Game Chasers: This Apple II Find Turned Out To Be Worth The Money!

Game Chasers: This Apple II Computer Turned Out To Be Worth The Money!

Game Chasers Billy takes the Apple II he found for $40 bucks to The 8-Bit Guy, a local vintage computer hobbyist. They will find out if it works, restore it to its former glory, and see whether or not it was worth the money to pick it up.

The Apple II was a pioneering personal computer released by Apple Inc. in 1977, revolutionizing the consumer tech landscape. With its sleek design and innovative capabilities, it became a hallmark of the burgeoning home computing era. The Apple II featured a distinct beige-colored plastic case, a built-in keyboard, and a central processing unit running at just over 1 MHz. Its graphical display, utilizing a color palette that was revolutionary for its time, facilitated a variety of applications from gaming to word processing.

What set the Apple II apart was its expandability and versatility. Unlike many computers of its era, it offered expansion slots, allowing users to add peripheral devices like floppy disk drives, printers, and modems. The availability of software like VisiCalc, the first spreadsheet program, propelled the Apple II into offices and businesses, solidifying its impact on both personal and professional spheres. Its accessibility and user-friendly design made it a cornerstone of the microcomputer industry, leaving a lasting legacy that contributed significantly to the evolution of personal computing.