Nintendo NES Games - HIDDEN GEMS!

Nintendo NES Games – HIDDEN GEMS!

Here are 10 lesser known fun games that should be in every Nintendo NES game collectors library! w/ John Riggs

I have to say this is one of the most fun videos I have made. John & I were tired after a day of PAX and we are just sillier and looser than normal. It made for some funny conversation and teasing! I hope you guys enjoy it!

Cowboy Kid
Kickle Cubicle
Rescue: The Embassy Mission
The Legend of Ghost Lion
Princess Tomato in the Salad Kingdom
Monster Party
North and South
Wurm: Journey to the Center of the Earth
The Krion Conquest


Video Transcription:

Metal Jesus: Metal Jesus here and I’m back with John Riggs.

John: Yes!

Metal Jesus: I know!

John: Always happy to be in here!

Metal Jesus: And I have been waiting to do this video for so long, because we need on my channel, a NES hidden gems video.

John: I read the comments, in all your videos whether I’m in them or not.

Metal Jesus: Yes.

John: I mean, sometimes I’m here, sometimes I’m a shadowy character in the background, going back to the days of the immortal John Hancock.

Metal Jesus: Yes.

John: All the Reggie videos, all the Kinsey videos, and I’m going through them, and this is way back before you used lighting and you had half of your collection.

Metal Jesus: My hair was shorter up to here.

John: It was somewhere around there.

Metal Jesus: Yeah, yeah.

John: My hair was actually a little bit longer than it was. You didn’t have any Nintendo Entertainment System Hidden Gem videos.

Metal Jesus: I know.

John: The hidden gems are my personal favorite videos on your channel.

Metal Jesus: And so you’re the perfect guy.

John: And I was like, if you’re going to do one, call me because I want to be here!

Metal Jesus: That’s right. And so he has brought 10 NES Hidden Gems, dude, this is going to be awesome!

John: You keep saying hidden gems. I know I said hidden gems too, but it’s like…

Metal Jesus: You’re reluctant.

John: I’m reluctant, because to me they’re not hidden, but they should be explored, because sometimes, some of these games actually might be games you see all the time, but you haven’t picked them up yet for one reason or another. Maybe it’s just because the box art looks weird, maybe because they’re like, “Oh, this game’s five bucks. That can’t be any good.” I’m telling you, it’s really good.

Metal Jesus: Well, I’m looking at the titles here, I don’t recognize any of them. So for me, they’re hidden gems.

Metal Jesus: We’re going with it.

John: Let’s call it Nintendo Entertainment System Hidden Gems.

Metal Jesus: All right, let’s take a look. All right dude, show me games I need in my collection.

John: All right, let’s start off with…oh, controversy! North and South.

Metal Jesus: Oh, interesting!

John: You can play as the North or you can play as the South.

Metal Gear: Huh!

John: All right. Super awesome game. Two player if you want it to be or we can do one player too.

Metal Jesus: And what kind of game is it?

John: It is…there’s a few different games involved.

Metal Jesus: Okay.

John: Okay, you start off with a map of the Eastern United States during the Civil War.

Metal Jesus: Right.

John: And you pick your side, and then it turns into a…you have to gain more states. So if you’re playing as the North, for instance, you have to move to…you have to put your characters on the Southern states, but there’s people from the South on those and they’re protecting their territory.

Metal Jesus: Oh, interesting.

John: So there’s a few different mini games it will go into. It can go into a mini game where you choose between your horses or your canon and your infantry, and then you have to kind of fight each other, the horses can go fly though and you can slash on the way through, canon, power up your shot, fire it. So you have to keep on moving between the two, so you’re not killing your guys, but you’re killing the other guys and trying to do that, to gain territory.

Metal Jesus: What an interesting game. I had no idea that any…I mean, that would be something to be on the PC back in the day, but I would never expect it to be on the original Nintendo.

John: It does have a very…it has a PC kind of feel to it.

Metal Jesus: Does it?

John: Because you have to click around, move to where you’re going to. When you get more points, you get more people that you can move around. It can also turn into a little side scrolling, almost platformer, where you’re trying to capture the flag, but as you’re trying to capture the flag, more and more enemies come out and of course, one punch send them flying like a cartoon character, but you have to get to the flag before the time runs out. So there’s a lot of different mini games in it. Super fun game. I know there’s a recent controversy with the Confederate flag and all that, and that’s when I was like, “Oh, that reminds me of this game.” And then someone else is like, “What are you talking about? I never even heard of that game.” And that’s Hidden Gems

Metal Jesus: Yeah! Wow, that’s cool, man! Awesome!

John: North and South. If you can find one of these, I’d say grab it. It’s a lot of fun. I still play with my friends today.

Metal Jesus: Cool!

John: This game I had to bring up, because you get indignant about games sometimes. You’re like, “How dare you sell that for five bucks? It’s easily worth ten bucks.” Or something like that. And I see that a lot with this game, it’s called Rescue the Embassy Mission.

Metal Jesus: Well, I think it’s because…I mean, it looks like it might be a budget title, although that’s pretty cool though. It’s got some dude on there and busting through a window, but I can see though, where sometimes people base all that on the name or the cover, right?

John: I’ve never heard of that. I’ve never heard of that company. You’re going to sell that for a dollar too?

Metal Jesus: You know what? Same publisher as the last game.

John: Yeah, now that you mention it.

Metal Jesus: Ah, I’m seeing a trend here!

John: I might have to go through the other ones here and see what’s going on here. And like the last game, some mini game elements.

Metal Jesus: Okay.

John: You start off with stealth. You’re trying to get…well, it’s a hostage situation. So you have to get your team to the building, rescue the hostages, kill the bad guys, and you do that in a few different steps. First one is a stealth mode, where you send your characters out to the streets to go to the building, but there’s these spotlights, and as soon as the spotlights hit you, you’re going to start seeing guns being fired at you. So you have to jump into the bushes or jump on a window or crawl and duck and roll to get to your post.

Metal Jesus: Interesting.

John: Once you find your post, then that’s your sniper. So then before you go inside the building, you can look through the windows kind of it reminds me of this old arcade game called Empire City 1931, I think it’s called. Think of Silent Scope.

Metal Jesus: Okay, yeah.

John: Silent Scope? Okay, let’s call it that. And you see these windows and you see these silhouettes in the windows. So when you see one then you shoot them and that’s one less person you have to kill inside the building.

Metal Jesus: Wow!

John: Sounds kind of fun. And then after that, you’ll let a rope down, jump in the window, and then it turns into a first person view going from room to room and killing the bad guys and rescuing the hostages.

Metal Jesus: Wow, sounds awesome!

John: Action packed! Every time you do that it sounds like a lot, but all of that I just explained, you could probably do it like in five minute’s time.

Metal Jesus: And this is like a $5, $10 game?

John: It’s a budget game. You’re going to see this in game stores and conventions…of course, I said that now, they’re watching now. It’s cost efficient, let’s call it that.

Metal Jesus: Yeah, that’s cool! I love that.

John: I love this game. It’s called Monster Party. It’s one of my favorites.

Metal Jesus: Monsters at a party! What’s not to love?

John: Absolutely! There’s a story line to it that sounds like any old Nintendo game. It’s like you’re a boy walking home from school or something like that and you run across a magical Phoenix or Griffin or something.

Metal Jesus: Okay.

John: So then you’re in this magical monster… as you do, every time. You come home…oh, you’re in this magical world, come home. You’re in this magical world and then it looks weird, the graphics are great for Nintendo standards, the sound is great. And it’s just creative, the enemies you run across and the bosses you run across, the label art means nothing without anything.

Metal Jesus: Dude, but that looks awesome! I’m digging the label right there.

John: Nothing about that even…

Metal Jesus: Oh, okay.

John: “We’re making a game called Monster Party, design this label. I don’t know.”

Metal Jesus: Let’s just throw some random monsters on it, huh?

John: But the game itself is really fun, because you play as boy with the bat. You can either hit at the enemies or if the enemies are shooting at you, you can hit the bat and the bullets will go back to them and kill them. The bosses are very, very creative, each one’s different. There’s a pumpkin that’s throwing little pumpkins at you and stuff like that. And just the levels are cool, each level has a little different twist to it and everything. It’s just a fun platformer game.

Metal Jesus: That’s the thing, fun, right?

John: It’s fun!

Metal Jesus: That’s what we care about the most.

John: It’s just a fun, fun game and it makes you want to play longer, because you can’t wait to see who the next…and every level has two or three bosses, that you’ve got to fight and each one is very unique and very fun and very creative, and it’s just a fun game.

Metal Jesus: Wow, that’s cool,

John: Monster Party.

Metal Jesus: All right, I like it.

John: We’ve got to talk about Legend of the Ghost Line. I can tell you about the boring story. Just glance at the label art there if you would.

Metal Jesus: Wow, that looks like a late 80’s Skinemax.

John: That sounds about right.

Metal Jesus: Yeah, with a white tiger and a sexy lady on it, interesting. I don’t know if my mom would have bought me this back in the day.

John: Probably not! Maybe that’s why it didn’t sell so well anyway. It’s a fun RPG though.

Metal Jesus: Really?

John: You play the role as a girl. I mean, the story is the white lion attacks the village, the parents who…you become the parents. The parents go out to find out why did this mystical white lion attack our village? And then the parents are lost. Well, the little girl says, “I’m going to find my parents.” And then she gets…in the search for her parents, gets whisked away to a magical land, Nintendo game.

Metal Jesus: Sure.

John: And then it becomes a cool RPG, but it’s cool because the protagonist is a little girl, and not too many Nintendo games featured women as a starring role.

Metal Jesus: And she looks like a bad-ass. She’s got the workout pants on, the Spandex.

John: Absolutely!

Metal Jesus: And kind of the Olivia Newton-John sweatband at the top there.

John: I wish you played as her, but instead you play as a little eight year old who looks nothing like the label art.

Metal Jesus: Well, that’s it! I’m taking it back!

John: That’s right! Never mind! Let’s keep this gem hidden! It’s still a fun RPG and it uses instead of having hit points, you have courage, and then as soon as you run out of courage, then you go back to your starting point or your last save or whatever. And you still use…it’s just like a traditional RPG. Power ups along the way and gain experience. It uses the…if you win, she’ll wink at you, which is kind of nice, because it’ll show her face when it goes from the face, her face, to the enemy, back and forth. And then she gets hit, she has this really distraught like, “Oh, I feel so bad that she got hit.” Because she has this little, “Huh?” Super fun RPG and a lot of people hadn’t heard of it, so I wanted to show it.

Metal Jesus: Yeah, that’s awesome!

John: And if nothing more, the label.

Metal Jesus: Oh yeah, totally.

John: Would do that for you. Here’s another fun game. Big fan of this, is Wurm: Journey to the Center of the Earth. You journey to the center of the Earth.

Metal Jesus: Are you a worm?

John: You’re not a worm.

Metal Jesus: Okay.

John: You play a female with green hair, who’s not Samus Aran. Even though you’re journeying through space and time and with ships and crawling through alien lands and you have green hair and you’re a woman, you’re not Samus Aran.

Metal Jesus: That’s a pretty cool label there though, and that’s pretty awesome.

John: That is a pretty cool label.

Metal Jesus: It’s like an album cover for Journey or something, you know?

John: It does a little bit.

Metal Jesus: Yeah.

John: It reminds me of those little…what’s the technodrone, little drooling things from “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,” it reminds me of that.

Metal Jesus: Oh yeah!

John: It has a feel almost to it. It starts at a shmup. You go through the shmup stage, and then there’s some boss element where you’re shooting…you have to talk to your team mates to build up the power to kill the bad guy. And by doing that, you have to…you talk to different people on your ship, and one guy will say, like, “I don’t know who that guy is.” And so you’ll get nothing out of that. But then scientist might say, “Oh, that’s this guy.” And then you talk to someone else, they’ll say, “Oh yeah, I’ve heard of that guy. You have to shoot him in the eye.” And then the more you do that, then you build up enough…when you get to 100%, then you actually finally kill the guy.

Metal Jesus: Interesting.

John: So then it has that element, and then it also does have a non Metroid, because she has green hair and touring alien glands and everything. A very Metroid-esque, going through and exploring alien land and shooting the bad guys. You can also do it, or you can kick them too. You can do like a Shawn Michael super kick or shoot them with a gun.

Metal Jesus: Wow. This sounds like a game I would like.

John: It’s worth checking out. And it has cut scenes and everything, except for all the cut scenes are the same. It’s just different words. So you know when it’s about to go to a cutscene, it’s going to be the same images every time, but it might say something different. It’s worth checking out.

Metal Jesus: Okay.

John: Oh, never mind, can I just block that here?

Metal Jesus: You need to clean that, dude. Either this is a well-loved game or one that has been sitting around near your…

John: Let me tell you something kind sir, this game still plays. I don’t care what it looks like. And you’ll see a game later on that looks even worse.

Metal Jesus: A true gamer right here.

John: Never mind what it looks like. If it plays, I’m all right.

Metal Jesus: That’s right, that’s right.

John: This is one of my favorite puzzle games of all time, it’s called Kickle Cubicle. It’s a fun, puzzlely, if you like…

Metal Jesus: Of all time.

John: Of all time!

Metal Jesus: Wow!

John: I don’t want to use the Lolo reference, because the Adventures of Lolo, where it’s very cartoony, very cute, very colorful. And it’s a puzzle, it’s a different kind of puzzle though. In Kickle Cubicle, you freeze the enemies and then turn them into frozen blocks of ice. And then when you kick those blocks of ice, you can either Pingo smash…

Metal Jesus: That’s right, it’s like Pingo.

John: Right. But because you’re on an island, when you kick the blocks off the island, it turns into another platform. And you can create those platforms to get to the items that you’re trying to collect.

Metal Jesus: Oh, I love Pingo! Okay, this sounds interesting.

John: It’s like Pingo, Lolo. It’s Ping-Lolo. It’s Kickle Cubicle and it really is, seriously, one of my favorite puzzle games for any system. It’s just a fun game and it’s super cutesy and fun and there’s–

Metal Jesus: Well, you need to take care of it.

John: A hundred levels. I do take care of it.

Metal Jesus: You play it, that’s showing it love.

John: Give it a bath. This is another one I absolutely love, it’s called Nightshade. The story of Nightshade is, he’s crime fighter, detective guy and gets zero love, gets zero love from everyone. Nobody knows his name. The writing in it is hilarious, it’s very, very comical.

Metal Jesus: Oh really?

John: But as he’s going around and actually fighting crime, then your notoriety gets higher up. And the more that happens, the more people actually know you and recognize you, because you’ll be walking down the street and you’ll see a guy with a tug of war battle with an old lady and her purse. So then you fight the guy and you get more notoriety. That’s just a small part of the game, because the game by itself in nature, is very Maniac Mansion-like.

Metal Jesus: Oh really?

John: It’s a point and click style.

Metal Jesus: Adventure game.

John: Yeah, it is, it’s an adventure game. In fact, you start the game, when you first pop it in and hit start, the very first thing that happens in the game, is you’re tied to a chair and a bomb is about to go off and there’s a candle in the room. So you go, “Okay, I can scoot towards the candle, burn the ropes, hopefully before the bomb goes off.” Or if you hide behind the wall, the bomb will go off and it won’t blow you up too. But then you’ll find items along the way. Its like, “I’m going to…I find a key.” And then you use the key in something and gain something else. So it does that too, but then it has that fighting element too, where it drops into a versus fighter mode and you have to kill the other guy to progress in the game.

Metal Jesus: So I noticed…remind me, that this is an Ultra Games, what is that? Because I know there’s a history behind Ultra Games, right?

John: The story of Nintendo and please correct me if I’m wrong, but the summarized version is, Nintendo said for the Nintendo Entertainment System, every game company could only release, something like three games a year.

Metal Jesus: Oh, I remember this, okay.

John: So Konami said, “But we have all these games! So we’ll make Ultra.” And that way Konami will release three, and Ultra…

Metal Jesus: So this is technically Konami.

John: It’s a Konami game, by its nature.

Metal Jesus: Well, Konami was kicking ass on the NES.

John: Konami, yeah, Konami was one of the kings for the NES, for sure. And Nightshade is just a fun game, love the comedy writing, and instead of dying in the game, you get captured, and then it turns into another point and click puzzle of…very James Bond, where it’s like, “Ha-ha, I have you tied to the conveyor belt.”

Metal Jesus: “You want me to talk? No, Mr. Bond, I want you to die!”

John: So then you have to figure out how to get out before you die, and then you’ll die for sure, but if you can figure out the puzzle, going down the conveyor belt and you see, “Oh, here’s these levers here, when it’s by my foot, I’ll use these lever with my foot, and then I’ll jump out and I’ll go right back up.”

Metal Jesus: That’s nice. So it gives you another try.

John: It does give you another try, but it’s one of my favorites. It’s just a fun game.

Metal Jesus: Cool!

John: This is the game that every time I’ve mentioned it recently, within the last year or so, this one more than any other game I’ve mentioned is the, “I’ve never heard of that game.” And I’m like, “What do you mean you’ve never heard of The Krion Conquest?”

Metal Jesus: Never heard of that.

John: Oh, you bastard!

Metal Jesus: It’s true.

John: And that’s why I’m bringing it up now. It is…

Metal Jesus: I love looking at the labels, I apologize.

John: No, please look at the label. Wait a minute!

Metal Jesus: Because I don’t know any of these games. I’m like, “Wow!”

John: It is the biggest…because…and if you play The Krion Conquest you know I’m going to say, it is…saying that it ripped off Mega Man would be polite. It was a downright…take everything that’s awesome about Mega Man, “Let’s make our own game.” Even the label has the Capcom border, although that one’s purple instead of royal blue or whatever Capcom is. But it’s done really well.

Metal Jesus: And that’s the key, right? If you’re going to rip somebody off, at least do a good version of it.

John: The good thing about this one, unlike Mega Man, where you have to fight the boss, you gain their power. In this game, you start with all the powers, right from the get-go. So you already have the power to use your broom to go across, you already have the power to freeze enemies. You have to use those sparingly, of course as the game progresses, but it is a super fun…if you love Mega Man, you played one through six on the Nintendo, and you were like, “Man, that’s awesome, I wish there was more.” You can do this one. And it’s totally just like Mega Man, except for you play as a little girl witch.

Metal Jesus: Cool! All right. Love it!

John: Worth checking out, absolutely. This is another…file this under the, “Don’t laugh at my label, but at least I have one!”

Metal Jesus: That’s a true gamer right here!

John: I picked this up for a significant discount, because of its label, but it works, and this game is called Cowboy Kid. This one is high up on that…it’ll hurt your wallet if you buy one of these.

Metal Jesus: I knew this looked familiar, because I’ve seen a copy of this at a local store here in Seattle and it’s not cheap.

John: It’s probably been there a long, long time, there’s a good reason for it.

Metal Jesus: Yeah.

John: However, it’s really, really good.

Metal Jesus: Okay. Well, you know what? I mean, I don’t mind. Those are the games I want to be expensive, are the ones that are good and people want to play.

John: Right. So if you are actually dropping a hundred bucks for, say, Wayne’s World for the Nintendo, which is the absolute worst game ever, then you feel ripped off. But this game actually, depending on where you find it, how much you get it for, it might be worth it. One or two players simultaneous, has that top down-ish three quarter view, and it’s a fun…not really platformer, but you kill the bad guys. Like The Legend of the Mystical Ninja. A lot like Legend of the Mystical Ninja, but it can be a two player and it’s just a fun game. It’s just, you go around and it takes place in the Wild Wild West.

Metal Jesus: Hence the name.

John: Hence the name Cowboy Kid.

Metal Jesus: Yeah.

John: And this Tom Selleck, Burt Reynolds looking guy on the cover there. The guy who’s missing, there’s a Native American next to him, but I’m sure you can find stock image or something for the full label.

Metal Jesus: Yeah, sure.

John: But it is a really, really, really fun game. And once you establish yourself as the sheriff, then you can choose which stage you want to go to first. So you have like, here’s your five, and then you go through and go through the level, go through the map. You can purchase items along the way, you can buy upgrades. Gold is in abundance, where there’s treasure chests, you can keep hitting them and gold keeps popping out of them. You can get better weapons along the way and it’s a fun game. And it’s a two player simultaneous, which I keep forgetting that it is, because it’s a really, really great game even by itself.

Metal Jesus: Yeah, that’s awesome.

John: All right. And then last…this looks odd to me, and it is odd when you play it. This is…I have a story about this, this is the most treasured piece in my collection and I’ll tell you why in a moment. It’s Princess Tomato and the Salad Kingdom. First of all, the name is Princess Tomato and the Salad Kingdom.

Metal Jesus: Which is pretty…do you have any idea…and no judge here, but one of my favorite movie’s growing up was “Attack of the Killer Tomatoes,” and so I have no room to judge.

John: Okay. This is…I’ve said this before, too. This game is like Shadowgate for vegans, because it’s a Shadowgate déjà vu, Uninvited could have been on this list too, but it’s like Shadowgate, where it’s a point and click adventure, where you choose where you’re going. You look down the street, you can see the sign, “Oh, here’s where the lake is.” You go to the lake. You can grab water. Use the items along the way. You’ll get a friend along the way too and you go through and the story is, you’re Sir Cucumber and you’re trying to find your Princess Tomato, and then all of the characters in the game are also all fruits and vegetables.

Metal Jesus: How the hell did you ever decide to pick up this game? Have you owned this since it first came out?

John: I hadn’t.

Metal Jesus: Okay.

John: And that’s the story.

Metal Jesus: Oh, okay.

John: This is a true story.

Metal Jesus: Because I’m like, “What?” Where did you even…like, “Yeah, salad and tomatoes and adventure. This sounds awesome!”

John: Yeah, right in there. I did rent it when I was younger, but in the late 90’s when I decided, “Hey, all these Nintendo games are being liquidated. I’m going to start buying up all the games I can find.”

Metal Jesus: Smart.

John: So most of these games I’ve had since the late 90’s when I would go to…I didn’t bring it, I still have a copy of Bucky O’Hare for the Nintendo and it still has the GameStop or the Software etc., $5 sticker on it. And they put it right on the label, the jerks. So that’s why it stays on the label. But during my hunting days, I could never find Princess Tomato and the Salad Kingdom. And I wanted it so bad, but I couldn’t find it anywhere and eBay wasn’t really a thing yet.

Metal Jesus: Right.

John: So I could never find it. So anyway, my girlfriend at the time, for Christmas, got me that game. And it blew my mind, because I was like, “You get me!” And we’ve been married 13 years since. No, I’m not saying that this game is the reason we’ve been married for so long, but it certainly didn’t hurt.

Metal Jesus: That is so funny.

John: That is a true story. My girlfriend bought the game. I’m from Yakima, Washington. We don’t have a whole lot of hunting grounds there so much. So I would come to Seattle, almost every other weekend and hit up all the different game stores. This is in the late 90’s, where you could still go to GameStop and Software Etc. and EBGames, Funco Land, and buy Nintendo games. I could never find that one. That was my…that was it.

Metal Jesus: Well, I would say based on its label, that’d be a hard sell.

John: It is a pretty hard sell by the label alone.

Metal Jesus: Because it looks like a very young kid’s game, right?

John: It does, it absolutely does.

Metal Jesus: But that’s awesome now, because I love it when games like this surprise me and break all of the normal conventions, it’s so cool.

John: Absolutely. So if you love Shadowgate, you’ve got to play this. And everyone, not too often, but four of five times in the game when you actually fight the enemy or the person, it turns into a paper-rock-scissors.

Metal Jesus: Oh, cool.

John: And that’s how you defeat them is by doing paper-rock-scissors. It’s a super fun game anyway, but the fact that my story and everything. I would sell or trade off any other…and I have top Earthbound and Dracula X for the…whatever you want, I’d still trade off any of those. I will never get rid of that game.

Metal Jesus: That’s really, really awesome. Well dude, this is actually a really cool video, because like you said, I love finding hidden gems.

John: Oh yeah.

Metal Jesus: I love digging deep into a catalog like that and finding those things that people either overlook or whatever.

John: Right. So some of these games just needed the notoriety to say… if you find it, pick it up. But there’s a couple of them that are just like, if you can find them, it might be worth your while to check out.

Metal Jesus: Yeah, definitely. And we would love to know what you guys would like to see in the second video or the third?

John: There are so many.

Metal Jesus: I mean, we can keep going.

John: Six hundred and seventy eight licensed Nintendo games. This is only 10 of them and we know the bigger ones, but even if you count all the bigger ones, you’re only counting on basically two hands. So there are a lot of other hidden gems out there for sure.

Metal Jesus: We’d love to know what you guys would like to see in the next couple videos, and also what you thought about this video? We’d love to know!

John: Absolutely!

Metal Jesus: And dude, thanks for coming on man!

John: My pleasure!

Metal Jesus: Always awesome to have you here.

John: My pleasure, always to be here.

Metal Jesus: Yes! Thanks for watching my channel. Thank you for subscribing and take care.

Metal Jesus: It is always a pleasure having Mr. John Riggs on my channel. He and I did a pretty comprehensive NES buying guide a couple of weeks back, so I’ll link to that up in the corner. You should definitely check it out if you’re looking to jump into NES collecting. We’ve also done some imports and other things like that. So please subscribe to my channel, because I release two new videos every week. I’m on a roll.