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eXoDOS Version 6 with over 7000 DOS games (REVIEW)

Checking out the latest Version 6 of eXoDOS! Over 7000 DOS games that come with a launcher and are preconfigured ready to go. If you want to try DOS games but are intimidated by configuring DOSBox, this project is for you!

MS-DOS gaming was a vibrant era in the history of video games, marked by simplicity and innovation. During the 1980s and early 1990s, MS-DOS games were characterized by their pixelated graphics, limited sound capabilities, and text-based interfaces. These games often required players to navigate through directories and execute commands to launch them, adding a technical aspect to the gaming experience. The library of MS-DOS games spanned various genres, from adventure and role-playing games like “The Secret of Monkey Island” and “Ultima” series to iconic classics such as “Prince of Persia,” “Doom,” and “Wolfenstein 3D,” which pioneered the first-person shooter genre.

Despite the technical constraints of the time, MS-DOS gaming fostered creativity and groundbreaking gameplay. Gamers were captivated by the challenging gameplay, immersive storytelling, and the need for problem-solving skills. The limitations in graphics and sound pushed developers to focus on compelling gameplay mechanics and engaging narratives, resulting in timeless classics that continue to influence modern gaming. The MS-DOS gaming era remains a nostalgic cornerstone for many gamers, remembered fondly for its innovation, charm, and the foundation it laid for the future of the gaming industry.

The Beast Within: A Gabriel Knight Mystery

When Jane Jensen first said that she would like to make a dark-tinged, adult-oriented mystery of a Sierra adventure game, revolving around an antihero of a paranormal detective named Gabriel Knight, her boss Ken Williams wasn’t overly excited about the idea. “Okay, I’ll let you do it,” he grumbled. “But I wish you’d come up with something happier!”

What a difference a year and a half can make. At the end of that period of time, Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers was a hit, garnering vive la différence! reviews and solid sales from gamers who appreciated its more sophisticated approach to interactive storytelling. Rather than remaining an outlier in the company’s catalog, it bent Sierra’s whole trajectory in its direction, as Ken Williams retooled and refocused on games that could appeal to a different — and larger — demographic of players.

There was no question whatsoever about a sequel. In January of 1994, just six weeks after the first Gabriel Knight game had shipped, Jane Jensen was told to get busy writing the second one.

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* Journey
* Adventure games – Riven / Broken Sword / Full Throttle / Professor Layton
* No Man’s Sky Beyond
* Walking simulators – Whats Remains of Edith Finch / The Unfinished Swan
* Visual novels Va-ha11-a
* Driving around in Forza Horizon (skipping missions and races) – Test Drive Unlimited, Forza Horizon 3 & 4

Modern Games Look Amazing On CRT Monitors… Yes, Better than LCD!

Digital Foundry –  After buying a CRT monitor for his retro PC, John started to play modern PC games on it… and things escalated from there, culminating in Rich purchasing the classic Sony FW900 – which some say is the best CRT for gaming of all-time. The bottom line here is that modern games look stunning on CRT monitors and we’re going to try our best to tell you – and show you – how in this DF Direct.

John and Alex together for a new DF Direct! In this instalment, the duo assess their experiences in gaming with a CRT display – and appreciate the majesty of the Sony GDM-FW900. Do we really need 4K? Did gaming move in the wrong direction in the transition to today’s fixed-pixel flat panel displays?