we’d love to know what you guys think down in the comments below because we’re always looking for weird and interesting hidden gem.

Reggie: Definitely.

Metal Jesus: All right, man. Thanks for coming on, dude. Oh, we’re doing the bro-fist. All right, thanks for subscribing to my channel. Thanks for watching and take care.

I always have an awesome time when Reggie comes over as you can tell. He and I have done a bunch of videos including Hidden Gems for the NeoGeo Pocket Color, also the PSP and the PlayStation 1. So you’re definitely going to want to subscribe because I release new videos every single week. Metal Jesus here again and I am back again with Reggie.

Reggie: Glad to be back bro and today…

Metal Jesus: Are we supposed to do the handshake?

Reggie: Oh, yeah! I didn’t even look and see you. Okay.

Metal Jesus: I don’t know. The bro-fist.

Reggie: Yeah, all right. We’ll do the bro-fist. That’ll be something new.

Metal Jesus: Okay.