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Septerra Core: Trashed Classics (PC RPG from 1999)

As a fan of Japanese style role playing games, I have been more than a little disappointed with the offerings of our soon to be last gen. So what do you do when there are no good rpgs to play? You look for obscure retro rpgs, duh. Today we are taking a look at a classic role playing game that answers the question, what do you get when you combined early PC and Japanese console rpgs? Can the offspring of such a sorted affair possibly yield a good game? Let’s find out in my review of Septerra Core.

Sharp Nintendo TV – Television With A Built In NES!

This is a really cool piece of hardware and I’m happy to own it and talk about it! I did a lot of research to find some unique information, and towards the end I realized I should be keeping better track of my sources. This isn’t all of them unfortunately, but I want to start sharing those with you so that you can know I take this seriously! (Let me know if that’s something you want to see more of, btw!)