This $80 Projector Trick Makes Incredible Films | Live Projection 101

How can an $80 projector upgrade your Poor Man’s Process? How can filmmakers learn to use the same projection techniques that were used in First Man (2018), Gravity (2013) and Oblivion (2013)? Well to find out we spoke to Charles Haine, a professor of cinematography at the Feirstein Graduate School of Cinema and a writer at NoFilmSchool. Every filmmaker has shot a scene in a car at one point in their career. Whether it’s on a process trailer in a big budget production or doing the very unsafe and unwise method of shooting an actually moving vehicle, car scenes are commonplace in modern filmmaking. In this episode we show how using front projection can instantly upgrade your poor man’s process and improve the cinematic quality of your car scenes. We combine simple lighting techniques with a cheap projector we bought at Best Buy for stunning results. But can this technique match up with a CGI green screened alternative? Watch to find out!