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Pig Eat Ball Review – Steam PS4 Switch Xbox One

What I’m Playing with Downphoenix – Pig Eat Ball is a new game from Mommy’s Best Games that is unlike anything I’ve ever played. But does that mean it is a good game? Stay tuned and find out. If you’re interested in this game refer to the pinned comment for links to buy. A review key was provided by Mommy’s Best Games for the Steam version for intentions to review this and I was not influenced in any way.

Favorite Genesis Shoot ’em Ups (Shmups)

Drunken Master Paul joins me again this week to discover our Favorite Sega Genesis Shoot ‘Em Up game (shmup) on the system. This involves beer, multiple arcade sticks and a willingness to kill, destroy and blow stuff up real good. We even throw in a cappella Bon Jovi song in there for good measure!
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