Take the Time ft. Shiva – Dream Theater – Vadrum (Drum & Vocal Cover)

Here’s our (Channel: vadrum) drum and vocal cover of Take the Time by Dream Theater.

If you haven’t watched my Bicycle Race video recently, this is my wife Elena Shiva who had the crazy idea to do this incredible song…and we finally made it!
This is our second video together (besides band-related things in the past) so please, be good with us eheh!


Game & Watch Stories – Game History Micro: Episode 1

Introducing a new series: Game History Micro! Rather than always overloading you with a complete history, I wanted to mix it up and try a new format where I could talk about some of a subject’s most interesting stories.

From Kelsey: I really enjoyed making my first video in this format — it’s still history-focused, but it’s not quite as demanding as the usual deep dives on obscure stuff. (Don’t worry — that stuff isn’t going away, either!)
Please let me know what you think!