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Insane Storage Room Tour! Crazy Rare, $$$ & Hidden Gems (PS1, PS2, NEOGEO, GBA, GameCube, SNES)

Our friend Jesse moved into a new storage room and gave Reggie and I a private tour of all his stuff he uses to restock his antique mall booth. Some pretty insane stuff here from Japanese imports, collector’s edition, rare and expensive titles and much more.

Jesse’s instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ednauseum/

Outstanding Grid Frames to put in your Game Room

Grid Frames creates 100% unique pieces of wall art from retired pieces of technology such as an Gameboy advance. The device is deconstructed, labeled, and displayed in a shadowbox-style frame. It’s high-quality and eye-catching. The pieces are pricey but there is nothing else like them. Radical Reggie

MORE INFO: https://gridstudio.cc/collections/game-console

Here’s how I set up my Game Room to Also be a Home Office in 2021 ( Super Nicktendo )


In 2020 my wife and I bought our first home with the intention that one of the rooms would be my game room/office space. Last year I had planned to go back to the office so my room was designed to be a game room and youtube studio. Now we’re approaching 2022 and I have a full-time remote job so I need a place to work comfortably and disconnect to enjoy myself. Super Nicktendo