Quake 2 Path Tracing/ Ray Tracing Analysis: Retro Meets Nvidia RTX!

Digital Foundry: This is fascinating! Not only has Nvidia RTX tech been brought to bear on Quake 2, but the entire renderer has been rewritten with full path-tracing. In short, not just reflections, shadows or lighting – but EVERYTHING is rendered here with ray tracing. So how well does it run and how does it look? Join John and Alex for a detailed discussion.

How to Protect Yourself from Hacking / Phishing : Two Step Verification, YubiKeys and More!

Lon.TV: Passwords are not enough to protect your account from phishing attacks and hacks. Enable two factor authentication to better protect yourself! Here’s how to do it with major services and an overview of Yubikeys. See more security: http://lon.tv/securityapps and subscribe! http://lon.tv/s

We start off with some simple solutions and then show some additional ways you can protect your account beyond just a user / password combination. It’s even possible to now log into your Microsoft account with nothing more than a Yubikey!

Are GOOD mobile games WORTH SAVING?! I am on my old iPhone 6

Newer mobile versions of iOS and Android have unfortunately killed off support for older games. However, I have an iPhone 6s with backed up archive versions able to be played for years to come!

Doom 2 RPG / Wolfenstein RPG
Infinity Blade Trilogy
Dark Nebula 1 &2
Bring me Sandwiches!
Space Ace
Bug Princess 2
Puzzle PRISM
Metal Gear Solid Touch
Monsters Ate my Condo
Shogun: Rise of the Renegade
Raiden Legacy
Air Attack 2
Redline Rush
Mikey Shorts