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Justice League Movie Review

What did we think of the DC superheroes’ big screen team-up?

After the death of Superman, Bruce Wayne and his new found ally Diana Prince assemble a team of heroes and outcasts consisting of Barry Allen, Arthur Curry, and Victor Stone to face the incoming threat of Steppenwolf who leads an army of Parademons who are searching for the three ancient Mother Boxes scattered across Earth while the world reflects on how Superman saved the world.

If You Only Watch a few Sci-Fi Comedies – Watch these 8 Fun Films

Welcome to my 8 comedy sci-fi movies mini-review & recommendations. If you want to watch the best or qwerky , check these out.

After making many videos on depressing topics like Post apocalyptic and dystopian sci-fi- Today I thought I would make a video on Comedy science fiction, for a nice change of pace.
Where Comedy sci-fi is a subgenre of science fiction that often exploits the genre’s conventions for comedic effect. Where it often mocks or satirizes standard sci-fi tropes – like alien invasion of Earth or interstellar travel although not all necessarily do this.

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