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The Game Chasers – Ep 85 You Never See THESE In The Wild!

The Game Chasers are back once again as they hit up a flea market looking for retro games to buy. Along the way they discover that no one wants to make a deal, leaving them to look foolish as they “insult” someone with a fair offer. Then as luck would have it, Billy runs into something you never see in the wild these days, a vintage computer called the Apple II….for what might be a sweet deal.

The Apple II, released in 1977, was one of the earliest personal computers and a significant milestone in the history of computing. Designed by Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs, co-founders of Apple Inc., the Apple II featured a groundbreaking open architecture that allowed users to connect peripherals and expansion cards. It was powered by the MOS Technology 6502 microprocessor and came with 4KB of RAM, which could be expanded to a maximum of 48KB. The computer was notable for its integrated keyboard and color graphics, which were quite advanced for its time.

One of the key distinguishing features of the Apple II was its support for color graphics, setting it apart from many of its contemporaries which primarily displayed monochrome text. This made it particularly popular in educational settings, where its graphical capabilities were utilized for early educational games and applications. The availability of a range of software and peripherals further contributed to its popularity, and the Apple II became a versatile platform for both business and personal use. The Apple II series continued to evolve over the years with various models and upgrades, solidifying its position as a pioneering force in the personal computing industry.

The Game Chasers – Ep 84 What’s in the Suitcase?

The Game chasers head back to the flea market once again in nearly 100-degree heat to search for retro video games at cheap prices, and they finally find some great stuff. They discover and buy video games hidden away in a shop not once, but twice.

The Game Chasers YouTube channel possesses an irresistible appeal that has captured the hearts of gaming enthusiasts worldwide. With a perfect blend of nostalgia, humor, and genuine passion for retro gaming, this channel has become a beloved destination for both seasoned collectors and casual gamers alike. The hosts, Billy and Jay, bring an infectious camaraderie and witty banter to their adventures, as they embark on thrilling quests to uncover rare and treasured video game finds from the past. Their genuine reactions, unscripted moments, and genuine love for all things gaming create an authentic and engaging viewing experience. From exploring local flea markets and gaming expos to uncovering hidden gems in dusty old shops, the Game Chasers embody the thrill of the hunt, evoking fond memories of a bygone era. This authenticity and dedication to their craft have earned them a devoted fan base, making the Game Chasers YouTube channel a cherished source of entertainment and nostalgia for gaming enthusiasts around the globe.