NEO GEO AES vs MVS Collecting Guide - EXPENSIVE as HELL!

NEO GEO AES vs MVS Collecting Guide – EXPENSIVE as HELL!

The Immortal John Hancock walks Metal Jesus through his amazing NEO GEO console and game collection. He covers the AES (Advanced Entertainment System) and arcade MVS (Multi Video System), plus the differences between the two cartridges, controllers, accessories and even the NEO GEO X GOLD and rare NEO GEO CD…

Watch the Game Sack review of the NEO GEO X GOLD:

NEO GEO AES cartridges

NEO GEO MVS cartridges

Video Transcription:
Metal Jesus: “Metal Jesus here and I am back again with the Immortal John Hancock in his room of doom. How’s it going, dude?

John Hancock: “I’m well.

Metal Jesus: “Why are we here today?

John Hancock: “We’re here to talk about expensive crap.

Metal Jesus: “One of my favorite subjects. No, we’re here about the NEO-GEO because, dude, it’s so funny. Behind the scenes, he’s been trying to explain all this stuff off camera and I still don’t get it. This video’s really for me and all of you who want to learn all about the NEO-GEO and collecting, right?

John Hancock: “That’s right. There’s a lot to it and in this video, hopefully I’ll help you out.

Metal Jesus: “Yeah, definitely. Let’s take a look … I mentioned in the intro I am completely confused by this. I don’t know why I can’t grasp … I guess it’s because we’re really talking about two different consoles, aren’t we?

John Hancock: “We are and I would say two different formats of, essentially, the same games. Arcade came out in the early nineties. SNK released a very successful arcade system in which you could use cartridges and swap out different games using the same arcade cabinet. It was genius. A year later, then they released the Advanced Entertainment System home console which was not compatible with their arcade machines. It’s the same game, just a little different format. I’m here to explain that.

Metal Jesus: “Yeah. Okay, so if you are out and about and you happened to stumble upon something at a garage sale, but more likely it’s going to be at a retro gaming convention or maybe a pawn shop or a retro store …

John Hancock: “Yes.

Metal Jesus: “What do I need to know? Let’s start.

John Hancock: “Okay. First of all, this is what a NEO-GEO home console looks like.

Metal Jesus: “This is called the what?

John Hancock: “The Advanced Entertainment System. AES.

Metal Jesus: “Oh. Okay.

John Hancock: “NEO-GEO AES as it’s known online … This is the home console. Now, the import or US version … They interchange, they played [carts 00:02:08]. It doesn’t matter. What’s important to know is if your system isn’t [modded 00:02:12], it will play … If you have a Japanese cartridge and you play it in your US console, it will play in Japanese.

Metal Jesus: “Oh, I see.

John Hancock: “Unless you have a bios chip installed and then you can choose … It’s a region mod.

Metal Jesus: “When collecting for the system … I assume people then do often buy … This one looks like the Japanese version.

John Hancock: “Yes.

Metal Jesus: “You’d do that maybe because it’s cheaper or …

John Hancock: “Well, yes, and the Japanese version have blood. The US one didn’t. Back then, it was [crosstalk 00:02:41]-

Metal Jesus: “Love blood.

John Hancock: “Yeah. It made a deal. This has a bios chip, so I can choose what region.

Metal Jesus: “I see. Okay, cool. How did this output? Was it just …

John Hancock: “Composite.

Metal Jesus: “Okay, cool.

John Hancock: “It actually came with an RF switch.

Metal Jesus: “Oh, really? Like old school.

John Hancock: “It wasn’t stereo. It actually had a stereo mod.

Metal Jesus: “Oh, okay.

John Hancock: “You can have these things up to component out now.

Metal Jesus: “Now, if you were to find one of these just sort of like that, does it take a power break or anything like that?

John Hancock: “Yeah. It is its own proprietary power source.

Metal Jesus: “Okay, so you need to make sure and have that.

John Hancock: “Yes. Yes, you do. That’s the console hardware.

Metal Jesus: “Okay.

John Hancock: “That’s what a cartridge looks like for the home console version, the AES. Now, controllers.

Metal Jesus: “Yes.

John Hancock: “All right. That is the first gen NEO-GEO controller.

Metal Jesus: “So it came with an arcade stick.

John Hancock: “Yes.

Metal Jesus: “It’s not like some little …

John Hancock: “No.

Metal Jesus: “Okay, interesting.

John Hancock: “Later on, and I’ll explain. They made several different controllers. When they released the CD version, there came a more standard control pad.

Metal Jesus: “I see. These are notorious, or not maybe notorious, but loved for their clicky controllers.

John Hancock: “Oh, yeah.

Metal Jesus: “I mean, they’re brilliant, right?

John Hancock: “Yeah, it’s great. The con of the first gen is that typically these balls break and crack.

Metal Jesus: “Oh, okay.

John Hancock: “They went with a probably cheaper to produce nicknamed the “bean controller”. What’s nice about this …

Metal Jesus: “It looks like the Genesis version, doesn’t it?

John Hancock: “Yeah. I love this controller. I love that because it has an indentation for your thumb.

Metal Jesus: “Oh, nice.

John Hancock: “It can do that. This thing is bulletproof. My kid, my son Justice, when he comes and plays, I let him play this and it’s pretty durable.

Metal Jesus: “He can just hammer on it?

John Hancock: “Mm-hmm (affirmative). Yeah. Excellent.

Metal Jesus: “Now last night when we were playing this, we were using a third-party one, right?

John Hancock: “Yes. Oh, yes.

Metal Jesus: “I know. He was letting me use this one. This is really cool.

John Hancock: “Also known as the only way to beat Magician Lord.

Metal Jesus: “Okay. It’s Hori.

John Hancock: “Yep, it’s Hori. It’s got built-in turbo and it’s metal.

Metal Jesus: “Oh. Metal.

John Hancock: “That’s right.

Metal Jesus: “Yeah, it’s very solid.

John Hancock: “Yeah, awesome.

Metal Jesus: “That’s cool. Any other accessories or things like that that you might find out in the wild?

John Hancock: “Yeah. They made a memory card and the memory card is for the home console. You could use it on certain arcade games as well.

Metal Jesus: “Oh, so you could play games at home, take the memory card, and walk into your arcade.

John Hancock: “Yeah … On certain games, yeah, definitely.

Metal Jesus: “That’s cool.

John Hancock: “It’s pretty neat. It was one of the first systems to have a memory card. Really, I mean, that’s the main things. They made a bag for the cone console that’s really collectible.

Metal Jesus: “You take it over to your friend’s house …

John Hancock: “Yeah. I used to have it, but it got moldy and I had to get rid of it.

Metal Jesus: “I see. Okay, cool. That’s the home system.

John Hancock: “Yes.

Metal Jesus: “Now we move into the arcade, right?

John Hancock: “Yes. Now it’s important to know that these cartridges look like this.

Metal Jesus: “A little bit more generic, right?

John Hancock: “Yes.

Metal Jesus: “Again, it’s designed for arcades. They don’t need to be flashy.

John Hancock: “Correct. It’s also good to know that there’s many, many, many pirates out there. There’s one NEO-GEO website that showcases all the things you need to be aware of.

Metal Jesus: “Oh, okay … If you’re curious about something, you can go there and authenticate it.

John Hancock: “Yes.

Metal Jesus: “Okay.

John Hancock: “I don’t have an arcade machine because I have no room.

Metal Jesus: “Yeah … Most people don’t. No, but there’s two versions of the arcade, right? There’s a big stand up one and there’s a tabletop, right? I think [Kensie 00:06:07] has the table-

John Hancock: “The [cab 00:06:09].

Metal Jesus: “Yeah, whatever they call that. The candy cab?

John Hancock: “Yeah. There’s many different … The candy cab, I think, is a standard name for the arcade unit, but then there’s a cabaret which is like a smaller NEO-GEO machine. There’s many different ways of playing this. Now here’s where it gets a little complicated. They made an adapter way later that you could play the arcade cartridges on the home AES console.

Metal Jesus: “Why would you want to do that? Why wouldn’t you just buy the home version?

John Hancock: “Because those cartridges are expensive as hell.

Metal Jesus: “Okay.

John Hancock: “These are about … It can be up to one-tenth the cost.

Metal Jesus: “Same game.

John Hancock: “Same game.

Metal Jesus: “Oh, I see. Okay. Yeah, it doesn’t maybe necessarily come … We’re going to get into the packaging in a little bit after this, but I see. Buy the arcade version if you can get the converter or …

John Hancock: “Yeah.

Metal Jesus: “You have something here which is kind of interesting.

John Hancock: “Yeah, so my good friend Chris Trimiew of Lost Classics. He isn’t doing a production run of these; this was a special request.

Metal Jesus: “Right.

John Hancock: “He took a Super Nintendo shell, took an arcade board from a NEO-GEO arcade cab, and fit it into a Super Nintendo and with component out. It took him about two years to complete and then so now I can play the arcade cartridges on my home TV.

Metal Jesus: “We were doing this last night. We were playing some Metal Slug and what was the other …

John Hancock: “Robo Army.

Metal Jesus: “Yeah. I mean, it looked beautiful. It just looked amazing and it was fine.

John Hancock: “The other nice thing about the arcade cartridges is that you just press a button for more credits. People that want to casually play, people that just want to casually play a game, this is great. I’m not that great at Metal Slug so I just like to play it and I died a lot last night.

Metal Jesus: “Oh, yeah, we did, but we were having a blast. That’s a good point is that yeah, you’re right. In the arcades, they could set dip switches for maybe difficulty or language or whatever and you have those options.

John Hancock: “Yeah. Some of those options on the home console have been limited because they wanted to challenge you more. They know you own the cartridge.

Metal Jesus: “Right. Interesting.

John Hancock: “They didn’t want you to blow through a game, especially when you’re paying … I think when they came out, they were two hundred dollars a piece.

Metal Jesus: “Wow. Crazy.

John Hancock: “Yeah.

Metal Jesus: “Cool. That’s pretty much the hardware, let’s talk about collecting for the games.

John Hancock: “All right, games. Let’s start with the home console, the AES.

Metal Jesus: “Okay.

John Hancock: “The good thing to know is there’s three categories of NEO-GEO games that I’m going to classify.

Metal Jesus: “For the home or just in general?

John Hancock: “For the home.

Metal Jesus: “Okay.

John Hancock: “For the home and kind of in general.

Metal Jesus: “See, this is why it’s so confusing.

John Hancock: “There’s not expensive, expensive, and expensive as hell.

Metal Jesus: “Okay.

John Hancock: “Let’s start here. Here’s three games. These were early launch titles. This was known as the main pack in Magician Lord. It’s one of the few non-fighting, non-shooters …

Metal Jesus: “It’s a platform, right?

John Hancock: “Action platform. Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Metal Jesus: “Yeah.

John Hancock: “I beat this when I turned thirty about ten years ago.

Metal Jesus: “Yeah?

John Hancock: “Yeah. It was hard, hard. Anyways …

Metal Jesus: “You became a man.

John Hancock: “Yeah. You can get this and a cheap NEO-GEO game is under a hundred dollars.

Metal Jesus: “Yeah … So that’s considered cheap. Under a hundred bucks.

John Hancock: “Yeah.

Metal Jesus: “Wow. Okay.

John Hancock: “I hate to use prices because prices change all the time, but these are going to be cheaper NEO-GEO games.

Metal Jesus: “Obviously the first thing that comes to mind is that they just look like for the home market. They have labels on them …

John Hancock: “Yeah.

Metal Jesus: “They’re bigger than VHS cassettes. They’re amazing.

John Hancock: “Yeah, huge.

Metal Jesus: “That’s the one thing about collecting for the NEO-GEO, I guess from my perspective, is that yes, you’re paying a hundred or under, but I mean, look at that. It’s something substantial. I bet it looks amazing in your collection on the wall.

John Hancock: “Oh, yeah. No, I have it spined out in a glass case and it’s awesome. It’s like, “Ah …”

Metal Jesus: “Yeah.

John Hancock: “Anyways, these cases do damage. They have an inside plastic case that gets cracked.

Metal Jesus: “Sure.

John Hancock: “Finding one in better shape, you’re going to have to pay more probably.

Metal Jesus: “Okay. Interesting.

John Hancock: “Baseball Stars … Again, a very simplistic arcade-style baseball game. A lot of fun even if you’re not into sports. NEO-GEO did some sport games that are great.

Metal Jesus: “Interesting.

John Hancock: “Anyways, again, not expensive. We’ll just use that classification. Then Nam ’75. There was some censorship issues, so you find a lot of them with marker on the lady’s leg and chest area.

Metal Jesus: “Oh, yeah. These do.

John Hancock: “Because there was censorship in certain countries that didn’t allow … The leg to be shown of a female. There was certain laws and stuff they had to accommodate.

Metal Jesus: “Really?

John Hancock: “Yeah.

Metal Jesus: “Wow. Okay.

John Hancock: “Yeah. Okay. Now we’re going to go to expensive. Again, NEO-GEO had some of the best shooters. This was a home AES version of Last Resort.

Metal Jesus: “I think I have this on the Genesis maybe. Do I? No, I don’t. I have something else. Okay.

John Hancock: “But it is on the compilation … I do believe.

Metal Jesus: “The PS 2?

John Hancock: “Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Metal Jesus: “Okay. Compilation. That’s a good point is that while we’re talking about price here, for me, I played a lot of these games on the Playstation 2 compilation and it runs really good.

John Hancock: “Yeah. Last Resort’s a great shooter. It’s well done. Again, it’s expensive.

Metal Jesus: “Yeah.

John Hancock: “Later on in the release at the tail end when SNK got bought out by Playmore, it became SNK Playmore. Some of the late release games in the late nineties and early 2000s, they went to a snap case. These cases are better. Again, some of the late release King of Fighters games are expensive.

Metal Jesus: “Really?

John Hancock: “[crosstalk 00:11:42] expensive.

Metal Jesus: “Again, you look at this and you’re just like, “Man, it just feels so substantial.” It comes in a great case … You feel like you’re really buying something special. That’s got to be part of the appeal.

John Hancock: “Yeah. The manuals went to more of the CD style size. It’s got a really cool, slick case. This thing’s beefy. They’re really nice and it’s a little tougher than the previous cases. You don’t have to deal with the plastic inside cracking as much.

Metal Jesus: “Oh, yeah.

John Hancock: “Now we’re going to talk about really expensive.

Metal Jesus: “Okay. I think this is what turns off a lot of NEO-GEO collectors because they will want some of these games and they can cost five hundred, eight hundred, a thousand … I mean, a lot.

John Hancock: “Yeah. Really, fair warning. This stuff is not cheap and really you’re investing in a quality game, a highly collectible item, that was made in low production value.

Metal Jesus: “Right.

John Hancock: “You probably can get a bang for your buck somewhere else. This is not for everybody.

Metal Jesus: “Right, but it’s cool to see it.

John Hancock: “Oh, yeah. This is Ninja Commando.

Metal Jesus: “Okay. I love name already.

John Hancock: “This is kind of a top down, overhead shooter in which you’re a ninja shooting stuff.

Metal Jesus: “Really?

John Hancock: “Yeah, it’s awesome. It’s also a US dog tag version and it’s important to know that. On the spine here, it’s the US stamp. These are sought after, they’re hard to get especially in good shape. I’m really just happy to have this in my collection. It’s expensive.

Metal Jesus: “Cool, very cool.

John Hancock: “This is in the really expensive … It was the swan song for the system, the last cartridge they released.

Metal Jesus: “One of the things I noticed when we were looking at these … A lot of these are thirty four megabytes, sixty megabytes, this says seven hundred and eight megabytes. That sounds like a lot.

John Hancock: “Yeah, and it’s important to know that this same game was released on the original Xbox.

Metal Jesus: “Oh.

John Hancock: “You can get it significantly cheaper and also on the Samurai Showdown Anthology, which is on multiple systems including the PSP, the Wii, and the PS 2. PS 2’s the best version, I think.

Metal Jesus: “Okay, cool.

John Hancock: “This is awesome.

Metal Jesus: “Yeah.

John Hancock: “Inside in the instruction manual, they have a thank you to all their fans on the back page.

Metal Jesus: “Oh, really?

John Hancock: “Just really cool stuff.

Metal Jesus: “Now is this the most expensive game currently or …

John Hancock: “No, I mean there’s other collectibles that are very, very … Ten thousand dollars.

Metal Jesus: “Really?

John Hancock: “Yeah. Super rare, only a few found, good luck finding them.

Metal Jesus: “Right …

John Hancock: “This is still really expensive.

Metal Jesus: “Cool.

John Hancock: “Yeah.

Metal Jesus: “This was, again, the home console here.

John Hancock: “Yes.

Metal Jesus: “Now I asked you also to bust out some of these arcade because they come in completely different packaging.

John Hancock: “Yes, because … It wasn’t about flash … You’re buying a cartridge for your arcade machine.

Metal Jesus: “To business owners, essentially.

John Hancock: “Yeah. I’m going to start off with just stating that this would essentially … A lot of these MVS cartridges are cheaper if you buy just the cartridge.

Metal Jesus: “Right.

John Hancock: “They came up with a bunch of stuff. Long story short is that buying a loose arcade cartridge is going to be cheaper than a full kit.

Metal Jesus: “I’ve seen these in retro stores. Not this particular game here, but you’ll see them for twenty bucks. I mean, they’re very reasonable sometimes.

John Hancock: “Twenty, forty, hundreds … It all depends. It has its own value. Because the AES stuff is so expensive and now there’s adapters that your home console can play these, these have gone up in price.

Metal Jesus: “Right.

John Hancock: “They’ve also been pilfered to hack or to modify for conversions, which makes it even more expensive.

Metal Jesus: “Wow. Okay.

John Hancock: “The supply is going down, the demand’s going up. I’m sure this video’s not going to help.

Metal Jesus: “Okay, so you could just literally get this, but they often came in these cardboard boxes.

John Hancock: “Yeah, also known as kits. In the kits, they had instruction manuals, they had stickers …

Metal Jesus: “Yeah, what is that for right there?

John Hancock: “That would be put around your arcade cab to explain all the moves when you’re fighting. You’re spending money.

Metal Jesus: “You would convert basically your stand up arcade machine to this particular game. This is … The artwork that you would use.

John Hancock: “Yeah.

Metal Jesus: “Oh, that’s cool. Well, that seems like it’d be really collectible, though.

John Hancock: “Correct. They also came, a lot of them, with a mini-marquee. If you had a NEO-GEO cab, you would then put in a mini-marquee which is just a little Mylar little slab showcasing, “Hey, I got this game. Maybe you can play it.” You could select it from a button on your arcade machine.

Metal Jesus: “I assume it also came with, say, dipswitch settings and things like that.

John Hancock: “Yep. That’s what an actual kit looks like. Kits are worth more when the game matches the kit number. They were serialized.

Metal Jesus: “I see.

John Hancock: “In several countries, you find a lot of these with the serial scratched out because it was against the law to sell something with a serial number.

Metal Jesus: “Oh because they could potentially track it?

John Hancock: “Yeah.

Metal Jesus: “Okay, cool.

John Hancock: “You find them often scratched out. That doesn’t mean it’s a pirate, it just means that it was illegal to sell it that way.

Metal Jesus: “Okay.

John Hancock: “Anyways, so here’s what I did. There’s nice large clam shell boxes called shock boxes. They’re plastic, they’re wonderful, they’re also eight to ten dollars a piece.

Metal Jesus: “These are after market …

John Hancock: “After market clam shells that take up a lot of space. When I have fifty boxes, I didn’t want to go that route so what I did is I found a US shipping company and I inverted shipping boxes for two dollars a piece, used my ghetto inkjet printer, and made my own stuff that looks like an original kit.

Metal Jesus: “Yeah. I mean, they absolutely do and they’re in great shape, which is a great way to store them, right?

John Hancock: “Yeah. I have space issues. I also have fifty MVS carts. I did the math and for a hundred bucks, I could case out everything. It would be hundreds of dollars going the shock box route.

Metal Jesus: “Behind the camera here, we’ll do some B roll. Yeah, they look really nice … I didn’t realize that they weren’t original.

John Hancock: “Wow. Thanks. Yeah.

Metal Jesus: “That’s cool. Okay, so I’m kind of curious. I have ran across a NEO-GEO X.

John Hancock: “Okay.

Metal Jesus: “I’ve heard some iffy things … What is that?

John Hancock: “A NEO-GEO X was essentially a third-party company that got permission to make a licensed NEO-GEO branded … It’s kind of like an after market system like a Dingoo. It’s a portable playable NEO-GEO that you can play on your TV using proprietary game cards, little tiny game cards.

Metal Jesus: “Oh, okay. Well, I know that when it was first announced, a lot of NEO-GEO fans were pretty excited because … I mean, it’s labeled and sanctioned by SNK.

John Hancock: “Yes. The problem was there was some initial issues with aspect ratio and some sound issues.

Metal Jesus: “Right. I mean, it’s emulation, right?

John Hancock: “It is.

Metal Jesus: “It wasn’t hardware.

John Hancock: “Yeah. What it comes down to is at the end of the day, you’re spending a couple hundred dollars to emulate a NEO-GEO even though it’s semi NEO-GEO branded. I think at the end of the day, it’s like, “Well, it’s kind of cool to collect, but I don’t …”

Metal Jesus: “It was a disappointment, wasn’t it?

John Hancock: “I think it was. I think the build quality was decent … After you hack your system, it’s fine.

Metal Jesus: “Oh, okay.

John Hancock: “You kind of have to do that and then you can play any ROM. The downside is … There was a limited amount of games to officially get for it. They sold them in these different packs. They did sell a mega-pack of a lot of the games together. I don’t know. At the end of the day, I think the fans in general were disappointed.

Metal Jesus: “The other system I’ve heard about, which I don’t know that much, is the NEO-GEO CD, right? Is that what it’s called?

John Hancock: “Wait, I’m loading … Wait, I’m … One sec. I’m loading. Okay, I can answer you now.

Metal Jesus: “Oh, I see. Switching from … I was like, “What are you doing?” You were making a point.

John Hancock: “Yeah.

Metal Jesus: “Yeah. Now, I get it. Yeah, because I mean, I assume when that came out, obviously very early CD-ROM technology was very slow. 1X, 2X, something like that.

John Hancock: “Yeah.

Metal Jesus: “You went from great cartridge speed to waiting, loading, right?

John Hancock: “Yeah. Loading a long time. Even fans of SEGA CD, it’s longer than that. Part of the problem is you have a graphically intense system and they really were going to a CD format for cost. They could sell a CD game at a quarter of the cost of the cartridges. Cartridges were two hundred bucks, the home cartridges. CDs, fifty bucks.

Metal Jesus: “I see. Okay. Was it very successful?

John Hancock: “No. I mean, the bottom line is it did okay, kind of like the system. The system was around a long time. Really successful in the arcades. The home console was really for ultra hardcore collectors and it limped along and a long time. It was successful enough to sustain itself, but at some point, the CD was definitely not as popular as the home console or the arcade because of frame rate differences, load times was the big [crosstalk 00:21:00].

Metal Jesus: “Yeah. Essentially it was a huge compromise to go that route.

John Hancock: “Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Metal Jesus: “You’re either going to jump in full on or you’ll just find some other solution.

John Hancock: “Right. You kind of get what you pay for with NEO-GEO.

Metal Jesus: “Well, in this video, we only just scratch the surface of your awesome collection. I just want to do a shout here. Where can people find your YouTube channel? You’re going to cover much more of this on your channel.

John Hancock: “Yes. I haven’t uploaded it yet. I did at the last PRGE sell a NEO-GEO turbo graphics DVD collector’s guide. Part of my nuts and bolts series, which I still sell, but I also am going to upload all of those videos one at a time every week probably for the next year. It’s coming. It’s coming on my channel.

Metal Jesus: “Well, that’s cool. People should subscribe to you. Where can they find you?

John Hancock: “John Hancock. Just type in John Hancock.

Metal Jesus: “Cool.

John Hancock: “It’s easy … Look for either a beard or a [crosstalk 00:21:48]-

Metal Jesus: “Or the hat.

John Hancock: “Yeah, the hat. Yeah, definitely.

Metal Jesus: “Well, dude, thanks very much for doing this buying guide.

John Hancock: “Thank you.

Metal Jesus: “I was looking forward to it because like I said, I don’t know … I don’t know why I have that mental block. I guess it’s because for me, I didn’t play a lot of NEO-GEO at the time because I moved beyond arcade. I know there’s a lot of people who are really into this so it was awesome to be able to do this.

John Hancock: “It is. I would say it’s great for any fans of Sega Genesis or Atari games. It has great arcade, fast game play. It’s really for fans of arcade games or even Sega Genesis.

Metal Jesus: “Cool. All right, dude. Well hey, thanks very much for doing this. I appreciate it. I’d love to know in the comments. Do you collect for the NEO-GEO or maybe what are some of the better compilations that you’ve played and maybe some of your favorite games? Love to know.

John Hancock: “Thanks.

Metal Jesus: “As always, I want to thank you for watching my channel and thank you for subscribing and take care … If you liked this video with John Hancock, well he and I have done some other videos recently including an N-Gage buying guide. Yes, John has pretty much most of the N-Gage things that you would want to collect. We also worked on a Sega Genesis hidden gems video. He has a complete Sega Genesis collection and he pulled out some of his favorites.