May 29, 2023
An arcade racer inspired by the likes of Outrun and Virtua Racing, XFDRIVE makes for an adrenaline rush of a racing game.

This isn’t a Sonic fan game (or anything Sonic related for that matter) but it was featured at Sonic Amateur Game Expo, so there you go. Also, it”s made by LakeFeperd (the guy behind Spark The Electric Jester and Sonic fan games Sonic Before The Seuqel and After The Sequel) and given his track record so far, I decided to give it a shot, especially since I adore racing games.

Needless to say, I love how XFDRIVE plays. Easy to get into, hard to master. Very responsive controls (with customizable steering), creative track design, pretty visuals. I really enjoy replaying these tracks to improve my time and make a flawless run. Also, the Challenging difficulty makes the gar go faster (max speed at around 550 km/h as opposed to @400 km/h).

If you thought the footage here was fast, Challenging is ludricously fast. I was having a hard enough time controlling the game at normal speed.